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Nihilism!!! What is Nihilism?

A common (but misleading) description of nihilism is the 'belief in nothing'. Instead, a far more useful one would substitute 'faith' for 'belief' where faith is defined as the "firm belief in something for which there is no proof." A universal definition of nihilism could then well be the rejection of that which requires faith for salvation or actualization and would span to include anything from theology to secular ideology. Within nihilism faith and similar values are discarded because they've no absolute, objective substance, they are invalid serving only as yet another exploitable lie never producing any strategically beneficial outcome. Faith is an imperative hazard to group and individual because it compels suspension of reason, critical analysis and common sense. Faith is "don't let those pesky facts get in the way of our political plan or our mystically ordained path to heaven"; faith is "do what I tell you because I said so". All things that can't be disproved need faith, utopia needs faith, idealism needs faith, and spiritual salvation needs faith. Fuck faith.
The second element nihilism rejects is the belief in final purpose, that the universe is built upon non-random events and that everything is structured towards an eventual conclusive revelation. This is called teleology and it's the fatal flaw plaguing the whole rainbow of false solutions from Marxism to Buddhism and everything in between. Teleology compels obedience towards the fulfillment of "destiny" or "progress" or similar such grandiose goals. Teleology is used by despots and utopian dreamer wankers alike as a coercive motivation leading only to yet another apocryphal apocalypse; the real way to lead humanity by the nose - tell them it's all part of the big plan so play along or else! It may even seem reasonable but there is not now and never has been any evidence the universe operates teleologically - there is no final purpose. This is the simple beauty nihilism has that no other idea-set does. By breaking free from the tethers of teleology one is empowered in outlook and outcome because for the first time it's possible to find answers without proceeding from pre-existing perceptions. We're finally free to find out what's really out there and not just the partial evidence to support original pretext and faulty notions only making a hell on earth in the process. So fuck teleology too.
Nihilism is primarily skepticism coupled with reduction but in practical reality it takes on more than one facet which often leads to a confusion of definitions. In the most general sense nihilism has two major classifications, the first is passive and usually goes by the term existential or 'social' nihilism and the second is active and is termed 'political' nihilism.
Existential nihilism is a passive world view which revolves around such topics as suffering, and futility, and even has connections to Eastern mysticism like Buddhism. In a more direct sense, existential 'social' nihilism is manifest within the sense of isolation, futility, angst and the hopelessness of existence increasingly prevalent within the modern digital world sometimes referred to as the 'downward spiral'. A direct way to describe it might be 'detachment from everything'.
Words used to describe political nihilism include - active, revolutionary, destructive and even creative. Political nihilism is defined as the realization "that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility." It deals with authority and social structures rather than simply the introspective, personal emotions of existential nihilism.
Political nihilism especially is a world-view that's rational, logical, empirical, scientific and devoid of pointless emotion. It's the logical psyche that distills everything down into what is known, what can be known and what can't be known. It's the realization that all values are ultimately relativistic and in some ways the simplicity of nihilism is its own complexity.
An estimable and succinct definition of a (political) nihilist comes from Ivan Turgenev's 1861 novel Fathers And Sons, "A nihilist is a person who does not bow down to any authority, who does not accept any principle on faith, however much that principle may be revered." Clearly a real, mature nihilist is a very serious person with a sharp, cogent mind but one dealing with a double edged sword that can just as easily lead to damage as to enlightenment.
So the two classes of nihilism overlap but Nihilism is mostly about this second stage of 'political' nihilism for reasons of brevity, because the existential angle when not stillborn generally leads to political nihilism anyway, because nihilism isn't something to just talk about it's something you live, and finally because political nihilism has real world history and experience as we will read concerning the Russian revolutionaries. Ultimately however, the nihilistic direction one travels depends on what the individual wishes to make out of life.
To negate and circumvent the paradox's and internal contradictions inherent within 'social' nihilism is the course of the 'political' nihilism you're reading about. I don't want to use hard philosophy any more than necessary nor the confusing verbosity of academia (just a few colorful adjectives where necessary); nihilism is the destruction of philosophy the negation of idealism, the negation of mythology, and the destruction of perplexity along with the disingenuous despots that profit from it as the monopolist interpreters of the confusion.
Historical Nihilism
Technically the first nihilists were the Greek Sophists who lived about 2500 years ago. They used oratorical skills and argumentative discourse to destroy the values upon which everyday beliefs rested. However they were unable or unwilling to provide any constructive program to replace the old system. Needless to say it didn't take long before the sophists became highly unpopular and came to be perceived as threats to the establishment.
One of the earliest nihilistic writers of the modern era was the Dane Soren Aabye Kierkegaard who lived from 1813 to 1855. Kierkegaard was a truly unique but also enigmatic philosopher. His most important contribution was the philosophy of existentialism, which was in many ways a negation of the ruling Hegelian philosophy. The basis for existentialism was deeply rooted in Kierkegaard's Lutheran Protestantism and reflected the ideals of the subjectivity of truth and the nature of life as a uniquely individual pursuit. To get straight to the point existentialism posits that existence is based on experience this experience is a uniquely individualized sensation; (my reality is not your reality). Modern quantum physical 'philosophy' returns to this theme of solipsistic reality during the late 20th century using empirical mathematics.
The Russian Nihilists
Political nihilism goes back at least to Russia during the last half of the 1800s as a revolutionary movement with the stated goal of overthrowing the despotic authority of the Czar. "In Russia, nihilism became identified with a loosely organized revolutionary movement (C.1860-1917) that rejected the authority of the state, church, and family. ... The movement advocated a social arrangement based on rationalism and materialism as the sole source of knowledge and individual freedom as the highest goal. By rejecting man's spiritual essence in favor of a solely materialistic one, nihilists denounced God and religious authority as antithetical to freedom."
By modern standards the Nihilists attempts at revolution were inconsistent and ineffective - lobbing low quality munitions at the Czar and his family and often getting themselves blown up in the process. But what they lacked in equipment and tactics they made up for with vision, ideas and an unparalleled intensity.
The nihilists enjoyed shocking their parents by calling for an end to the old moral system, advocating, for instance, the extermination of everybody in Russia over the age of 25. In the 1860's many of these young intellectuals went to Switzerland, where the proper Swiss bourgeoisie were scandalized at the men with their hair cut long and the girls with their hair cut short, at their loud voices and insolent behaviour.¹
In some ways the Russian Nihilists were the 'Hippies' of the 60s (1860s), mostly hot air and grand ideas powered by the winds of popularity. It's an interesting parallel because both the pseudo-revolutionaries of the 1960s and the Nihilists of the 1860s were glorified an idolized by sectors of the media at the time. Both groups battled to overthrow a crumbling empire and corrupt leaders, and both were eventually outdone by the police powers of government authority and a shifting public sentiment towards order. Both groups had little if any concept of the necessary effort required for a true revolution but still achieved a certain level of success and notoriety.
Revolution for Russia wasn't eliminated, just delayed. By 1917 a more competent and better lead group known as the Bolsheviks finished the deed. Sometimes it makes me wonder what the U$A will be like in 2017?

Both modern nihilists and anarchists can trace roots to the 19th century personality Mikhael Bakunin who succinctly reflected the nihilist sentiment with his famous statement: "Let us put our trust in the eternal spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unsearchable and eternally creative source of all." Politically anarchism and nihilism are often confused and in a limited yet tangible sense nihilism is the struggle between law/government (forces of anti-natural order) and liberty (nihilism). Here anarchism and nihilism seem to have certain elements in common. For example the anarchist will say 'no one has the authority to tell another what to do'. But the nihilist would say that if the one giving orders has a gun and the other not, then what the fuck do rights or authority matter? Indeed what good is constitution at the moment of any criminal event? This is a fundamental flaw of anarchism; its success is predicated on the good conduct of the constituents!
Anarchists are idealists, they believe in subjective concepts such as peace, justice, and especially the ultimately noble nature of the individual (at least under the proper social conditions). The nihilist reality is devoid of such foolishness and idiots who actually in their minds believe that. The nihilist realizes that history is often abused and misconstrued through the formation of artificial lines and erroneous connections between disparate events only to substantiate preconceived interpretations of reality, the classic teleological myth.
"We draw an imaginary thread through the ages to chart the course we judge to be the 'correct' one. All wrong views are ignored. This approach was dubbed the 'Whig' theory of history by Herbert Butterfield. The name derived from those past historians who treated history as a record of events that culminated in the political system dear to their own hearts: the liberal democracy." It's an understandable product of human evolution to not only detect patterns but get carried away and concoct them as well. "It appears that the human mind has evolved an ability to recognize geometrical patterns where none exist. What else might it be recognizing that does not exist?"
Human nature see's things that aren't really there, just think of optical illusions or Rorschach ink-blot tests. For most people “much of life is nothing interpreted as something”. This is because dealing with the yawning nothing necessitates the concoction of a something to grasp the nothing thereby ignoring the perilous obvious by manufacturing a more malleable artificial myth. Yet the attitude of a nihilist is contradictory to this because they desire to discern a more accurate understanding of reality at the moment not as they wish to see which is the tragically typical way divorced from evidence and reasoned hypothesis. This includes the desire to view human character as it actually is and understand purpose within context.

A Little Perspective
Everybody has an answer, but not just any answer, the answer. If you think about it it's truly amazing the sheer number of people that have the officially authorized monopoly on truth. This fact alone highlights the dissonance of absolute values and the misguided nature of idealism. What quantitative value would you place on your life? A life insurance corporation could concoct an exact dollar amount. But even that figure may be inflated; the chemical compounds that make up your body are only worth a few cents. Why do you as a human being actually believe you or even your life is worth anything? Isn't life more valuable than gold, oil or other commodities? PLEASE!!! Think again.
Which is cheaper to create human life or an ounce of gold? Gold can actually be synthesized in a cyclotron but the cost is astronomical, however human life or any life can be created virtually for free. Planet Earth is infested with perpetual self-replicators but the amount of platinum for example is finite. This self-righteous confidence manifests itself as an unlimited capacity for egoistic narcissism and self-magnification. Human arrogance conveniently assumes itself the apex of evolution yet in reality the corporal being is merely a disposable vehicle for the reproduction of genetic material, not the other way around! All you are is just a worthless human being. Natural human cravings are harmful to the self but profitable to the genes, hence the prevalence of self-destructive behavior among others. And remarkably this is the true solution to the classic existential dilemma, why life is just death or as John Lennon once put it, "Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear," most assuredly we are. The human body isn't programmed for pain-free longevity just long enough to reproduce, which is why doctors will never run out of business. The biological boss may be too small to see but is far too powerful to ignore.
If human value could be measured outside the skewed perspective of the collective ego it might be logical for it to look something like this; if only one individual existed on planet Earth they would be the most important human. If two people existed their individual significance would be divided in half (1/2). If six thousand million people existed on Earth what would the individual significance of each one be? A simple logical equation shows the value as the fractional percentage of the whole population plus any incidental, conjectural additives from education, training, intelligence etc. Presupposing this Marxian values system of universal equality the formula for individual human value is:
|1/p + (E/p) |
|p = current world population |
|E = years of education, training, work experience. |
| |
|So in a world of six billion people your uneducated mass is 1/6000000000 or 1.67 x 10^-10 of that whole. Your significance is |
|0.0000000167%. With a 12 year education your significance rockets upward to a factor of 2.167 x 10^-9 or 0.0000002167%. |

Is it any wonder religion is so popular, why human nature so desperately seeks meaning and purpose even in the most ridiculous places? Why do secular Australians/Americans hide behind money fooling only themselves into thinking that wealth gives them significance? Isn't it painfully obvious why society invents artificial concepts such as justice, morality, and ethics? The brutality and utter irrationality of the animal world is just outside the rusty gates of our crumbling civilization. But isn't it comforting to know that as long as we're inside we have the warming sensation of fairness, equality and justice for all (that can afford it anyway)?
Self-delusion may well be the defining quality of human nature. Lies maintain our flimsy order, we find consolation in myths like 'what we do has significance' and 'God punishes the wicked'. Fucking please. The constant avalanche of empirical evidence to the contrary simply gets relegated to the third class bureau of irrational philosophers.
"Hypocrisy can flourish when goodness is defined not only as kind and altruistic behavior, but as sticking to the rules and obligations of the faith."
Our supposed 'leaders' wage war in the name of peace and establish democracy with an iron fist. Our traditional values are warped; they reflect fantasy not reality. Our values are so removed from reality that fantasy becomes reality and truth becomes error. This is the primary difficulty in conveying the meaning of nihilism; all morally loaded concepts are biased against a lucid description of the nihilistic viewpoint. Nietzsche was addressing this issue when he wrote the title and the book Beyond Good and Evil. But it's not just a series of lies it's a debasing and wholly aberrant structure. The problem is so deep that even the words to define it must be replaced with a new lexicon.

