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Technology in the US is by far advance with the emergence of products and services more and more sophisticated and affordable. The environment already is adapted to this new technology which started almost a century ago with recent innovations every now and then. Technology in the US is more of a life style. WI-FI is readily available as well as mobile phones, both simpler feature phones and smart phones which dominate the market in America. Over 80% of the population is into new technology and internet usage. Emerging nations such as Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Pakistan and Nigeria are catching up on mobile devices and social media. There is a rapid rise in cell phone ownership because most nations have skipped land line …show more content…
They predict an environment where information sharing will be effortlessly interwoven into daily lives. Its spread will enhance global connectivity that fosters planetary relationships and less ignorance. People become aware of their environment and the world, monitoring will be enhanced with the help of wearable devices for quick feedback tied to personal health. Political awareness and action will be facilitated. Nations with shared interest may merge and exist beyond the current capacity of control. Internet will enable revolution in education and spread more opportunities with less money spent on teachers. Experts like David Clark, Joe Touch, Bryan Alexander, Paul Jones, Tim Bray and a host of others made useful comments which are real such as internet being part of how we live our lives, the world becoming more integrated than ever before, and become actual villagers instead of global village as the television let us perceive. Communication becomes cheap irrespective of our geographical boundaries; the cost of collecting information falls to

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