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developed specifically for our company. In land development, there are a number of factors that need to be taken in consideration to keep track of lots and blocks within different subdivisions. As well as lots being bought and sold to companies and individuals. The database system we use is called Ginger, a custom database designed to achieve the following objectives for our company:

1. Replace our old database.
2. Combine date from the old database.
3. Improve usability of the database by improving performance and stability.
4. Make modifications to the design of the database that will enable it to adapt to the changing needs of our home sales office.

Ginger was created with the 4th Dimension Database platform that is a powerful relational database or the Macintosh; though we usually refer to the database system as simply 4D.

4D is used to enter, modify or delete records, search for records and sort lists of records, create and print reports, labels and graphs. In 4D you store information in tables. Ideally, each table stores a different type of information. For example, the Prospects table stores information about a specific prospect, the lots table stores information about each specific lot.

We use forms to enter and manage data. Each table in our database has an input form and an output form. An input form displays one record at a time. We use an inpu7t for to enter, view, and modify information in a single record. An output form displays several records as a list. We use an output form to browse through records, select and sort records, and print a selection of records.
Of the people that access this program are our architects, our new home sales office, and our corporate office. The 4D plat maps are created in AutoCAD by our architects and marked with the correct addresses, lot separations and lot and block numbers for each subdivision and then...

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