Nihilism as Philosophy
Nihilism is a rejection of philosophy and the metaphysical nebulae such reasoning inevitably descends into. Yet if one wants this out of nihilism they can construct it, even more so than other idea sets, but to do so only leads to paradox and contradiction like finding value in no-values or literalizing belief in nothing; try the disbelief in gravity for instance. Nihilism is not absolutist voiding of values to create an imaginary milieu neutered of good or evil, up or down because those are absurd situations, indeed idealistic situations that are both impossible to achieve and dangerously delusional as goals. Unfortunately some nihilists get caught in this dim labyrinth of ethics and morality. Others jump head first into the maw as a demonstration of supposed mental prowess which explains existential nihilism's effervescent popularity among certain academics and similar insulated atoms of fantasy. Nihilism is the destruction of philosophy not the magnification of it.
This existentialism is superfluous since such constructs are wholly elastic anyhow, they can and do mean whatever the proponent claims generating the same foggy haze of intellectual opacity nihilism disperses. In other words it's myth creation, although that doesn't render them insignificant or impotent in the mind of the public, myths have value for those that believe in them. The nihilists can't simply ignore the myth believers or the myths; instead the wise path is to seek understanding. Nihilism dissolves myth with the acid of reason and logic to illuminate their assumptions and underpinning structures to better understand and better act.
Nihilism challenges the assumptions supporting common values such as 'equality'; 'pity', 'justice', etc. But also terms of conclusion about human existence such as "meaningless", "pointless" and "futile" are equally flawed because their definitions stem from the original morality values that have hitherto been rejected. Simple example - 'justice'. In court its not whether one is guilty or not but how good a lawyer one has, how cogent the presented argument is and how well manipulated the jury and judge are, did somebody say justice - oh maybe not! Justice is the confusion legalese that your high-priced barrister can spew in the courtroom like an oil slick in front of a pursuing vehicle. The rich go free while the poor go to prison.
Nihilism is a consequence of the personal realization that all of modern values and morals are wholly false and unworkable the ultimate esteem with which these morals have been uplifted leads to catastrophic withdrawal to the opposite extreme when they're realized to be deception.
While a belief in nihilism immediately returns a perspective of utter futility for life and universal existence, this perspective is not the final resolution. "Nihilism represents a pathological transition phase. Existence is not futile simply because the edifice of modern morality is inherently dysfunctional. Actually existence has even more purpose now because a proper perspective has been attained and a reason is finally clear - the complete destruction of the debasing, theologically derived moral order. Thus the nihilist is at base a creator of the highest magnitude and a survivor of the most intense metaphysical struggle of all time. The nihilist undergoes a personal evolution and has proven themselves the mental superiors to the herd and mob, they have proven their will and 'license' for continued existence and have successfully escaped from the circus of values. Once the transvaluation of values is complete an entirely new and sane perspective is achieved.

280 Million Years of Nihilism
It's a characteristic of the human mind to turn simplicity into subjective complexity and to construe difficulty from life where none exists. Today the archetypal question for philosophers is "why are we here." Ask a human and serious responses will probably involve complex reasoning involving mystical deities or introspective analysis. But before we leave the final answer with humanity I think we need a second opinion.
Some 280 million years ago the first amphibians began life outside water. These Labryinthodonts named for their infolded tooth enamel typically had large triangular heads and wide, flat bodies that looked like giant road-kill without the tread marks. Tetrapods like these crawled around on land eating worms, maybe a few bugs but basically whatever they could catch and digest. Not much to look at or admire yet they gave rise to all other land vertebrates, reptiles, birds, and yes eventually even literate humans. If we could ask the same of a Permian tetrapod what mysterious, and enlightening answers would they provide? Perhaps something like "I don't understand the question, I just want to avoid death."
Odd isn't it that they never had any goal or god, no soul or hope of an afterlife indeed they lacked any purpose beyond the brief struggle for life and yet millions of years later here we are reading this because of it, because they existed and evolved. We as humans exist in the same physical universe, subject to the same rules of physics and biology, the same need for sea-water salinity body fluid, the same protein and amino acids... Decades of scientific inquiry and careful research all to reach the inescapable conclusion that the point is there is no point. It’s simply that simple. The joke is on us because we turned the absurdly simple into the dangerously complex. Indeed if scientists would or could get out of this loop they'd notice the likely conclusion that science itself is doomed because even archaic mythologies provided more appealing cosmic answers for public consumption!
The answer to "why are we here" is no different for human, Labryinthodont or jellyfish because we live in the same world subject to the same physical limitations and end up in the same place after death, well some leave better fossils than others. Now we see why fear of death is such a natural instinct and why religion exerts so much concerted effort to contradict that instinct.
The human mind creates ethics, moral codes, rules to die by, excuses and justifications for the deepest epiphany and the most trivial event alike. Some even go so far as to hijack random events and misinterpret them as self-created, the psychological principle known as 'illusion of control'. Unfortunately the complexities of the human mind merely make it easier to believe in fantasy and entertain delusion. Such an effort to find greater significance where there really is none and this only leads to wayward guidance and specious justifications. Those concocted reasons are then used to justify what need not be justified like our continued existence except based upon lies, setting up everyone for the fall when the myth erodes. Everything would move onward quite smoothly without any human minds around to believe in God, Satan or any other fictions, it did before us and it will after. Instead the Nihilist is concerned with the things that matter whether anyone believes in them or not; all those forces and factors that influence even the things that don't think.
Although evolution has no goal and our purpose may be just as elusive that doesn't void significance, it doesn't make action and consequence irrelevant, an important distinction too often confused within nihilism. Nihilism doesn't preclude significance or a naive refusal to extract lessons from history just as a lack of the traditional mystical goal does not necessitate futility. Extinction events for example are significant, after all we wouldn't be here without them. The only cosmic justification supported by any tangible evidence is the impetus for continued existence, the self-justifying purpose of tautology. And truthfully demanding any further justification from most simply foments confusion and foolish behavior. Furthermore it's likely that anything beyond that basal maxim is just an artificial construction. So, nihilism is not an issue of existence so much as a series of questions regarding the value if any that those artificially constructed meanings have. Where do they take us and do we really want to end up there? And can we really outsmart natural selection, for instance?

What's Left?
Nihilism can appear very complicated because in the present moral milieu it's necessary to describe it in the terms of negatives and 'against it's'. It's about accepting what is and working within that framework to generate a lifestyle of efficacy and natural perspective. Too often our modern hi-tech planet makes us think that if it looks confusing and it takes a Germanic scholar to analyze it then it must be complicated. What I'm saying is that you don't need any of that shit. You don't need to believe in God or Beelzebub or anything else that can't be verified or tested in any way. You don't need to believe that human nature is intrinsically evil or in original sin. It takes so much vain effort to struggle with good and bad. Normal people literally torture themselves with ethical and moral quandaries in self-created dungeons that ultimately never matter. Seriously in the end what the fuck does it matter? For this reason the nihilistic philosophy takes a beating in the arena of ideas because it's just a nothing ideology. That's why I like to call it an anti-ideology. It simply doesn't play by those rules because those rules are arbitrary; they exist only in the social-mindset. And if other people want to live within that self-torturing, intellect numbing fantasy world then I'm not going to stop them; have fun ... hating life.
Change and acceptance of heterodoxy does not come without introspection. Human nature is so conditioned to social living that even the silliest social faux pas achieves monumental proportions; people live for the trivial at the cost of living for the critical. "Did I buy the right brand of shoes? Am I using the right brand of toothpaste?" Who really has the twisted perspective?
And what is the point? The point is that even if you reject nihilism your relationship has not been severed because the entire social and political structure our daily lives function within is programmed for self-destruction because its all based on disingenuous ideas and promulgated through hollow rhetoric and plastic faces for near-term goals. And what do lies breed except vengeance and anger?
As humbling as it is the scale and perhaps significance of humanity shrinks in accordance with the magnitude of our knowledge. A basic understanding of cosmology leads to the ultimate nihilism. Springing from a cosmic accident life (apparently) has no purpose or value. Humans crawling upon an tiny world at the edge of one of countless galaxies in an uncaring, unconcerned universe. The product of a series of astounding improbabilities destined to die after lifetime of meaningless suffering alone and afraid... (and if you think God made it all, isn't that even more degrading?!)
Without a higher moral judge, nothing beyond life goes punished or rewarded. The fundamental moral quandary is that in order for moral rules to have validity they must have an ultimate arbiter, otherwise right and wrong dive into confusing waters of relativism. That ultimate arbiter has always been God, the final judge, where the buck stops, where even Earth's most evil and wicked run amok with free will get their comeuppance. The Bible says the Earth is the Devils domain (Isaiah 13:11 & Revelation 12:9, even though the Bible also says God created the Earth, Genesis 1:1). If that's what everyone expects, then that's all it will ever be. As a nihilist it's our domain and we can make it a hell or a heaven. But as long as we prejudge the decision absolving ourselves of responsibility then it probably will be a realm for the Devil.
When we conclude that we each only get one life, the goal becomes painfully obvious, as unpleasant as the sight of the predator messily devouring the prey on Wild Kingdom. I think humans are the gods, but the corporal package is a powerful dichotomy. Worm and god side by side. We need no higher power for justification or success, only the desire and willpower. A pretty large number of humans have the potential, but unless one strives to be a god they are only a worm. We can do anything the question is will we? Will we struggle in vain with the futile labels of olde, senselessly slaughtering each other over self-imposed polarities while disingenuous despots reap the profits from our collective bloodletting? Or will we choose the exit, and in this very dark room known as life not too many exit signs are visible. The one I used is called nihilism.

Objective Reality & Freewill
It's remarkable how even a modicum of logic and scientific philosophy demonstrates the weakness of defining what is real and the rules to describe it. Like a sandpit the more one struggles the tougher it gets. So an important value to question is objective reality. The closest match might be scientific laws which are merely consistent principles and the most powerful ones are just statistical constructs. Statistical is the operative word here for the latest research strongly suggests that even the absolute constant of light speed has subtly changed over the course of the universe!
This lack of objective reality implies a lack of objective truth but really this is a needless philosophical reduction that leads to neither clarity nor accurate interpretations. Even a state of total chaos has statistical uniformities. Consensus can be found and in fact it's remarkably prevalent. Commonality can be found and built upon at many levels but absolutes are less meaningful here than consistency; ultimate reality is fuzzy because it's a product of probabilities. The key is to utilize the solid and avoid the ambiguous, bet on the likely and not the unlikely. "There is no reason to suspend belief in an underlying reality. It's just that the steps we take to establish it determine what it will be found to be. Reality is contextual."
The randomness of nature is a powerful asset because it negates the credibility of teleology, that purposeful predestination that undermines freewill. So one actually has the option to passively accept the socio-historically established concoction of absolutes, truth and moral laws, the objective reality which can be nothing but myth. Or they can accept real for what it is and assume the more healthy role of active participant constantly defining existence through perception and intelligence. In this way defining existence is predicated upon life, conscious awareness of sensory input combined with critical interpretation of what that input means. And the more highly developed the conscious or the greater the intelligence the more effective and meaningful is existence. Hence the difference between passive 'social' and active 'political' nihilism is that one accepts whatever happens within futility and pointlessness while the other destroys/creates meaning and value. Which path a person takes is a personal decision within the limits of ability and that means one does have choice; existence is not predetermined or fatally ordained. However default answers and the compulsion of conformity shouldn't be overlooked. Reality is contextual.

The Pitfalls of Artificial Law
It may seem peculiar how terms like 'moral', 'liberal' and 'conservative' are used in conversation. People will tell you they're moral individuals but they don't say moral according to who or what even though every culture and religious order has different standards. They'll tell you they're liberal and one is supposed to assume they mean it politically instead of liberal users of peyote or stamps on heavy envelopes. 'Progress' is another favorite, progress is good but as in the spread of cancer? Or maybe they mean the spread of K-Mart's to every town in the world with at least 5,000 people?
But the consistent message people are trying to convey in conversation is their own subtle deviation from the political and social norm and from the ambient morality which is to say from the definitions and standards processed, packaged and pumped into them by media, government and church authority. Since all these concepts are unable to be empirically codified they assume elastic values that are easily warped to serve despots and unhealthy outcome which is why morality is the best leading mankind by the nose.
But moral laws aren't the only kind that can be warped to serve disingenuous ends. The greater the personal wealth and property one controls or possesses the more laws are needed to protect that wealth. Conversely the less one owns the fewer laws are needed for protecting it. At a point of total poverty where one has nothing but the self they would only feel the need for laws against killing i.e. 'thou shalt not murder'. In other words the degree of law desired is directly proportional to the wealth in possession. Laws protect that vested power and the people owning it by providing consistent codified support for the control and distribution of that wealth. But even though the stated desire for legality is universal the interpretation of that legality is not, clearly varying between have's and have-nots, a schism fervently exploited by Marxists. Enter the lawyers who are mercenaries paid to reinterpret the law to favor the client. Since the rich have the money to buy the most powerful lawyers and since the establishment of precedent is defined through epic court battles, common law is gradually skewed in favor of those rich patrons. Hence the emergence of a class-bifurcated, sanctimonious justice system and the erosion of law fairness. Scientific research shows that in a police lineup witnesses' who choose an incorrect person are just as confident as ones that choose the correct one because human memory fills in the blanks with assumptions. You as a human being will always assume what’s right and what’s wrong. Furthermore juries are just as credulous of false or inaccurate testimony as legitimate because all that really matters is strength of conviction. The criminal justice system warps science and the witness to its own ends because the only thing that matters is which side your on - prosecution or defense.
Furthermore laws are designed to protect the incompetent and mitigate the influence of the capable. For example a cop with a gun is a greater danger than a 'criminal' because they have an official sanction to kill; their murder is backed by the concept of law. The government and legal institution has no higher morality than the 'criminal' does; they are prone to heinous conduct just as, if not worse than the 'criminal' is. One party can act with impunity; the other will be executed. So what of "rights"? Nihilism views rights as irrelevant because it's the underlying structures of morality and the roots of truth, myth and collective delusions that dictate significance. Morality and ethics are artificial byproducts of culture and through hypocrisy and abuse are warped into becoming illusory forces.
The major artificial structures of civilization are self destructive at the very least and totally dysgenic at worst. Government and Empires exist to protect the weak, the stupid, and the least fit to survive. Laws, rules, and mores all perpetuate and propagate the weakest elements at the expense of the best. Some argue that money is a proxy for achievement, what a fucking load of crap. Money is aggregated amongst the already wealthy. Nor does our capitalist society promote achievement through the educational establishment, the mythical system of western mandarinism perpetuated by certain intelligentsia members. The true nature of the system is based more on connections and wealth than merit. The number of slots to get on this escalator to social achievement is limited, and the already powerful get to choose who gets those slots, so guess who really gets in! It has never been truer than today, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.
Evolution isn't aided by government or legislation, not even by laissez faire economics. After all evolution operates in chaos (the natural order), government stops growth, progress and positive change. Government forces creativity into well regulated conduits directing it into futile creations that stifle evolution and negate willpower like curing one disease to make way for another more insidious one or 'must see TV'.

