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New York Bakery

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1. What personal, business and environmental factors will influence Blachards decisions and actions? In what ways?
• Personal:
i. Plan of action. Patrick needs to devise a plan of action that will not threaten the staff at NYB or make them fear greater layoffs. ii. Presentation. Patrick needs to present himself in the right light to the workers. He cannot come off as another consultant hired to cut jobs.
• Business:
i. Project goals. Patrick needs to keep the project objectives in mind as he assesses the likelihood of success. His first meeting is with the CIO and that should set the table regarding how the company is going to define success with respect to this implementation ii. Personal success. Patrick has a lot at stake here in terms of more business flowing his way with these types of projects. This is his first attempt on a project of this nature but, if successful, he will likely have more business referred to him by the person who set him up with this opportunity.
• Environmental
i. Staff morale. Patrick needs buy-in from staff to cooperate with implementation or it will be a massive failure like the 2007 ERP attempt

2. What is your assessment of the current situation at New York Bakery?
• Union mentality within staff ranks
• 90% of employees covers by 1 of 250 union contracts
• ERP in 2007 a massive failure, likely no trust in new ERP about to be implemented
• Many think this ERP is a way to cut ¼ of IT and HR staff
• Many critical processes that lead to Chapter 11 filing still manual
• Low staff morale – economy has all but wiped out NYB. 200 mostly managers fired. Rest on rotating furloughs. 75% of unions already agreed to 10% wage rollback.

3. What specific actions should Blanchard take, and in what sequence, when he arrives at New York Bakery on Monday morning?
i) Meet with CIO ii) Meet with head of IT department to...

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