New System Proposal

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New System Proposal
Riordan Manufacturing is a multi-billion plastics manufacturer that produces and sells plastics around the world. Being a multi-billion dollar company does not make them immune to the challenges of the business world. It seems that Riordan Manufacturing is facing some challenges with seamlessly pulling and putting together the necessary data to run the necessary reports to present to leadership, which shows all of the bottom lines of the finance and administration portion of the business. This paper will provide a system to help Riordan Manufacturing become a leader in the electronic reporting.
Riordan Manufacturing is currently operating with a pair of AS400’s, which are seriously outdated and not recommended for a multi-billion dollar industry. This system is a home grown data entry system that was not designed to create and run reports to drill down to the bottom dollar spent. It can run reports, but the reports are far from accurate. With Riordan planning to move their organization across the Qiantang River, they will need a system that will provide accurate data so the management team will know whether or not to eliminate or expand jobs.
System Proposal
Riordan needs a system that will keep track of the entire product on hand, the product being shipped out, the amount of product being requested, the amount of product manufactured, and any profit or loss between the manufactured and sell of the product. The DLCSG system is the answer to Riordan’s finance and administration challenge. It is designed to keep track of the demand for the product, the amount of product being manufactured, the cost of shipping, the cost of labor, the profit and/or loss margins, etc. This system is the Donald Trump of systems and will not be outdone. Its components will entice and amaze the consumer to maximum capacity.
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