War or Revolution?
Before I continue it is imperative that I clearly define the differences between war and revolution and their significance to Nihilism. All too often the two words are used interchangeably because they both convey a sense of violent action and social upheaval but they have very different meanings. Part of the problem involves the nature of modern warfare, which is increasingly an urban phenomenon that affects civilians even more than soldiers. Guerrilla warfare and counterinsurgency efforts all blur the distinction between revolution and warfare. But this doesn't mean the two concepts are synonymous; in fact warfare and revolution are opposites. A war is started by an established government and fought against an organized enemy. Revolution is an effort to overthrow and replace an established government or authority structure.
"It is better to deal with a government in difficulties than with one that has luck on its side," said Mayer Amschel Rothschild. "The best bargains can be found when the streets flow red with blood," is widely attributed to the Rothschilds as well. Cyclical, traditional European wars of the type funded by the Rothschilds culminated in World War One (the war to end all wars). Many bankers and rapaciuos industrialists gained fabulous wealth off the death and mutilation of millions. Just think of Sir Hiram Maxim who amassed an astronomical fortune from the invention of the machine gun! Build a better killing machine and the world will beat path to your door. War is about the monetary profit of Kings and plutocrats.
Revolution is an anti-war, ideally it's the effort to destabilize the machines of the industrialists and overthrow the Kings. Still it would be naïve to think that many revolutions aren't manipulated by the same people they purport to overthrow.
Political leaders realized long ago that in order to achieve their goals and maintain the legitimacy of authority it was necessary to have the support of public opinion. Unfortunately the masses are conservative by nature and rarely desire to be dragged into the bloody machinations of their governments. The solution is to create the proper national event or circumstances with which to manipulate popular sentiment into supporting your campaign. This is called social engineering and like all tools it can be used to help or hurt. One infamous example involved F.D. Roosevelt who lured the Japanese into Pearl Harbor neatly creating the proper domestic outrage required for entry into another suicidal excapade known as war.
It's ridiculous to assume these people will protect us from anything. The Russians, Germans, Japanese, even the British believed their governments would achieve greatness and keep them safe. I guess WW II was a rude awakening? How many Americans used to think employment was guaranteed in a large corporation, or that Social Security funds would always be there? I guess theft just isn't a crime when it's sanctioned by authority. Support of the this Empire is futile; the only choice is to destroy it for safety and sanity.
Too many idealistic crusaders fall for the trick of turning their revolutions into wars at the behest of established authority, in other words be sure to rub-out the right people and hit the correct target. The wise realize that the visible is a product of the invisible in the sense that ideas define outcome, values define product and the moral topology defines the superstructure; and if we think it's impossible it'll never happen but if we think it can it will.
"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
This is the true nature of the system we're dealing with. It's an unfortunate fault of simplistic human nature to first target the visible elements. But to merely attack the visible superstructure of capitalism, church and politicians is doomed - the mistake of anarchism. The real enemies are the "demons" in the public consciousness, the myths and the lies, the foolish ideas and the self-destructive notions and secondly the people that preach it. The relativistic moral codes of "good" is this and "bad" is that, they're cynically reinvented by self-righteous leaderships to achieve misguided, mystical goals. And the intangible, non-verifiable goals make the sweetest bait because no one can claim otherwise!
Strategic success of revolution if I may use the word is predicted upon reaching these roots. How? Two means and the first is the acidic dissolution of delusion. Ridicule the ridiculous, highlight absurdity contradiction and irony. Make fun of the foolish and faithful alike but more importantly the notions they use and discredit delusion by every means available.
Second propagate the replacement, fill the vacuum left by the discredited myths. Fill it with fact that's built from the boundaries of the known and the unknown in order to deal with the present and not some fictional afterlife. Counteract religious modes - convince the public that natural behavior and instinct are normal again. Work to build havens from media and pop-cultural influences allowing anyone the freedom of independent thought and introspection unfettered by the corporate sponsored, brand positioned homogenized opinions doled out like drug-laced candy. Communicate the message and the inveterate popularity of entertainment shouldn't be underestimated as a tool for changing opinion, it's the best way to connect with mass audiences. On a more localized level never begin with a frontal assault but instead aim to first disarm you opponent by using say, humor or unexpected actions. And never forget the effect of reinforced statements, one voice is nonsense but two is the sound of authority - use it.
So when does the revolution start? It already has! Act accordingly in what you do and what you say. There's no half measure and no fence to sit on, everyone is a participant in this omnipresent psychological war because it has no front-line or boundaries. Every mind is a battlefield and every person with above room temperature body warmth and IQ is a combatant. Now's the time to decide which side to be on.

Systemic Self-Destruction
Nihilism is an awareness that destruction is at least as important as construction, even more so when institutions have outlived their usefulness to become corrupt and unhealthy. Idealist crusades fail because they never remove the vestiges of the past order. Think of it biologically, would Homo sapiens have evolved out of the Mesozoic era, or would they have just been dino-snacks? We're only here because of a previous mass extinction! The old order didn't mutate, it was catastrophically destroyed because that's the only way radical, meaningful change can occur. Revolutions fail because the willpower to enact the necessary severity of change is lacking. Actually its not just willpower it's the total vision that's usually lacking. Some call Karl Marx a revolutionary but Marxism isn't genuine revolution it's just rearranging the artificial order. Every ideology on the books is merely a convenient way to re-order the present situation; they just shuffle the same old cards and the people end up worse off than before! Nihilism plays a completely new game, but the old game of lies and myths always self-destructs eventually. These are the cycles of history, the recycling of flawed ideologies and our era is a prime example.
Every political ideology has been discredited as an affront to freedom and well-being. From capitalism to communism the fatal flaw is always the same - actualization, the predictable literalization of faith and myth. Besides producing voluminous hypocrisy and tyranny the byproduct of sham ideologies and fractional logic also produces extensive pollution of both the human mind and the earth's ecosystem. Think of the billions of dollars spent to produce nuclear, biological and chemical weapons all to have them rust and leak in storage bunkers from Tooele to Tomsk-7. Millions toiling to produce ultra-deadly nerve gas and radioactive waste with a four and a half billion year half-life. Nihilists know who to 'thank'- and who to stop from doing it again.
Religion - independent theologies and de-centralized organizations have replaced the Church/State monopoly. With the loss of government support (money) the Church has revealed its true nature as the giant profit motivated scam that it is. The theological monopoly has been broken and now any faith is just as valid as any other is. History will rate the separation of Church and State as one of the most critical pivots of the modern era. The secondary effect of this is that the national population doesn't know which faith to choose, and although religion can't be eliminated it can be easily replaced. Now all the God addicts will have to make do with a pluralistic methadone.
Every election year has its battle over education in some form or another. These conflicts only become more heated as relative values polarize amidst social disintegration and concomitant increase of media attention on school violence. But this incessant emphasis on 'education' has little to do with training skills in socialization or adaptability and everything to do with myth indoctrination! This is why religious groups fight like hell for separate private or home schooling. What's commonly referred to as 'education' is really about molding and warping young minds when they're most impressionable. And given the stunning uselessness of 95% of school material within an actual employment setting it seems difficult to explain the education scam otherwise except perhaps as hollow tradition or keeping the kids off the streets for a few hours. Employers and authority powers all look for those stamped, notarized pieces of paper to effortlessly determine the gullibility and exploitability of a person, how quickly they'll latch on to authorized opinions and follow orders without questions, or at least that's how a cynic would posit degrees and diplomas are really used.
Elimination of monarchic rule. Those inveterate despots and prostitutes for the Church, one of mankind's long lasting afflictions has finally been relegated to the proper place in the dusty archives of history. Unfortunately the new master, the mass media, has simply replaced much of monarchic authority.
Nationalism - the nation no longer has any political meaning except as a vestigial tool to drag the public into fratricidal conflicts or generate enthusiastic rivalry for sporting events. The citizenry get the pain without the benefits of nationalism anymore because leaders fail to protect their citizens from external threats. Money, immigrants, religion, drugs and disease all cross political boundaries with impunity, ironically usually unmolested by nationalist politicians. The facile irony only masks the hypocrisy of the domestic leadership that parrots nationalist rhetoric yet acts in favor of international moneyed interests; they talk local but act global.
Patriotism follows the same pattern of obsolescence because anymore it’s been hijacked to mean obedience to the suicidal dictates of corrupt authority. As long as the domestic death-toll can be kept to a minimum war is good and noble because it generates employment and corporate profits.
The traditional faith in the military establishment is on increasingly questionable grounds. The creation of the volunteer/ professional military is a radical departure from historical precedent. The worlds of the military and the civilian used to be intricately related. Now the two are rapidly spinning in opposite directions. Mistrust, ignorance, and incompetence have created a re-evaluation of the mission of the military and even its very necessity.
The character of the mass media is beginning to be viewed as the imperative threat to collective survival that it is. Democracy is a sham when the primary media filters and manipulates 98% of the information the voter needs to judge candidates. Not only do the same companies own the networks they're owned by the same people, and the trend towards consolidation and mergers continues unabated.
Governments are drowning in a self-created morass of hyper-legislation. Criminality is not a self-evident concept; laws create criminals. The beauty of legislative suffocation is that more laws mean more criminals, and the more criminals on the streets the greater the need for more protective legislation. Lawmaking is the ultimate sinful addiction of corrupt regimes. Global economic and political aggregation is building a new tower of Babel.
This highlights a few elements of the decaying superstructure but to stop at that would be a fatal flaw - Marx's mistake. This decaying process has only begun and it's crucial it not end before being burnt to the ground and dead to the root. The nihilist plays an important role in this process but not as part of the dying system. The nihilist is apart from that system, the suicide orgy of everything attached to the crumbling edifice of dying gods. There's no reason to play games which can't be won or fight for lost causes.

Nihilism through the Eyes and Into the Minds
The natural world and its inviolate rules consist largely of violence and dominance with a tenuous overlaid veneer of artificial order at certain moments; it's those news stories of conflict and suffering so distant and easy to disbelieve. If you keep glued to your TV and immersed in that fantasy world and if you go to church and get down on your knees in prayer every night just maybe that dark angel of reality will skip your house and take the next one ... or maybe you and your friends will be the one's in tomorrow's headline. Too many are blinded by subjective morality, they fail to see the purpose Pol Pot and friends serve. It's that glimpse of reality, the natural world so foreign to our insulated world of film and suburbia, that transient mythical realm inhabited for a moment most believe is forever.
Regardless of good or evil he brought that potential for brutality into the homes and media of not just a tormented South East Asia but an entire planet. He generates fear, we know how far and how fast the halo graced angel of man can fall from heaven and the wise who watch now have an impetus to keep from falling further. I'm trying to stretch that deadened range of sensation to include a fraction of the evil as well as the good ...and if you don't like it you can't just change the channel, or move to the suburbs. Escape is an illusion, peace is an illusion, deal with the war we're all a part of and be prepared mentally and physically to defend and attack otherwise your just dead meat.
In any war you can't win without knowing the participants, who they are and what motivates them. Humanity consists of two simplified groups the ones that think and one's that only react. One group reasons with logic and the mind, the second from fear and intimidation. Don't hate the stupid, hate the ones that act stupid yet are capable of knowing better. The real target of immediacy isn't the crooked despots or the petty authoritarians, they're predictable and linear. The enemy is the middle class fence-sitters who grant support and mandate through jaded acquiescence and tacit approval. The 9-5 taxpayer, cop's salary-paying drones suckling the teat of the myth machine, the ones that just want to cooperate with this system and make a buck after taxes, these are the ones that keep the Empires well oiled oppression machine grinding away day after day. Don't take the fight to the capitols or the cities where it's already at, take it to the suburbs. Attack the havens and safe-zones the false insulation these people enjoy at the expense of the rest of the planet glibly sure everything is cute and fun because nothing bad happens here and TV says everything is OK.
To attack directly, physically may offer more of a thrill but it's dangerous and offers inferior benefit for the risk involved. Think like a social engineer, ideas are more powerful anyway. Take nihilism into the living room through the eyes and into the fearful minds of the public. Scare them with the facts, force the cognitive dissonance on the sheeple. Magnify conflict and inconsistencies, play the contradictory aspect of popular values against another. This will either make them agree with you too or cause them to react with fear and hatred giving the nihilists the upper hand of rationality and the authority of consistency. Remember, there's no need to be violent when the anti-nihilists so easily assume the role which just establishes your opponent as a negative, impulsive force discredited by their own absurdity.

