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Darwinism is a theory regarding the evolution of the species.
Darwinism does not speak specifically to the beginning of the universe.
God's existence either as the starter or the responsible entity for secondary causation does not negate Darwinism. It may just be a methodology for explaining secondary causation that according to current understading is rather haphazard or random.
Gregory Mendel was an Augustian Monk and considered the founder of mondern genetic theory, his life alone should be proof that God and Darwin can coexist. Mendel was interested in heredity and did major work in the development of the study of the genetics of plants before the science was even beginning to be developed.
Historically issues of faith and science have collided and I would think that both theology and science have its place in the world as the search for knowledge continues.
Religious Fundamentalism which requires a literal interpretation of the Bible as a substitute for science is bad theology and bad for science, and mistakenly puts the science and theology at war assuming that there is only one truth and it exists in one place and is not subject to any further interpretation.
Simil arly mean spirited materialistic science which negates or belittles theology is similarly wrong headed and denies much of the basis from which it came.
Historically I believe that both science and theology have their place in explaining man's and or women's place in the universe and their relation to other living beings.
For much of history churches and religious orders have done much to support what has come to be known as a scientific study of the universe. Galileo explained that the Earth and the other planets revolved around the sun and that has come to be accepted. Earlier church teaching were eventually discarded as mistaken and both science and theology have moved forward.
Good theology and good science can be helpful to everyone. Theology can help promote the search for goodness, truth, beauty and understanding. The world's major religions all try to answer these questions and will continue to do so long after the current generations leave the planet for their own hereafter.
Answering these questions can be just as important as the extension of life in medicine, understanding global warming, and other scientific issues that may not even now even be in question.
Both Science and God can and should coexist

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