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Nickel and Dimes

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Nickel and dimes chapter 2
1. The hardest part or the ugliest part of Ehrenreich's nursing home job is the cleaning up. She hadn’t realized that a dietary aide is a dishwasher and they are many people to clean up after. She would have to scrape off the uneaten food off the dishes with her hand and then load them into a dishwasher which is on floor level that would cause her to bend down. While at the same time continue to clear tables and fetch metals for stragglers. Ehrenreich also had to vacuum the carpet in the dining room.

2. Ehrenreich learns the Merry Maids cleaning system in a tiny closet sized room off the inner office via videotape. There are four tapes which include dusting, bathrooms, kitchen and vacuuming. The system is rated by cleaning experts as incredulous. (Not trust worthy). They were hesitant to criticize but the experts think that the maid service job was not really to clean but to create the appearance of having been cleaned, no to sanitize but to create a kind of stage setting for family life.

3. Two ways maids can rebel against their employer are:
By theft. (Which is stated in the maids discipline and lore?)
Public violations of the maids code of decorum. For example by cursing or behaving badly around employers who can report you.

More Workers Are Complaining About Wage Theft

4. According to the article wage theft doesn’t only affect people in the working class. It affects the lower wage workers, minimum wage workers, middle class workers, agencies, business groups and big companies like Wal-Mart and Mc Donalds.

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