Often what appears to be the 'extreme' message is actually just tomorrow's story today. You can ignore it and panic when it does arrive or learn from it and be ahead of your time prescient, prepared and devoid of fear or panic. Nihilism may never be understood let alone appreciated in modern times. Even the simplicity of anarchism is widely misinterpreted and misunderstood. We live in a dynamic era where traditional values have been warped by authorities to serve unjust ends contrary to public interests. It's an era of contradiction that often necessitates counterintuitive conduct, where sanity is nihilism and patriotism is sedition. The recourse for survival within this context of the erosion of traditional meaning is nihilism.
Many people blame nihilism for the evils of the world. Much of the antagonism towards this nihilism is due to it's acidic affront of the everyday fantasy world most glibly inhabit. If all you want out of 'life' is the stupefying, self-delusional sense of security then either do nothing or get sent to jail which will get you the same results. After all prison is the most insulated and protected place a person can be, right! Hardly.
Complacency may be cheap but it's compound interest is deadly. Nevertheless even the most horrendous injustice is a lesson learned because it destroys the unhealthy delusion that ultimate responsibility for actions and consequences resides with ambiguous entities in mystical realms. The disabused realize even if they choose not to accept that ultimate responsibility resides within oneself. Life isn't fair because what's defined as 'fair' is self-centered and the universe simply does not revolve around any single person.
In a way that's all it is. That's all that's needed to revolutionize the planet because once a person finally realizes the totality of the lies that everyday life is they will become the greatest nihilist and radical imaginable.
Currently, this planet is ignored. Its process for human salvation in now seen to be unworthy, even if thought about, in the light of our own process we believe to be better. Our system is egotistical relative to the consideration of other organisms. Humans are inferior because we have a mind that allows for decision making, allows for ideals. This so called intelligence is a flaw, it is the destructive element on the planet that may spread through the universe eventually causing the implosion of existence.
This destruction shall be thwarted by another sort of destruction that will begin on a small scale. Destruction must be done to any human being and in the end to yourself. War is not sufficient because temporary resolution called peace or cold war entails. Plus there must be action on one side only, at least in the beginning. The other side must be innocent. The innocence will allow for more destruction. Some may plan to prevent destruction, but innovation shall prevail and ways around prevention shall be discovered. War is bad, though, it is destructive, because acts are committed with the expectation of reward. One fights to gain that which is desired. The reward is just another part of the human effect to maintain the preservation of ideals. In war's destruction one wishes to have as a reward the preservation of one's existence, one's idealism. One thinks and desires about how to fulfill and uphold these ideals with faith and other illusions. With the preferred type of destruction, death occurs for the extinction of humankind and for no other reason. When an individual kills another individual one does it to further the path of extinction and not for personal gain.
Your last movement shall be your last heartbeat. The last heartbeat is salvation. This will bring you closer to the sublime. The sublime is death. Do not fight death, but let it devour you so you may become death
We as Australians claim to be free, yet we are nothing but over-paid slaves to over-powered corporations. We as Australians claim to be free, yet there are so many of us who live under the oppression of poverty, those that starve in the midst of plenty.
Our Government does nothing to move us towards the goal of Utopia; instead they maintain the system, which has become more important in the mind of some Australians than the people it was intended to serve.
Stupidity as a Weapon of War
Of course, in the current era, we are referring to low intensity cultural conflict, info war or psyops. One of the great aims of generalship throughout history has been to reduce the will of one's enemy to resist. Usually this employed shock assault tactics, rapid movement and annhilation on the frontiers of a society so that the target headquarters would experience panic and internal dissention over the wisdom of resistance. In an info war setting, the aim is to blind, decoy, confuse and panic the enemy, to make them too stupid to win, or worse, to even know there is a war going on.
The aim of fascism is to control all strategic world raw materials so their artificial scarcity can be manipulated to bludgeon nations seeking autonomy (the contol over development of their natural wealth) into conformity Fascism is a mafia run at the top by remnants of feudal aristocracy. It wants to be a caste system with a protected revetment of controller oligarchs and it wants to base its empire of economies upon wage slavery.
Achieving this aim is the cause for virtually all human conflict. The cultural tools available are media, religion, education and separatist sub-cultures. The tactics employed are disinformation, suppression and fear mongering. These tactics are facilited by insulated cut-out agents who are the transducer operatives receiving policy directives from think tanks and Bilderberger type cabals, sanitizing them and making them palatable to field operatives who then implement fascist policy all the while thinking they are doing something quite different.
A case in point was the U.N. arms embargo against Bosnia, essentially opening the way for genocide, forced migration and the razing of cities. This was done for the noblest of reasons, presumably to keep the brushfire from consuming the Balkans and threatening a confrontation with a crippled and unpredictable Russia; yet the result was an inhuman spectacle that hardly raised a whimper among the western intelligentsia.
These fascist policies are allowed to turn the corner and be implemented by idealists who have lost the capacity to analyse their own chain of command and resist instructions that appear to be coming from within their own camp. Their interpretive frame of reference is superficial, emotional, and robotic. The primary method of insuring the stupification of a population is ideology propped up by a seeming democratic panoply of media info dissemination. But in reality this panoply is monopolized by trained cut-out agents or their stooges so that on key issues, dissent is stiffled and uniformity of response is assured.
The gay vanguard group Act Up is now isolated and anathemized within its community becasue it managed to throw off the shackles of conformity to hidden agenda engineering and demand that certain resources be used in a certain way, ie., they analyzed the inneffectiveness of AIDS research and were demanding a crash program of research regardless of cost. Immediately the gay rags began to distance themselves from Act Up and via rumor and inuendo, Act Up's position within gay affairs was undermined. There is today virtually no resistance to the slow grind down of the gay world and absolutely no resistance to the genocidal progress of AIDS in the 3rd world.
Ideology is like religion in that it creates a method of interpreting events which does not include itself as one of those events, ie., it is incapable of self awareness and self analysis. Consequently, ideology cannot be upgraded and is doomed to be surprised by obsolescence. Nobody saw the end of the Soviet Union coming.
Dumping down projects can be covert or overt. The overt guises typically are presented as progressive programs. "Outcomes Based Education" (OBE) almost became the next wave of education reforms, until it became clear to various conservative watchdogs that it was designed to create a generation of burger flippers and receptionists in a complete abandonment of principles of excellence for a pragmatic relativist approach whereby industry could submit a request list for X number of assembly line drones, Y number of bookkeepers and Z number of janitorial staff and the local school system would obligingly turn out the requisite staffing with the requesite I.Q.'s.
The covert dumping down of a population can occur in many subtle ways, from the fostering of gangster cultures and the casino spectacle in its many media guises, to the creation of artificial appetites for such parasite concepts as tabloidism in media, fundamentalism in religion, pop-psychology. new age pop-spiritualism, to fear mongering via a spectrum of armageddons- nuclear, biological, environmental, economic, racial, etc.
A dumped down population will chronically overlook the root causes of civil disorganization and corruption. A lobotomized public has bad target aquisition. Such a population will be unable to effectively end the many feudal exploitations alive in the world, such as the well advertised destruction of the rain forest, for example, because they remian chronically and clinically and criminally unaware of the root causes. Targetting the landowners or governments involved is futile. Without understanding international debt servicing via cash crop agriculture, the multinational debt holders will continue to operate free and clear of scruitiny. When was the last "60 Minutes" segment you saw dissecting the inner agendas of the World Bank or the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements? You never heard of the Bank of International Settlements, right?
What progressive humanity must learn to accomplish is to dissassemble the mechanisms of stooge creation and puppetry. Towards this end the Internet provides the most powerful weapon for the amplification of human intelligence the planet has yet experienced. Not owning a computer with an internet account should be a punishable offense.
God's on Vacation
Oh what a challenge rectifying the enormous evil in the world. Genocide, mass murder, serial killers, random shootings, rape, torture, mutilation in our next door neighbors house and on the other side of the planet in the dark of the jungle.
Christ has answers, but most of them just lead to more questions and an ensuing maze of circular reasoning. They say hope and justice exists in God, lack of it is lack of God.
Satan never one to be upstaged has answers too; evil's just part of the process man.
But science doesn't have an answer. It leaves everyone wanting, 'please explain what we see and what we hear everyday'? Where is justice? Why can't we rectify our artificial notions of order with the worldwide reality we encounter every day. Anyone who can live without the lies is a true nihilist. A nihilist can interface reality and all it's beauty and unpleasant consequences with their personal sense of the tangible because the two are the same.
It is the nature of a broken man to seek answers. Likewise as civilization disintegrates and society fragments, spreading discontent and angst seeks solutions. From the prophet to the saviour neither stays in business long during times of wellness. Much like vultures they prosper during periods of decay and profit from sickness. And unto them Jesus said: "They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick..." Matthew 9:12. Always subversion before conversion.
Subversion may be inevitable but what one converts to is not. Anyone living exposed to the post-modern pop pseudo-culture is diseased; we're all victims of this pernicious corrosion. Your reality is based on monstrous lies and disingenuous parables. Laws are capricious and their enforcement more so. Such pseudo-justice is merely a convenient performance intended to dupe the public into believing that law and order protect them. Realize more than anything else, power and its corollary abuse makes the world go round. Anyone who considers themselves intelligent knows this, they have progressed beyond this myth, beyond right and wrong. Justice is just power, present moral-legal framework is a myth and if you expect fairness you'll be burned.
You may already realize this, but others don't yet. Soon they will though because valid ideas don't need advertising. The world seeks wisdom not the other way around. The desperate need for publicity is merely a sign of weakness, of hollow answers and non-sequitur content posing as enlightenment. Legitimate ideas and solutions generate self-confidence and that confidence needs no publicity saturating ad-campaign to perservere and permeate. Only trash and bullshit, products of unnatural consumption need to be hawked endlessly and pounded like nails into the brains of the delirious masses.

The Sham of Pop-Anarchism
Anarchists have a good spirit, they have a motivated attitude but what they apply that energy towards is rarely if ever useful but generally serves the opposite of their stated desire - it doesn't defeat authority it empowers it! Besides that it's no better than the machine it replaces and even worse than capitalism because it's a manufactured ideology that has no basis in reality or human nature. After years of abuse, exploitation and poor leadership, Anarchist ideals are so watered down as to be laughable. Today "Libertarian Socialists" run for public office while others throw rocks and deface public monuments. No wonder the word anarchy itself has become just another word for mindless juvenile delinquency with a sugarcoating of political self-importance.
The fact that anarchists never want to listen to reason or alternate opinion but usually respond with invective and heated rhetoric is a screaming klaxon testifying to the religious dogma that they adhere to. Nor do they stop and question the legitimacy or usefulness of the apocryphal causes they inveigh against, a testament to their faith in anarchism. Two prime examples of these hallowed yet hollow causes are 'Western culture' and Mumia.
Long a favorite punching bag for Marxists and their Anarchist dupes alike, "Western culture" has that quality of being sufficiently vague yet redolent of evil inequity that always pushes the red rebellion button while bypassing the brain entirely. If they just substituted 'Hollywood' or 'American' for 'Western' thus sufficiently delineating the important differences between the two it would certainly simplify the debate. Nonetheless, whatever it's called, there's no denying this culture is quite popular. So think about it, if this culture is so thoroughly despicable, why does the world gobble it up and want more; it's obviously providing them with something they think they need or they wouldn't keep coming back for a super-sized second helping. By attacking the superficial elements, anarchists gain nothing but a harmless contrarian appeal that remains impotent to rectify the underlying root problems.
Western Culture is not the problem, it's produced heroes and zeros yes, great and small alike over thousands of years true, but to condemn it in toto is the height of absurdity, not to mention a useless criticism. So let's lay the blame where it belongs, on the aberrant Hollywood culture which has not been around for thousands of years but merely a few decades. And after all, anarchism itself is a product of Western civilization! Maybe they should declare war on themselves?
We all dislike abusive authority, wage slavery, the excess's of capitalism and the mind control of Hollywood, but anarchism has never solved any of those problems even though it's had plenty of opportunities in it's 200 or so years of history. The failure of anarchism is a direct product of the inherent flaws within it's very own fictional beliefs, especially the anarchist concept of authority, after all - the leaderless group is most influenced by it's worst elements.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
The people that become anarchists have energy, activist efficacy and intelligence, all highly commendable. But if it's wasted on the trivial and counterproductive it's not admirable, it's worse than doing nothing because it's just making the world worse while setting the stage for the victory of the despotic authorities they claim to oppose!
Some of the things that today's anarchists claim to stand against consist of authority, intolerance, bigotry, homophobia, racism, hate, violence etc…
Yeah those are real rebellious and gutsy positions to take a stand against. Shit, why not just drop the phony pretext and join a church? You'd get the same message and the people would be friendlier! Yeah, and it turns out Jesus wasn't just a hippy he was an anarchist too.
If anyone want's to be an anarchist, a nihilist won't be standing in their way, but they will be there to point out their mountains of fallacies and delusions. I think it wise anarchists demand more of their ideological representation than just fashionable platitudes and childish rebellion. Nihilists destroy what needs to be destroyed, the structures, people and beliefs that obstruct freedom, nihilism and well-being; we'll burn it all down, dead to the root. And to do that nihilists use that which is observable, consistent and verifiable, not simply what one WANTS to see or believe in. For example, every individual is egotistically motivated be it rational independent behavior or mass psychology - the dynamics are different but the self-interest is a constant, revolution is just a variable. This does not suggest a complete rejection of revolution here, now or anywhere, but any belief in the ultimate justice or righteousness of any revolution is a very dangerous thing, just as all faith is. We will have a revolution, but one based upon reason, planning and cold-analysis of the situation. We'll have a revolution but not just another fake effort to empower dictators and bankers, one that doesn't burn the superstructure but the very root, the source of all evil.

Revolution is tougher than you think
Do the "revolutionaries" realize what they are up against? It's easy to toss a rock through a Starbucks window, but how many of those hotheads have ever fired a rifle? The revolution won't be fun for long when you've got police SWAT teams (or worse) barking down your snorkel. Is my point fairly clear? Who will really be by your side when the rubber hits the road? Study your history, anarchists are just the dupes who helped put the communists into power in Russia and elsewhere and nearly in Germany. Do you want to play games and get arrested or do you want to pragmatically asses your capabilities and work within those boundaries? Are we in it for the ephemeral action or the strategic solution? If you really what to take down the system you've got to know how to do it right and in order to do it right, you've got to know what your up against and the realities of the situation. Whenever anarchism and authority meet, authority always wins because authority is organized, disciplined and focused while anarchism is not and cannot be without violating its own manufactured values. This is the foolishness of being guided by fantasy instead of fact and by transient morality instead of reality. Conversely, the Nihilist is under no such delusions or limitations.
The same outcome as traditional revolution can be achieved through other means; it's crucial to realize that violent revolution is a means to an end, not a cause in itself. It's also important to fit your environment, one because you blend in and don't get picked out for persecution and two because you can often get much, much further by cooperation and legality than mindless rebellion. Anarchist are very useful, I'm not standing in their way. But it is really irrelevant whether they have a name, a costume or any boilerplate self-righteous jargon backing them up. It's what they do that matters - they keep authorities occupied with minor threats.
So am I saying that Nihilism is the ultimate answer, the panacea for all our ills? No, of course not but it's a start, and why believe in something that isn't true? Why continue to stick with a losing team? Why continue to beat your head against a brick wall of pointless causes only becoming a nuisance to authorities rather than a viable threat? Negate your faith, don't believe in anarchism. If it doesn't provide you with a real, substantive benefit then dump it. If you get something out of it then go for it but don't lie to yourself that it will save the world or solve the problems of authority or that your fellow anarchist will really be there to bail you out when the serious heat is on!
Anarchists are to Capitalism what Satanists are to Christianity - contrarians. Take away their countervailing opposition and both cease to exist. Nihilism isn't a contrarian effort against whatever the latest outrage is, be it abusive cops or a locked up celebrity. Nihilism would be fundamentally the same whether it was in Communist China, free America or the Garden of Eden. Nihilism would have different priorities in each situation but the concepts would remain unchanged, such as the skepticism of popular assumptions. Nihilism is something anyone can do, you don't have to look a certain way or associate with certain people because it's deeper than that, it's an attitude, an awareness and a world-view. Nihilism is home, work or play. Rejection of faith, idealism, philosophy, theology and teleology; while building from the simple, the observable, the verifiable.

