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Nicholas Piramal India Limited

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This 4 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. Nicholas Piramal India Ltd (NPIL) has acquired Avecia. The post acquisition merger is going badly, with a clash of cultural styles. The paper assesses how and why there are problems and looks at the way the problem may be resolved. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

Michael Fernandez, director of special operations in the pharmaceutical company Nicholas Piramal India Limited (NPIL), schedule a meeting with three of his reports, whose personal conflicts with each other, cause its business development function to fail. He is struggling to learn how to deal with these conflicts and combine three in productive cooperation work. Fernandez is responsible for turning NPIL acquisitions in Canada and the United Kingdom market NPIL worldwide. His three direct reports, each involved in different aspects of NPIL – Canadian operations, the British operations and global business development, and it explores the dynamics between the two teams. If Fernandes can resolve conflicts, the integration of acquisitions is in danger

2. Why is conflict occurring?
Even at the beginning of the acquisition, the structure of the company is already unclear and complex. Three different plants were independent companies and completely separated. Firstly, cultural conflicts between different companies and also among three management seniors have become a sever barrier for effective operations and communications for the management of the company. Grundy complained that Ananth’s Indian action-oriented operational style will not fit in with English plan/do/review style. Anath’s idea “hustle” does not meet agreement with Grundy and Scherrer. In addition, Scherrer complains that her expertise team in Canada does not work along well with Indianan team.
The second issue can be addressed by the lack of trust between managers. As a...

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