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New Year Eve

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1. About how to tell the restaurant not to serve the food or to change the cooking standard at the late hour .
B . Its an issue because of they have to take in to consideration the effect of what their decision will bring to the new company because they don’t want to loose there customers.

C. This issue concerns some areas on ethical concepts because ...Mike was thinking about the larger number not just himself(utilitarianism), also the consumer safety is important ,fairness and dignity is important.

2. The first facts of the case is that the seafood stuffed pasta shells has been shipped to the biggest customer and they were tainted with salmonella.
Another fact is that it’s a new year eve which is one of the biggest night in the year for restaurants.
It was also obvious that the cultures of the two companies are different and the Management styles

3. This case shows that industry /professional code of ethics and also the law is important because there is a requirements for their products on how to be cooked and they maybe sanction by the FDA if anything goes wrong.

5. Presently according to the case the Mike and the managements staff has been harmed because of what he has invested and the major reason why he acquired the company at first . 6. Yes because it is important that you take your customer first and satisfy them with quality products and information. Mike’s moral stakes should outweigh other implications.

7. and 8 . Do not call the clients
The New Year’s Eve is among the largest sales day for the restaurants, so telling them at that hour may result in a lot of confusion for the restaurants. in case there is an outbreak then Southern Pasta Company has to share the part of the responsibility with the restaurants because of the financial loss means dividing the...

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