Food or Faith?
Jesus said "It is written: 'Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." in an attempt to justify religion as one of life's daily necessities. But despite the counterintuitive word of God through Jesus, man can and does live on bread alone. Meaning that no one has died from spiritual malnutrition or a dearth of philosophy, indeed no one has even gotten sick from lack of faith in God or any 'higher power'!
In actuality it's clear that we have food and then we have faith and since nihilism is beyond transient values, 'beyond good and evil', nihilism is with the food and not the faith. The faith is interchangeable, it is a fungible, extraneous desire not a mandatory necessity. Food is a constant required by all living things but faith is a variable. A very insidious variable to be certain because it can and does mean whatever authorities and officially sanctioned interpreters declare it to mean.
The universe doesn't hide anything from us, there is no intentional mischievousness inherent within nature. A God is not out there trying to conceal the secrets of life and the universe from us all. I've written before that the interpreters ruin the world and indeed they do because it is they who invent the fictions, create the fantasies and beliefs. Everything is already out there, all the answers are staring back at us. But if one wants to see things that aren't there, they must be interpreted or concocted out of the existing universal order. Now at times there are certain tactical advantages to creating fantasy worlds and convincing others to play along, but these benefits are inevitably negated by strategic events.
To think that an artificially manufactured belief or interpretation is a life necessity is a serious and ultimately mortal mistake; such thinking displays a serious cognitive dysfunction - it is a disease. A nihilist does not 'believe' in nihilism because nihilism offers nothing for anyone to believe in. Nihilism is not artificially created, it's a label and symbol for the realization of the order, chaos and continual process' that are already out there and always will be.
... and the Israeli military has the right idea, I like it, I like it a lot. Infrastructure destruction could well be the hottest Israeli import since the .50 caliber handgun! And the best part is everybody will (should) get a chance! But it just needs to be completed because the job of destruction done in half measure is worse than none at all. Haul out the people and march them out of the city, rocket every building, rip up the roads, and bulldoze the rubble. Done? Great! Next, if all the Israeli soldiers will kindly exit their war machines and turn over the controls to their Palestinian neighbors we'll begin stage two. Don't push now, there's plenty for everyone.

Nihilism & Art
If you experience art through the citadel of academia or spend any time with serious artists, listening to how they converse and digesting the ideas that rattle around in their heads you'll quickly recognize the complexity of the art world. Genres, styles, code-words, good and bad, right ways and wrong ways. Art is hell complicated.
It's also mostly fucking bullshit.
The role of popular artist appeals to narcissistic personalities because it's something that can generate positive identity as well as an aura of special skills that therefore magnify the uniqueness and importance of the artist. This is a boat everybody wants to be on since people want to be congratulated and sought after. Yet it looses it's value when 'anyone' can be an 'artist' hence the creation of those widespread cliques and elitist clubs. Special interpretations and ways of being an artist are meant to exclude the majority in order to magnify the minority; the inveterate search for a monopoly through the power of definition. The clique that can define what art actually is to the masses gains enormous power and coveted prestige. Connect the dots. Today's art movements are no better than anything else, the artist are no better either they just hold a very transitory monopoly.
Given that the only genuine 'concept' in conceptual art is the alliance of ego and money, this is not a surprising turn of events. Clearly the art world is in desperate need of a replacement genre and I suggest a more nihilistic alternative...
A nihilist filters the sound out of the noise, they view these elements through the lens of reductionism and conclude that art be it 30, 000 year old cave drawings in France or a crucifix in a jar of urine all have a crucial common element - the evocation of emotion, the conveyance of a message. Art is communication and superior art is superior communication. Everything else is icing on the cake. Beauty, colors, form, style all just accessories designed to enhance spread and popularity of the ideas ensconced within the art. Everyone can be an artist, but the best artists have a superior ability to convey ideas and emotions.
This is Freydis' opinion, but I think beauty can only be generated by nature and mimicked by the human artist. True beauty resides within the wispy colors of a nebular cloud or the intricate veins of a green leaf, hence the art most widely deemed 'beautiful' consists of accurate depiction's of nature be it an Ingres portrait or Church nature scene. Otherwise aesthetic values are primarily subjective and ancillary to the issue of art anyway, it just makes a good thing better.
Historically the artistic style most closely related to nihilism is dada which began as a reaction to the bourgeoisie nationalist carnage and fratricide of world war one. Dada is often referred to as "nihilistic art" perhaps because it was often devoid of rules and in direct conflict with many contemporary values. Nonetheless most dada is just nonsense. I would say dada is the closest match to nihilist art because it's reduced to common elements. Dada is a means of communication and whatever means that is effective is valid, and then some. It's not about style or training or name or prestige, it's about evoking emotion and ideas. Art is simply a vehicle, a means of conveying a message but it also contains significant subjective qualities.
But ultimately art should be more than just a source of passive bemusement, it should be a participatory activity. When art is a recipe rather than a static monstrosities collecting dust in pretentious museums, art where the viewer is part of the process, they become artists as well. Not only does this dissolve the repulsive elitism staining modern art but it becomes entertaining and enlightening too because there's nothing holy or mystical about art or the qualities an artist must posses. This is the most nihilistic and democratized art movement I can think of because it has no set genre, no clique is defining what's acceptable. Every artist creates what they are best at creating and what's most appealing to them while anyone else that appreciates the same material can use the recipe, the instructions to create their own version, slightly changed to suit themselves. Paint the walls, post on the Internet, wear it on your shirts, it doesn't matter. The more you practice the better the product looks.

This is a war against evil.
You and I have the benefit of being spectators and perhaps even participants in one of the greatest experiments in nihilism of our era. We're witnesses to an epic battle of Good versus Evil, and what better time than the dawn of a new century? Yet the remarkable thing is that no matter which side wins the other will not be vanquished. The reason? Both sides can accurately claim they are the sole face of righteousness while their opponent is that of pure, unrivaled evil.
By now you may have guessed the actors in the epic metaphysical battle of Biblical proportions, they're Osama bin Laden's forces and The United States of America. For if one listens objectively they will realize President Bush speaks himself of an unambiguous Holy war, a "crusade" with as much sincerity and venom as Osama does in his attacks against a satanic America.
According to a Gallup poll done in June of 2001, 41 percent of Australians not only believe in the existence of Satan, but also that people can be possessed by him. The unshakable conviction controlling many in America and the rest of the uneducated and miseducated world is that evil is not only very real but very tangible as well.
Evil and it's corollary good are real indeed but only an artificial, perceived real. Good and evil are self-justification's for destructive lies and otherwise unpalatable actions for in the imperative battle against evil there can be no quarter, no room for objectivity and no second guessing of self-righteousness. I have a hypothesis that the bloodstained conclusion of this grand experiment will show that the greatest evil is in fact the belief in evil!
A key quality of the nihilist is viewing events divorced from moral bias' in order to better understand them. The terrorist attack on the Pentagon and World Trade towers is a prime example of the necessity of nihilist reasoning. The faulty alternate is practiced with a fervor by hoi polloi and a sinister opportunism by politician; emotion alone merely generates reactions that will be later regretted. When one fixates on immediacy to the detriment of world and future events they're inevitably left confused and panicked by the catastrophe of the unexpected. A downward spiral of reaction ensues, war, rhetoric, reactionary policy making, violence, compounded misunderstanding, ignorance and the search for quick but hollow answers.
1) Don't believe what the experts tell you without intense skepticism. Neither you nor I truly know who did this or their exact motives, although we can make some educated guesses by deciphering the symbolism of their fiery message.
2) To target anyone for these deadly deeds under the guise of 'justice' without evidence is not justice but revenge. And to refer to revenge as justice is hypocrisy, indicative of perverted morality and a corrupt regime attempting to obscure malevolent machinations and misguided aims. If 'leaders' must resort to lies and smokescreens for the simplest of aims one should be quick to ask, what else is bullshit?
The greatest tragedy is the fact that it takes the death of thousands and a terrible terrorism to dissolve the fantasies and illuminate the absurdities of a society in the death throes of a programmed self-destruction. And that it will take wayward wars and the death of many more before the reality sinks in to just the moderately astute members of American society.

Misanthropy & Futility
I see no reason to acquiesce to suicidal visions of futility and misanthropic hatred because in the final analysis we're not doomed to repeat the cycles of history except by choice. For the first time we have the knowledge and technology to do things completely different. The future is what we make it to be and still the values we've used in the past to build that future are flawed and the manic avoidance of pain and suffering is one of them. It's imperative to build with values that have strategic tenability. Example the greatest revolution in human history is not information or computing it's birth control because for the first time sexual reproduction has been disentangled from the sex act; this is why the Catholic Church rejects contraceptives - it's a terrible threat to the Order. The monumental significance of this change is just now being realized while at the same time the second phase has already begun rendering the male sex biologically redundant through marvelous advances in reproductive bio-technology. Genuine revolution is not where public perceptions place it.

Good & Evil
What happens when everyone is a criminal? What happens when evil is institutionalized? Or what happens when no one is a criminal, when nothing is illegal? Is that possible? I tend to think not, because human psychology always dictates a hierarchy, I'm better than you are etc. And this translates into both haves and have nots and goods and bads. But for the moment, imagining a place where such a concept existed may bring us closer to some real answers.
The Biblical parallel would be Soddom with its in inhabitants of sodomists, and the neighboring city of Gomorrah. Their evil brought God's wrath upon them burning both towns to the ground along with the amoral citizenry. "Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah - from the Lord out of the heavens." Genesis 19:24 NIV. God sought good people residing in the twin cities and a reason to spare them but none were evident, except for Lot and his family.

Likewise Nineveh was a similar case although not with the same dramatic ending. Nineveh was a city of sin (not unlike Las Vegas) that Jonah was tasked with saving by none other than God himself. Jonah hated the town and all its rotten inhabitants so he figured, why waste my breath on them, they deserve God's destruction. Jonah was eventually convinced by certain heavenly powers to save the town.

The ancient Greeks believed in hubris, that humanities self-confidence and arrogance would bring about their self-destruction usually due to godly retribution or their own foolishness. When the humans got out of line the gods felt compelled to intervene and shoot some plague or a little bit of natural disaster the direction of Greece.
Both examples demonstrate a fundamental human idea, that morality is something that's not relativistic but tangible, absolute and quantitative. Since morality is definable then good and evil exist and punishment is inevitable for wrongdoing. This same thinking is what compels human authorities to punish their own wrong doers. It's out of inbred fear that if evil is not stopped it will destroy us all! If crime is not punished it will cause our entire civilization to become corrupt and send divine retribution our way, wiping us all out both good and evil with fire and brimstone. That fucking looser on the street corner is the beginning of the end for our way of life if he isn't locked up.
This reasoning seems ludicrous to a modern rationalist but it's what makes our civilization tick, just like every other superstitious one before it. Indeed most people realize this and it's turned the criminal justice system into a hollow, hypocritical institution. We punish but we don't know why, but we know it doesn't do any good, but we keep on doing it because it must be better than doing nothing. Has any proof ever been shown that prison is a crime deterrent? Or is it that it just gives incentive for criminals to avoid getting caught? I would posit that prisons are an anti-deterrent. Anyone who spends any time in prison comes out more hardened and less able to function and survive in traditional society. It's total hypocrisy; the punishment only makes crime and criminals worse. It's not founded on rational thought but on a superstitious sense of divine authority and a subconscious link between forces we cannot control such as death, weather and disease and godly retributions. Not surprisingly Christians and other religious people are some of the most ardent supporters for stiffer penalties and stronger police authority.

American Killers

Everyone is influenced by collective social standards and expectations too. If you think about it America doesn’t really have too many expectations as far as civic duties go, no compulsory military service, no compulsory community service no compulsory anything except paying taxes and doing time from K-12. You don’t have to believe in a specific State religion, the Queen’s not going to give you a morality lecture, you don’t have to be part of the official Party for promotions, it’s an environment totally devoid of values like an undefined field without beginning or end, future or past, purpose or reason; welcome to America. All the traditional institutions of authority from Nixon’s White House to Janet Reno’s Justice Department to Jim and Tammy Baker’s Church have been discredited and I’m sure you can think of many more examples. The things that used to have value and significance no longer do, today little if anything has value besides the basics or survival like money, food, friends, clothing, or housing.
Teens just like adults realize this and they realize the nature of the social order they live in. Adults have certain faculties and common sense that adolescents and juveniles just have not developed yet; they react to the same situation in less predictable and less mature ways. As they float in the sea of nothingness that is everyday American life they react in ways that are dangerous and foolish to themselves and others. They lose fear of authority because everywhere they look it’s either hollow or has been discredited.
[Historically] enforcement of the rules and boundaries of conduct would keep unruly kids from crossing the line. And even if that didn’t work guilt was the next speed bump. Kids felt remorse when they stole or broke the rules because ‘it was a sin’ or it discredited the family or something along those lines. Guilt just like Church no longer works to force kids to do ‘the right thing’, largely because both the parents and the kids don’t really know what that ‘right thing’ is anymore.
I suppose nearly everyone would agree that little good can come from a senseless shooting massacre of school students in America, but as for me, I would disagree. First it forces anyone with two functional brain cells to question belief in God and second in a strategic sense these events serve a very poignant purpose, they catalyze the nihilization of the population. I believe the old (present) order has failed us, it has let us down because it was never built on anything more solid than the accumulation of dollar bills. The sooner this bad copy of the Roman Empire expires the better. Violence and destruction are unpleasant byproducts of the decaying process, but they are nonetheless inevitable and necessary for future growth and cultural nourishment. This process has progressed at a speed historically unheard of and at the present rate in ten or twenty years life will be unrecognizable from our vantagepoint. The beauty of the nihilized society is that it’s like clay, it can be molded and shaped into nearly anything.

