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Nihilism In Pulp Fiction

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There are many great films in the history of cinema. I enjoy the ones that have a creative way to tell the story. In 1994’s Pulp Fiction, this film has become a cult classic due to it’s unorthodox unraveling of a story, its strange coincidences, and views on nihilism in the whole story. In normal films, we expect films to unravel in chronological order. That’s not the case for Pulp Fiction however. The film somehow works as 4 short films in itself, but connections are always made between them. It may seem confusing in the beginning scenes how it cuts to different situations between different characters and how one of the characters is shot dead, but somehow is alive in the last minutes of the film. If the film were to be put in chronological order as it were supposed to be, the storyline …show more content…
In the beginning of the film, Vincent and Jules are damn near death when a stranger that jumps out of a bathroom and starts firing bullets at them and not one hitting them shoots them at. Jules seems to take this as a sign of the divine nature and Vincent just disregards it. Vincent doesn’t think nothing of it and believe it’s been just a strange coincidence. Maybe Vincent would’ve thought twice if he knew he’d eventually get shot by Butch later in the story. This event eventually leads to Jules wanting to change his harsh ways and actually analyzes deeper into the bible passage he recites constantly. After the incident at the diner, Jules gives the robbers money and leaves his life of crime. Not just Vincent and Jules, but Butch and Marsellus also escaped an unfortunate situation. Butch managed to escape from the shop owners, but as soon as he was about to leave, he comes across many fatal instrumentals that could be used to kill someone. Long story short, both Butch and Marsellus escape from the shop owners and Butch just thinks nothing of it like he just got lucky and that there was no reason for him to be

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