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Night: By Eli Wiesel

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Carlos Guerrero

Prof. Ted Johnston
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08 November 2014

We can know the end of the story just by knowing that Ellie Wiesel wrote the book. We know it because this book is about survival. Physically we know Ellie Wiesel survived the holocaust, but does any psychological or spiritual part of him died during the holocaust? Elie Wiesel wrote about all the horrible torture, brutality, degradation, lost, and inhumanities he suffered by the Nazis just because he’s Jewish. Considering Elie was just a teenager, all he had to go through could turn his faith, religion, humanity, or beliefs. Before the Nazis took Elie and his family we could notice that Elie was a strong, religious boy who wanted to learn the Cabbala. Moshe the Beadle taught him it, and answered all Elie’s questions. By the point of Elie learning the Cabbala his faith was very strong. Elie compared praying with breathing, it is something so important for him that he does it without thinking. He’s faith in god is unconditional, and he believes since God is good and its everywhere, then his world and everything in it must be good too. I believe Elie knowing the Cabbala took an important role in his spiritual survival. Elie Wiesel was devoted to his faith to God, humanity of others, and a sense of justice in the world; which eventually we know are beliefs challenged by the holocaust events.

One of the first events occurred to Elie was his mother and sisters being taken away, and learning about the crematorium. So Elie knowing he is surrounded by death and suffering hard work as a slave; what kept Elie motivated to survive? We know his father took a huge role in Elie’s camp experience as Elie always tried to help him to survive. Elie watched other prisoners lose all their humanity for food as some of them killed their own...

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