The Root of all Evil
If one examines the profiles of those most successful in business and other ambition driven competitive enterprises they all approach with a diametrically opposed viewpoint to the popular notions on the prevalence of fairness and honesty. They expect to find dishonesty, they expect to be cheated and reciprocate because they have a fundamentally negative and adversarial view of human nature. Indeed we even have an axiomatic phrase to describe this phenomenon - 'nice guys finish last'.
This isn't necessarily false altruism or disingenuousness it's just an awareness that life isn't the pink and blue pastel shaded padded nursery that Sunday school and many formative role models teach children at a young age. But the few groups who've excused themselves from such nonsense either through acquired wisdom or slavish devotion to archaic moral codes have a distinct advantage.
Through the largely successful yet heinously misguided efforts to create a fair society human nature has responded with the expectation of honest and straightforward reciprocal behaviour. Human nature as primarily superficial and fair with just a few bad apples thrown in is the erroneous interpretation permeating western culture. This complacency allows for the easy exploitation by those who hold the opposite view. Altruism is a dangerous display for all parties involved due to the enormous potential for mis-intepretaion of the other parties motivations. While the receiver generally interprets the gift as magnanimous generosity the giver may well be using it as a tool of leverage for buying favors.
The soft majority watch the nightly news and expect it to be completely factual and evenhanded - after all why would someone with a facade as respectable as Darren Hinch lie? How could a paper as legitimate as the New York Times have ulterior motives and an agenda not patently obvious and openly stated? How could a person be something different from what they say they are!? Inculcated naïveté? Or just trained simpletons mostly too stupid to think otherwise? More than anything else trained expectations dictate future actions because they form habitual methodological social responses.
There can be no misunderstanding here, the supreme enemy of healthy behaviour and a healthy society is the desire to morally impose theologically warped concepts of fairness otherwise known as the sick, self perpetuating sympathy system. This is enemy number one, the root of all evil, the entangling thorn covered week that must be ripped from the soil and consumed in fire before anything meaningful can improve.

The Perverted Rhythm
Cycles abound throughout the universe; the human life cycle is one of the closest to us all. We are born, live and die. Today this cycle is skewed and stretched to a point that is very nearly broken. People fear death, obsess on youth, yet lifespans continue to increase 'thanks' to horrendously expensive medical procedures and mountains of drugs. Death is really a goal and a beginning. The cycle is perverted, and until a healthy sense and respect for each of the phases is accepted by society it will stay that way, with all the repercussions and self-destruction.
Confusion and counterintuitive emblems such as these are just signs of a crumbling system in the final stages of decay. The dissolution isn't complete yet, but with nihilism becoming acceptable philosophy I think perhaps we're getting pretty close.

Dreaming of the River Jordan - Will Sharon's Plan Succeed?
I would imagine the average Australian doesn't give a whole lot of thought to Mideast violence - "hey, they've always been fighting, right?" (more like 50 years). But that's to be expected, just don't act too surprised when the next jetliner slams into the Sydney opera house while you re inside.
Both the pretext and the publicly stated purpose of Israel's military invasion of the Palestinian controlled West Bank was to stop the suicide bombers from blowing up in cafes and busses since Arafat was "unwilling" to do it himself. Yet every analyst outside of Israel admits that a brutal military invasion will never stop terrorists but will in fact only inflame hatred and renew their collective resolve to oppose a cruel enemy. But Israel didn't get where they are by being stupid, they got there by being disingenuous fucking liars; and that's not an opinion that's an objective fact supported by mountains of evidence and historical events. The State of Israel itself was founded on terrorism - Irgun and Sten Gang, Etzel and Lehi, Deir Yassin 1948, any of that ring a bell? Probably not. Ahh but isn't it so typical of a State regime to praise terrorism when it serves them and lambaste it as ungodly evil when practiced by opponents?
The real purpose is to dismantle the nascent Palestine Authority before it gains any more permanence and legitimacy, eventually cordon off all the Palestinians into city/ 'camps' leaving everything else open to more illegal settlements of the kind Sharon himself avidly supports. This is simply the most violent and flagrant land grab in recent history; this is Sharon's plan.
But what are the consequences? Well ideally Sharon wishes to move in, dismantle, start building fortress housing thereby creating a de facto ownership under the Israeli flag while restarting the 'peace process' providing another thirty years of smokescreen. But it's not going to work out that way. First off by clearly violating hard fought peace agreements of previous administrations, Sharon is decimating Israel's international credibility thereby dissolving the crucial support needed for legitimate diplomatic discussions. So now the cost of diplomacy is higher than the potential rewards and that option is out the door. This necessitates a military response to situations that otherwise could have been solved through discussion and Sharon clearly believes that this is an entirely acceptable situation, perhaps with reasonable cause given the immense capabilities of the Israeli military both in size and technological power. And tactically he's probably right but strategically the heavily subsidized state of Israel can ill afford the economic costs associated with even a small scale 'police action' let alone the full scale Arab-Israeli war the present situation could easily evolve into.
In a full scale war, which incidentally most Arab states have no desire to foment, would have to be quick and that is just another reason why it would soon escalate into a hellish exchange of non - conventual weapons of which Israel has plenty. This is why Israel and it's friends in the mass media are constantly hyping the imperative threat from NBC weapons posed by Israel's Arab neighbors despite the fact they're all decades away from gaining the delivery technology to threaten the American public even if it was in their interest to do so. Israel dreads losing that edge, indeed an inevitable event which is motivating the military leadership surrounding Sharon to act now before it occurs and besides it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! Sharon will soon retire, Israel will get new executive leadership replete with feigned apologies and pronouncements of reconciliation and the whole charade begins anew.
The Arabs may be outgunned but the Israelis are vastly outnumbered. Even a cursory glance at the demographic statistics tells us both Islam and the Arabs themselves are growing at a rate to soon make Jews a drop in a justifiably hostile ocean by comparison. The Arab average is young, hotheaded and not well educated while more than eager to die even in vain and that quality alone makes for a difficult opponent. But the Arab leadership is more shrewd than often given credit for. At the moment they have very limited options in response to present events. But they know that Israel is winning the battle but losing the war. By dropping the facade Israel has lost desperately needed credibility and is creating a generation of worldwide hostility. On the other hand by playing the role of reasonable, diplomatic and semi-moderate the Arabs have stolen Israel's credibility and well prepared themselves for a strategic victory.
Sharon's a maniac, but he's a calculating maniac. He's not difficult to predict because he's following the Zionist battle plan to the letter. And if any reader is unsure of what Zionism is about, just read Mein Kampf while substituting Poland and Western Russia for Palestinian land and southern Lebanon.) After all both idea sets originated from the same part of the world at about the same time if you connect the roots. Ignoring any moral or ethical issues at heart it really is a very workable plan - 100 years ago. Sharon's problem and in some ways Hitler's too was in the execution - too messy, too brash, too loud and arrogant. A modus operandi that inevitably pits one small country and it's tenacious ethnicity against the rest of the world. This whole mindset of blood and soil is a relic of the 19th century imposed upon the 21st; like a square peg through a round hole - doesn't work very well does it?
Besides nobody really wants to live in Israel, the taxes are sky high (and going up thanks to Sharon), the climate is miserable much of the year, and it's a dangerous place. Why give up the condo in Florida for an overpriced apartment in Israel? Besides it will never be peaceful enough to be prosperous and economically independent of American money, proving the whole plan is characterized not by common sense or objective reason but by theological delusions of grandeur and a cultural ethos of relentless confrontation run wildly amok. Yeah and it turns out the Holy road to heaven leads straight to hell.

The 2000 Year Psy-War
The whole idea behind the power of the mass media is the same as that of archaic religion namely Christianity, and that being to convince the masses that natural reactions are unnatural and unnatural reactions natural. To convince as many as possible that normal behaviour is aberrant and evil while non-normal behaviour is good and admirable. By negating instinct, confusion ensues and confusion dictates the need for order - enter the monopolistic providers of artificial order. As long as everyone is kept off-balance, confused and unsure of what's correct that leaves open the door to TELL the people what's right, what they need, what they must like and consume. It can be just the revenge effects resulting from density living and runaway negative social propinquity. The 'innocuous' such as merely generating insecurities to market brand name products. Or even the downright insidious social devolution convincing the public to self-destruct for profit, ethnic retribution or outright psychological warfare. And the mind of the public is a battlefield make no mistake. Everyone alive with a mind is on that battlefield and fighting is not a choice. Whether one becomes a casualty or a hardened combatant is the only choice to make.
We'd all like to think it's impossible to fool all the people all the time but anymore it's not necessary and the alternatives are just as effective. Indeed as long as the public buys into this myth propagated through the appearance of multiple novel communications channels the hoax is that much easier to perpetuate today than 200 years ago! Because in the public eye appearance is everything when they see 500 channels they think what variety! Yet what matter does it make when all 500 channels have the same opinion and are all controlled by people with espouse the same views?
The increasing popularity of nihilism is simple, nihilism is the most natural reaction to what we feel and what we encounter on a daily basis. It's being sick of sucking down poison and digesting garbage. And yet nihilism is lambasted as the evil creating the poison in the first place, 'the nihilists are the ones causing the problems' . Hmm does this not merely illuminate how the above stated forces of evil operate to begin with?! "Nihilism is the perversion", "anti-Christian morality is the perversion", the message in so many forms said enough times that to think otherwise is sheer absurdity. And this goes back to at least the dawn of Christian theology taking hold in the western mind with things going down hill ever since. But the good part I believe is that its not difficult to overcome, people just need to tune out the noise, and act more instinctively and less according to external suggestions and popular protocol. Not a simple task by any means. And of course its true that inner voice of reason is tough to hear anymore and some souls are corrupted beyond saving thanks to lifetimes of accumulated spiritual poisoning. In this case age is too often a handicap but youth is a benefit.
And the masses wonder aloud - why is our world so violent, so unpredictable?! It must be the evils of disorder - nihilism! Eliminate this and we're saved! Instead stop, think, turn off the TV and open your eyes and ears. Look at whose getting rich, look at who are gaining the power from the confusion. If the public could just get their heads to stop spinning for half a second they'd realize what's' going on. But the incessant background roar is too loud and the spinning too fast - and that's exactly the plan, that's the psychological warfare so endemic and wholly pervasive. Indeed the fewer havens, the fewer quiet corners to hide in and think the easier it is too maintain the control through confusion. And so the shroud of darkness spreads to infect and blanket the entire globe. Just as Christianity predicts that the eventual all encompassing theological pervasiveness will herald the coming of the Anti-Christ and the second coming of Jesus, well the Bible may well be on to something but it's no miraculous panacea that's for sure.
Nihilism is the organic logical response to artificial chaos. We need to exorcise the unnatural negative-order, the unhealthy noise that drowns out common sense and normal thinking. This is not idealism this is belief in nothing but reason and logic. A belief in nothing but what originally was, what has permanence being in harmony with the preexisting structures of the universe, the natural state, the natural dichotomy of chaos (entropy) and order (evolution); Nihilism - the belief in nothing but that which comes without force!

Altruistic Sympathies
Sao Paulo and Port Moresby are two delightful examples of the futuristic urban nightmares created through overcrowding and sociological constructs founded on chronic and ubiquitous mendacity. Things will only get worse as long as the people in power are gaining from social chaos. This is a product of, among other factors, the negative social evolution of leadership positions. As I have explained before the most venal individuals are the ones that get and keep authority. Positions of trust and responsibility have been co-opted from respectable society through chronic debasement. Once tainted and stained these seats of power will forever remain the domains of unscrupulous characters.
The offensive truth is that we’re all stuck in the same life raft and collective failure is not a tenable option. In Port Moresby you can’t hide from the violence and degeneracy.
As socialists have long lamented the average individual is simply incapable of visualizing scalar quandaries, or indeed any symptom of decay beyond their immediate surroundings. Unable to grasp collective survival they remain powerless to rectify their dénouement. They see problems and may even formulate solutions but without addressing fundamental causes their efforts are forever doomed to repetitive futility. The ‘war on drugs’ is a prime example because it illustrates the ephemeral successes of attacking tertiary symptoms. After loss of legal rights and privacy, drug use is just as prevalent as ever. Plummeting educational standards are another effort of sound and fury generating nothing but waste and a hastened collapse.
The masses are like lobotomized rats caught in a maze with inch high walls. Direct and truthful statements are the equivalent of giving them a map to find a way out. If they had the sense they could use this truth to get out but how likely is that? A second option is the use of subterfuge perhaps trailing a cheese morsel one corner at time to lead them out. It might work but would take significant time and effort. The third choice is to convince them to simply jump the walls and walk away, this is the option that appeals most to me because it is essentially the path of nihilism – I don’t play games I can’t win, why should you? Neither should we expend valuable resources attempting to rescue a terminally sick patient. And that is what our present civilization is, nothing more than a lost cause.
But this isn’t time for depression or introspective reflection. The civilization of the Roman Empire had to die, it was morally rotten and it failed its constituency; it’s merely the cracked stepping stone to a system far, far greater. Indeed after some 2,000 years this overbearing, dominating monstrosity is finally approaching death, what greater cause for celebration could there be?! What most will see as a dead-end black hole of despair and decay is actually the greatest opportunity for social construction and civilization building that has ever existed in human history.
So what I’m imploring may sound crass but to vote, to legislate, to idealistically blaze ahead and rejuvenate dead flesh, to support the system is not just a criminal waste of time it is the theft of a brighter future.

