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Mark Roehlen Module 3 formal paper.

Women, in today's modern time they have involved amazingly. Women's suffrage is at an all time high in america. It's hard to truly picture how anyone could consider women anything less than a independent, professional, and major role in their culture, and politics . However that's where the United States culture and Malalas culture in pakistan differ when it comes to the role of women. Good examples of this is the women's role in the house, the woman's right to go to school, and how a woman acts, dresses, and etc in both cultures. Each example shares a role in the differences of cultures. Up until about the 1960s, both United states and Pakistan's culture were similar in the role of a woman's place in the household. It's referred to as the traditional family, wife stays at home and cooks, cleans, and cares for the children. In many ways this was expected of the women in both cultures and education for women never exceeded very high results. But after the 1960s into the 1970s, women in the united states started to get better careers and realize there is no need for a man's dependence. They did not need to be confined in a house all day and could become more independent in their fields. This is where the cultures started to fall completely different. In islam culture and in Malala culture, the women is expected to find a husband. Give her husband children.
Then stay at home, and do the cures expected of her. Malalas mother at the age of six dropped out because she knew what was expected of her culture as a women. “there

seemed no point in going to school to just end up cooking, cleaning, and bringing up children”­Malala. Even in today's modern 21st century, this is how it is in pakistan and any islm state. Women are expected to stay at home and care for the family were guys have jobs and make the money. In the United states culture if a woman was told she could not go to school simply because of her sex there would be repetition. However in Malalas culture a woman's role is to not go to school. infact it is forbidden under extreme islam followers.
In the United states women have always been able to go to high school, college wasn't expected but a women could go if she was interested in extending her education. In malalas culture a woman's role is not to go to college and is even as far as no education at all. Many muslims in these cultures believe the Quran (the holy book of the muslim faith) states girls should not go to school. In “I am Malala” Malala encounters a man who is a mufti or a islamic scholar and authority on islamic law. He wanted her father to stop teaching girls. “girls should not be going to school. A girl is so scared she should be in purdah, and so private that there is no lady's name in the Quran, as good doesn't want her named.”­ Mufti Ghulamullah. I think his words show the true meaning in women's role in education in Malala culture. All around the world you can find different women, acting diffrent ways and wearing different clothing. Nowhere better than In the United states where you can find a woman who is a rule breaker to the decent businesswoman and you can go find different women wearing anything from a pair of ripped up jeans and a t­shirt to a beautiful pink dress. This is the role of american women. To be who you are and enjoy

it. In Malalas culture however a women is expected to be civilised, and covered. some would say in a burca and others would say just hair. Women are expected to not act indecent and to not bring shame to the family. A quote in “I am malala” shows just how important this is in there culture. “In our society for a girl to flirt with any man brings shame on the family, thought it's alright for the man.”­malala. This shows the importance of how a women should act in malala culture affects her family. In conclusion there is much difference in women's role in culture. Its truly amazing how different people can view such roles. As an american who lives with such diversity,
It's hards to understand Malala cultures views. Women should have the right to everything, but different cultures have different guidelines and rules. We in America are very lucky to be around different cultures and be able to freely practice ours.

orks Cited

“In our society for a girl to flirt with any man brings shame on the family, thought it's alright for the man.”­malala. I Am Malala, page 67, Chapter 4 The Village
Malalas mother at the age of six dropped out because she knew what was expected of her culture as a women. “there seemed no point in going to school to just end up cooking, cleaning, and bringing up children”­Malala
I Am Malala, page 40, chapter 3 Growing Up In A School

“girls should not be going to school. A girl is so scared she should be in purdah, and so private that there is no lady's name in the Quran, as good doesn't want her named.”­
Mufti Ghulamullah.
I Am Malala, page 94, chapter 7 The Mufti Who Tried To Close Our School

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