The Jonah Complex versus the Jesus Syndrome
It's not uncommon for intelligent and sympathetic, often idealistic individuals to feel that their above average abilities can be used to help others. Personal but especially group improvement and the ego gratification and recognition that come with it are sought after to the extent that the need becomes self-evident to the self-professed savior. This I call the Jesus syndrome.
Sometimes helping people is generally more an error than a good idea. After all if you can't do it right yourself, someone doing it for you won't help in the long run and it just sets up expectations that can't be met continuously. But if you need the gratification and the temporary ego boost, go for it.
But thinking about the issue it occurs to me that if a savior does walk on the stage in our present day and present country they would be much better off not trying in the first place. Now certainly they have no end of crisis and dangers threatening our collective survival and if saviors were to specialize in specific fields they would be sprouting like weeds in spring. The truth is no savior can work alone, everyone needs cooperation and also participatory involvement on a significant scale, just as no political party can last without voters and donors. But unfortunately for the long term ego stability of the saviors the endemic levels of ignorance and sheer stupidity not to mention outright incompetence and sloppiness dictates that our population is doomed to oblivion from the go.
My one belief is my thinly veiled hatred for humanity and the inability of the masses to do anything worthwhile or conduct any enterprise successfully unless one counts failure as an enterprise. I get so tired of fuckwits and incompetent fools in simple jobs far exceeding their miniscule abilities and in critical jobs that require skill and aptitudes they wont ever possess. Customer service is a great example but any administration level employee would fit even better given they have more authority that they abuse through idiocy. I mean it's not wrong to admit you can't do something but to pretend you can and then make everyone else suffer for it, that's another matter.
The only profit in the Jesus syndrome is through manipulation and exploitations as well as abuse and misguidance of the population, that is if you can foist your gifts upon them and convince them of your honesty in the first place. Anyway they have all long since squandered any rights they had to kindness and fairness and if the Savior doesn't bring it to them in a neat package it will just show up anyway on the front porch a day late and in a damaged shipping carton.
So many times I just want to see it all spin down the drain even faster. These people are bottom drawer trash that should never have been born in the first place. The world needs no people, no factories, in fact if it has a straight line on it should go. I think I should work as the anti-Jesus syndrome player, the Anti-Christ, promoting everything that destroys humanity and the people that continually try my patience with such a malicious viciousness even despite themselves. Maybe you want to join me?

On Nihilism
We live in a virtual world created by our ancestors who strove their hardest to create a better world for our generation. Our world is a decaying organism too advanced to save itself from fate it desires. I’m sure our generation will attempt to create an even better world for our progeny. Well try so hard we make hell from earth.
No one can know what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ because those conditions are defined retroactively. Human evolution both socially and biologically is a serious of cosmic accidents far beyond the manipulation of megalomaniac anthropods! Humans are phase-space effectors. Like atoms we have great power to change our localized universe but its consequences are completely unpredictable. Realizing this is the most self-damning action a human can do. The more power an individual possess the more paralyzed he ultimately becomes.

Death to Government
Mass murder is not a natural state of affairs but rather one that must be organized and engineered by a central authority.
It takes a government to create mass starvation; look at Zimbabwe under the guidance of the racist Marxist Robert Mugabe. Why do North Koreans eat grass and sell human flesh for food? It's not because they don't know how to farm, it's because food production is controlled by the central authority.
The first atom bomb used in war was dropped on Hiroshima and targeted a Japanese military headquarters. However it's a little known fact that the American military knew they would vaporize not only 20,000 Japanese soldiers in their barracks but also American POW's being held in a prison there! And what did the 'peacemaker' president Harry Truman have to say about that very event? "This is the greatest thing in history!" I rest my case.
But of course the government is safe and trustworthy so don't worry about it, right? Many forget that Hitler was democratically elected by a significant margin in a legitimate election. And who kicked all of the Japanese, legal citizens by the way, out of their homes and locked them up in internment camps during World War II? That same government (and the Soviets too) tested atomic bombs on their very own soldiers, the same ones that fought to defend their country!
Even a cursory study of recent history provides a damning portrayal of the hazards of centralized authority, and the bigger and more distant it is from the people the worse it gets. Never, ever, ever concede power to persons that can avoid the consequences resulting from their actions.

Death to God
The stupidest, most mind stifling, self-destructive notions can always find an open opportunity to perpetuate in the skepticism-free safe haven of religion. Here's a few cursory examples:
Orthodox Jews won't touch a light switch on the Sabbath, many refuse to touch a phone to call an ambulance either and definitely not if the unfortunate victim happens to be a gentile.
Christianity still thinks evolution is a fiction, these are the same fucking losers that caged the great mind of Galileo under permanent house arrest for supporting the appalling heresy of the Earth revolving around the sun and not the other way around! And if Galileo had been less famous he would have been tortured and executed. The Christian Church used to put animals on trial for crimes against God, they accepted cash payments for the forgiveness of sins - even for dead relatives!
Today, even though many Amish buildings are destroyed by lightning induced fires they refuse to add lightning rods to their buildings because they believe such things are contrary to God's will.
And what of Islam that doesn't even want women to drive cars (Shit it might actually prove they're capable of doing something!) or forcing them to wear head to toe black robes in the 50 degree desert heat. Islam's hatred for women is only matched by Judaism's. In fact misogynism is so much a general trait of all the dominant religions it may as well be a defining characteristic.
Confusing? Doesn't make sense? Of course - it's religion! The less logic it has, the more it can only be understood by 'faith' and faith means obedience to the interpreters of the confusion. This is the power of the priesthood class, they profit from ignorance and blind belief.
Death to Ideology
All animal species operate under the same sexual principle of reproduction by every means possible and (news flash) most of those bipeds so generously referred to as Homo sapiens have very little inner desire to actually act like human beings when they can act like animals instead. That's what it's really about.
"The Red Army had managed to convince itself that because it had assumed the moral mission to liberate Europe from fascism it could behave entirely as it liked, both personally and politically." What did either side gain besides some 30 million dead?! Fuck their wars. Look at videos of World War II German news films. Germanic robots eagerly dying in pools of blood and mud just inches from that unreachable goal promised them by their benevolent leaders so their wives, sisters and daughters could be mass raped, tortured and murdered back home. Meanwhile those precious few with enough smarts to refuse to participate get a slave manufactured, government stamped bullet implanted into their brain at mach two.
And just like clockwork, once again our benevolent leaders concoct another world war against evil, this time it's terrorism replete with all the typical propaganda - 'axis' of evil' and 'them against us' the Godly saints versus the filthy demons all perfectly packaged propaganda properly priced for all the citizens to gladly pay for in blood and taxes.
It's long overdue but nihilism will steal their ammunition literally and figuratively once and for all. Communists will die for communism, fascists will die for fascism and the religious will die for religion, and with them all gone the nihilistic remainder will joyfully inherit the planet.

Death to Purpose
Here's a good way to start a conversation, just ask someone, "is there any rational purpose to cosmic existence?" Can they give a serious answer? And could this dearth of logical purpose explain rampant consumerism, drug abuse, entertainment escapism and suicide?
So then, what are we here for? The intellectuals take a stab and walk away bloody. The misfiring synapses in Nietzsche's syphilis corroded brain spoke in mystical tones on the expression of power embodied in the Zarathustrian superman. Carl Sagan took a few hits off his joint and told us, it's all about fathoming the infinities of the cosmos, man. Freydis 1 just killed them (without any help thank-you), took what she wanted and got the hell out of the native infested new world and went back home. And now Freydis II is heard saying there's no reason so don't even try. Now true, taking advice from any of those persons should probably be accompanied by one of those lengthy legal warnings that come with computer software, but nevertheless the real problem is that everyone tries to find a reason regardless of the dangers. It's human nature. We may know why things are but none of it serves any goal yet we're programmed to believe or more accurately predisposed to believe that everything has a goal and purpose. So we revert to mystical beliefs to avoid dealing with it. The result is religion, the manic faith in unassailable fiction as an intentional avoidance of the rational lack of logical purpose for existence.
Some are more predisposed than others to need the lies. Culture is really the vehicle with which all these irrational beliefs and practices are conveyed. Some people are so defined by their body of beliefs that they commit suicide when those ideas, that culture is discredited. But what would you do if everything you'd been taught, all that you thought was true and your entire way of life was turned upside down overnight? Mass suicide is so common anymore it's practically a fashion statement. If Jim Jones had been alive during the 80's, MTV would have been all over him like flies in a horse’s ass.
'First-Nation' archaic cultures are the most obvious victims of anomie occurring from the head on collision between modern hi-tech culture and stone-age subsistence living. But even within the modern western world the effects of science and technology changing, revolutionizing and discrediting tradition are taking their toll, school shooting anyone? Another kernel pops, the news crews package the carnage into a 60 second evening spot and everyone not dead takes an aspirin for the sense of mild unease and tries to get some sleep for the early work day tomorrow.
Rewind to the opposite extreme, now we see why intentionally irrational movements exerted such a significant influence during the tumultuous 20th century. From the pure emotional incitement of Dada art to the expression of raw animal power in Fascism, trying to not make sense actually takes a lot of effort and produces some strange results. Humanity slams into yet another cinder block wall - it's not a door, the fire exit was just painted on! The people we're just as exploitable as religious believers because once again they had no objective references, they castrated their minds and robbed themselves of their only defense - skepticism and critical thought. So there you have it, within the modern milieu faith leads to suicide as the flawed notions are continually discredited, reason leads to nihilism, and irrationality leads to mass destruction. Decided yet?
The bottom line is that an awareness of continuity is necessary for sanity and contentment (if you study nothing else in life, study history). In practice this means a comprehension of past coupled with a reasonable expectation of the self continuing into the future, in some form or another. This is the root psychology of human purpose. Basically all of human endeavor is wrapped up within the inveterate quest for immortality; after all, if your just going to die then what's the point of anything?
But even if everlasting life in a literal, physical sense is impossible it can nonetheless be achieved in a vicarious but very significant way. This practical immortality can take multiple forms from genetically similar offspring to more vague concepts like heroic altruism, fame, and glory. Indeed the most successful here have themselves interjected into the very fabric of culture, an estimable means of perpetuating legend to be sure. The secondary benefit to achieving these coveted status' is that it enhances every other element of social success; celebrities never have any problems finding money or mates.
Death to Culture
Culture is as palpable as it is immeasurable, it's really a collection of common beliefs, values and goals that slowly change with the winds of fashion and perceptions. In short it's a medium, a dimension with which to perpetuate the concept of self. Culture is a proxy immortality for the participators, a selfish gift to the next generation so they may toil and suffer against the same pain and wrestle the same fictional demons all over again. If a suicidal mentality is one that views life as no better than death, so extending a culture in a suicidal mode means that it's just not worth the effort anymore. Considering that most of what is perpetuated within culture is just fucking garbage and poison it's probably a good idea to kill it off anyway.
Purpose comes from knowledge of your past with the prospect of it continuing into the future. And although it's possible to live purely for the now in a state of hedonism, it's always an ephemeral affair since it leaves no remainder, no memories, no residue, no offspring to carry on the ideas or the culture. It looks like the medium is the message, perpetuating without goal except to continue perpetuating.
Culture doesn't care a bit whether an individual lives, dies, likes the culture or doesn't because the individual is but a small part of a larger system and not the other way around. Get a solid perspective, know your place and things will start to make sense. And yet the ego and the delusion of self-importance clouds judgment (now we know why!) and everyone follows along.
Perhaps a more objective perspective would accept that all human endeavor is part of some culture; culture is not to be done away without eliminating humanity itself. We know what culture comes from and what purpose it serves, but the important issue is what form should that culture take anymore? If it's based upon fantasies it will inevitably crumble to dust and spin everyone attached into disorder and self-destruction. If it is based instead on fact it will have a greater longevity and yield peace and prosperity for the cultural participants.

Death to The Ego
One of the recurring themes in nihilism is that individual worth is vastly inflated by the subjective self or what's popularly referred to as the 'ego' - that selfish urge inherent within human nature. For example, the belief in life after death didn't arise by accident. Just think of the alternate and how it limits actions. Eternal life is an illusion but a potent one. All barbarians believe in the soul's immortality, so they have no fear of death and go out to embrace danger. A more contemporary example would include Jihad warriors and suicide bombers blasting body parts all over the street with unswerving faith in the fiction of a heavenly afterlife.
The misguided belief that the self is of utmost importance is an understandable survival tactic because it covers up the doubts over existence but it can also lead to a sense that nothing else matters so when those feelings are at an emotional nadir suicide is the only way out. Much of self-destruction is commensurate with the degree of ambient social anomie, that being the realization of eroding values, disillusionment and failed beliefs. But only if one is so wrapped up in those illusions that you have no inner worth outside of them. Self-destruction is an egotistical expression. It's like saying 'I can't get the gratification my ego says I deserve so nothing matters anymore because it's only me that is of any importance'. Shortening perception down to the nearsighted limits of the Id and reflexive impulse is a bumpy ride indeed. It's trying to steer a speeding car staring at the road directly beneath the front bumper of the vehicle!
Physics doesn't care, genetics is pitiless, and the whole universe doesn't give a fuck because it is all operating on a time scale significantly longer than any single human life. For instance if you were the only one on Earth, your value is 100 percent. Add another and it drops to 50 percent, four equals? And 6 billion equals? This is not negating individual value and input, it's just trying to put it in within a more accurate context. Trade unions highlight this with the concept of worker solidarity and general strikes. Meaning that although any single worker or individual can be easily replaced by another to work for the system, collectively the public has a significant power.
Ego value must be placed in proper perspective because inflated self-worth without the evidence to support it is not a pretty picture. It's time to tone the hyperbole down a bit and find something valid to substantiate your ego instead of just making it up.

Death to the Money Morality
What is money and an economy anyway? Money is like water, it always flows downhill but what it does in between can be manipulated and the economy is like the topology, the surface land. Within a fluid, open economy, the most powerful influence enacting desired values is the tax code. Taxes and money laws are like the dams and canals for waterways. It is a universal rule that a person will work harder if they think it benefits them personally, this is the 'secret' to capitalist success. An open economy plus regulated tax and financial codes create the incentive, and the entrepreneurs and industrialists go for the bait and construct the valued items and goals in the process.
Remember, money is a symbol, the cash you spend on beer, pizza, rent or anything else is called fiat currency because it's not backed by gold or anything of value except the reputation of the printing agency. Governments love this kind because the money supply can be inflated (printed up) at any time in any (reasonable) amount as deemed necessary for political or economic reasons. The consequence for this is a decline in value for instance the British Pound has lost 100% of it's value over 100 years, meaning what could be bought with a penny then, now takes an entire Pound note. America has a loophole called 'Dollar hegemony' but that's another story.
But the point is that money is a symbol, the tax policy is a tool, and both are value neutral in and of themselves. It would be self-destructive to eliminate them because it's not the money, it's not even the economy, it's the values stupid! The values and the people pushing those values are the problem. They use those tools to generate the product. Economics is riddled with value judgments, for example should we take the expensive option and recycle everything thereby increasing present living conditions? Or just throw it away decreasing living conditions but giving us more money to spend to perhaps fix the problem? Here's another fairly neutral example, the tax structure, coupled with values such as home ownership, privacy and national defense created the interstate highway system, the suburbs, the private real estate market, and the axis of American money purchases - the house. Suburbia was crafted through favoritism in tax laws driven by a desire for neat, private, single family dwelling away from the city. A goal that simple generated (probably) the largest movements of people and construction endeavors in world history. Values drive the vision, and in an open economy the vision is built using money tools.
The industrialists, the entrepreneurs, they will always follow the money, they always follow the simplest and most consistent of rules - personal profit. Collective success comes not form vitiating these dupes but from manipulating them.

Death to Love
Love is just the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Love is primarily an irrational expression, this contention is supported by the stunningly typical expression of regret all relationships encounter when the chemicals wear off. Think of how many marriages end in divorce. Besides that, the modern divorce rate is more an expression of the freedom western society allows within relationships and the egregious allowances of love that have not been enjoyed on a comparable scale anywhere in recorded history.
Instead of having a mate chosen by parents, clan or lack of alternatives within cloistered societies, the decision rests solely upon the individuals personal discretion, or lack of it. So this decision is now determined by the fleeting whims of emotion with minimal social pressure for long-term success or even a fundamental compatability between individuals! Thus cohabitation is increasingly popular because it's a superficial way of circumventing the issue of legal partnership entirely.
The vast majority have no idea what they really want out of life or a relationship - it's all fantasies and imagination destined for a rude realization when it's too late anyway. The victims of this widespread, stupidity, ignorance and social-incompetency are the children of such relationships. We'd all be better off if they'd just grasp the fact that if you can't get it right don't do it at all. Unfortunately for the rest of us and social harmony in general, our present errant culture prides itself on perpetuating the triumph of love over reason, not to mention mental and physical health.
Knowing this doesn't make the effect of love any less powerful but the awareness of being manipulated coupled with the powerlessness to rise above creates a maddening feeling, a negative stimulus in stark contrast to the positive of acquiescence. This demonstrates how much of human behavior has no thought involved at all but is just predictable reactions. Freedom? Liberty? One wonders!
The only inalienable rights are those derived from the genetic imperative, all else is fiction. And yet to defy that nature is not only counterproductive but essentially impossible. Well, that's not quite the final word. As modern scientific advances have readily shown, human ingenuity has developed remarkable ways of cheating the system for short term gain even as the long term costs approach staggering proportions.

Death to Morality
The time to take out the trash and clean up the human detritus is way past due, the stink of rot gets worse everyday. The issue of waste product sterilization is no longer a when but a how. At least three approaches to this problem are presented here. The most effective option is to simply level the skyline and let everything sort itself out, allowing the survival process to weed out the whiners and fuckwits. Another less preferable but more exciting option is a campaign of assassination and euthanasia. This has the benefit of targeting the source of the mental and environmental pollution, but even though it's the simplest and least painful option it's also the most publicly reviled, because of course all murder is morally reprehensible regardless of the behavior or the poison spewing from the person. The third and least preferable option is the prolonged suffering of the status quo, meaning letting human nature slowly subvert the immense, accumulated edifice of artificial laws intended to protect people from themselves. This is the contemporary world in the urban sewer of drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, violence and mental as well as environmental damage. This is the least preferable option because it's such a reckless process that often misses it's target.
The source of our present pains of collective angst necessitating such drastic actions is not in debate. It 's had a death-grip on western civilization for centuries culminating in the present lunge at world domination while yielding generation after generation of compounded mistakes. The death of all religious, mystical, theological, dogmatic and faith-based morality is the only task of true concern. These morality systems are public enemy number 1, 2, 3 and 4000. Anything and everything 'good', 'evil' or ambivalent that works towards the total vitiation of them from the public conscience is more than preferable it is necessary because it's what put us in this chthonic wasteland we're collectively in today.
Why? Because that morality says that everyone is the same, the lowest trash, the weakest cripple in mind and body is just as important as the most beautiful or brilliant. Everyone knows instinctively that this is full bullshit but religion negates instinct, it contradicts human nature and teaches everyone to hate their humanity, to hate and detest everything that they naturally are, to utterly despise the very reason for their existence and replace it entirely without question or criticism with a groveling faith in slavery to a mystical master. Instead of balance and order in life it only brings imbalance and disorder, a chronic sense of unease and an artificial chaos that can only be alleviated through deeper subservience to the all-mighty holy answer-man and his earthly representatives. Instead of normal human nature to love friends and hate enemies it teaches the fantasy of total (spiritual) love. Instead of criticism and independent thought it teaches obedience and repetitive oaths of faith.
In contrast to the do-what-God-and-his-holy-book-says morality, nihilistic morality is beautifully simple, it's to be what you are. A true freedom to be sure, and yet no freedom is free. The catch is you must take responsibility for everything that you do. You can't deflect it to the Devil or to God but only to yourself. Nor has causality been repealed. If you look you'll notice that the universe has it's own way of punishing intransigence because there's no 'free lunch' and every benefit has a cost, every reward comes with a price tag.
Artificial law is primarily an exercise in futility because forcing someone to be something they aren't inevitably leads to repression, perversion and anguish. Nihilism rejects human justice because it is based upon the whims of fashion and culture, meaning morality. It is not based upon fact or what actually happens, indeed most every historical example of morality is one of a square peg being forced through a round hole.
The destruction of all this sick system in its entirety is inevitable because it is wholly unsustainable, the only factor in question is how long will it take and how prolonged will the suffering be? Yet even that inevitability will not stop the politicos, industrialists, media bosses with their bevy of leeches and whores living off it from doing everything they can to keep it alive indefinitely. No one really wants to swim in shit, but It's going to take a little more than chlorine to clean out this pool.

Nihilistic Vision
Many ask 'what are the benefits of nihilism, what do I get out of it'? 'isn't it all just darkness and futility'? Hardly. It's about a chance to begin again without the shackles of history and the burden of accumulated lies and myths. A new world where you matter because of what you are and what you can do not where you are or what you own. The vision is crucial because one can't conquer the flaws of the present without first imagining the form of the future.
The nihilistic vision is a positive result extracted from a negative event. This vision is very much an apocalypse but only for those that have had their chance and ruined it for everyone, the failing, ruling-elite. Yet for everyone else interested in health and renewal it is a brilliant new dawn. This momentous change is of the near future, looming and portentous angry and promising like a storm on the horizon. People fear the consequences but the shrewd revel in the bountiful opportunities bestowed by the aftermath for the best time to rebuild is after the storm. For those who heed - prepare for the beginning, it's closer than you think.
The beginning is the end of sin. All transgressions both individual and collective are forgiven and national crimes annulled. There is no redemption ... but there is no guilt ; there is flawed, human conduct ... but no false justifications

Order & Chaos - The Science in Nihilism
From particles to planets we can find strikingly similar patterns across the spectrum of scales, times and places. The Standard (atomic) Model has been used for a long time to illustrate how the electrons circle the atomic nucleus similar to the orbit of planets around the 'nucleus' of a sun in the solar system. Despite the fantastic difference in size both models have proved to have remarkably useful predictive powers. Similar evidence of unseen common structures can be found everywhere. The sphere is representational of everything from a particle to an atom to a planet, why? Because it's simple, it's the perfect geometry - one dimensional - it only has one side! And fractal geometry for instance can graphically depict complexity from simplicity using simple mathematics.
So everywhere we look, different scales, times or places these useful similarities can be found because fundamental algorithms, simple formulas and repetitive structures are creating the complexity we exist within. This is the physical parallel to the social mechanisms of primary human concern. The nihilist should always be asking, what are the roots? What is the simplest common element to explain the evidence?
This is the science in nihilism, it's an understanding that complexity is just the interaction of multiple simplicities. Roots lead to the superstructure. And when you divide nothing you get two entities, one positive and a matching negative - for instance an electron and an antiproton. Everything, in a literal sense, is actually the fractured symmetry of nothing.

Tune out the noise, eliminate the chaff, and seek the substance
Most look at the universe in bewilderment wondering how God created such depth and complexity. Yet "God" didn't build anything "he" just set the rules, defined the parameters and everything else built itself by filling in the blanks, so to speak. It's all defined by very concise algorithms, geometric and dimensional boundaries. Similarly most gawk at society and world events only to quickly give up in exasperation - 'it's so complex, so confusing how did it get this way!' Sociologically speaking Its all just filing in the open space between the artificial parameters.
The population is trained by TV and pop-culture to remain unfocused, incapable of coherent thought so threatening to authority, for any length of time, or figuring anything out besides which button changes the volume and which the channel. Those ones are lost, they're enjoying the rapids of the mainstream on the ship of establishment headed for the waterfall. But the ones reading this, the ones able to think and act will survive and prosper because they're not on the ship. So don't be blinded by the bright lights of muddled immediacy and the short-lived products of panic and desperation. Focus on the boundaries themselves, the errant parameters continually creating confusion and disorganization. Most everything that has been built up, packaged and marketed - the values, the limits are just fraud and sham. If you attach to that system either willingly or by default you'll inevitably sink with that ship of lies and plastic promises.
Nihilism is an extreme form of skepticism because it questions everything and takes nothing for granted. And yet this way of thinking can result in questioning the very value of symbols themselves; does mathematics really describe the nature of the universe or is it an artificial construction of remarkable convenience? One of the dictionary definitions for nihilism is that "nothing can be known" so technically a nihilist could say, these symbols of language and mathematics are all false and we can't communicate or truly know anything. Towering intellects have debated this issues and still walked away with nonexistent results. For the moment we have to accept that mathematics is a very powerful descriptive tool and leave it at that. And besides, ultimately we can't really know that we don't know. So I think it is a fair judgment to simply start at the level that symbols are what they are and accept language and math at face value and work from that point.
Mathematics and nihilism are worth comparing, in the sense that both are (hopefully) self-evident truth conveyed through value neutral symbols. Neither require belief in anything in order to achieve an agreed upon result. Like adding one apple with another apple gives you two apples. The issue is that mathematics uses numbers but nihilism must use words; numbers are singular and objective while words have multiple shades of subjectivity. Now, I've written in the past of the difficulties in conveying nihilistic concepts using modern, value laden language, so one answer is to create a new language, a common set of symbols, but of course that's easier said than done.
Reduction to common elements is akin to building useful symbolism and generating new language much as computers use the simplest language of all - just ones and zeros on/off binary language. Life itself is coded similarly in a language of only four letters but with incredible constructive powers. Why? Because it's so simple it can easily build repetitive complexity; the power of symmetry.
As we progress beyond the predictable bounds of theology and ideology we travel into uncharted waters which necessitate a new understanding of morality, values and even a new language meaning the new set of symbols necessary to convey nihilistic concepts. It will take everything at our disposal to create that language, that map, that common understanding because the unpleasant alternative is palpable - do or die, try or fail.

Symbolic Evolution
Symbols are a consistent thread throughout human history. But although the creation of symbols is consistent the intention has changed dramatically. Some 30-40,000 years ago in land the French occupy today, groups of humans with brains at least as formidable as our own (if not more so judging by size) created elaborate carvings and paintings. Some of the paintings in the back of caves have survived to the present. No one knows exactly what purpose they served, artistic expression is an inadequate explanation because it was far more than a simple effort by subsistence survivors to decorate a dank, interminably dark hole in the ground.
Old world symbols were meant to represent and to thus become abstract, intangible, mystical and religious concepts. To mystically control what could not be controlled, from wildlife to weather. To the popular perceptions at the time, an idol and the actual god were one and the same; the culture and mentality of these people is so far from our own in chronology and lifestyle that we'll simply have to make educated guesses. Most of these point to the fact that cave 'art' was really symbolic, it was an intentional effort to depict a preferable reality. But the thinking was that by creating it in symbol form one could manipulate the real form, 'sympathetic magic'. This concept is typified by modern voodoo where the symbol instead of reflecting reality actually creates it, or so they believe.
So a symbol is only as meaningful as the entity for which it represents; a voodoo doll is just a bag of rags without the culture and the religion to turn it into something more. Merely recognizing a symbol without understanding that which it represents, is an exercise in futility. This is because symbols themselves are totally relative, they merge and evolve as they migrate from culture to culture even as many of the concepts and entities they represent stay unchanged.
The effort to symbolically impose rational order to the seeming disorder of nature goes back at least to ancient Babylon where scribes created specific symbols to keep track of grain harvest and storage. Our numbers system of Arabic numerals comes from that same part of the world, a symbol system so effective it's outlasted even the Romans. So the new world of science and reason typified by Newton's algebra, still uses symbols but in a diametrically different way to the superstitious old. It is an effort to simplify, understand and make predictable concrete ideas through the use of abbreviations and simplifications. But here instead of the mystical we deal with the concrete, or at least so we've come to believe through the idea that if a formula predicts something we can't detect yet it is only a matter of time until we build a better sensor that will. So far this has almost invariably proven true.
These symbols are an effort to mimic the real and the substantive instead of create it. Instead of fighting to define it through human standards we've had greater success through acceptance and understanding of far more important non-human standards, but flaws still exist. Particle physics is a useful example. Particle accelerators are being built bigger and more powerful, while the more the energy put into the collision the more particles are created. Apparently the task of cataloguing particles has no end because energy levels are infinite.
Most physicists believe that these particles being manufactured are true substance in a physical sense, or at least as much as particle matter can be. That's the simple and perhaps overly superficial answer. A more accurate, but tougher to prove conclusion is that particle physics is simply detecting what it wants to detect. Are they conveniently viewing things in just the right way as to support the mathematical predictions, an overuse of symbols? Perhaps it's merely a tiny portion of the same thing from many different angles due to a fundamental limitation of our three dimensional being, a perception limitation. Likely all the particles are connected as different energy levels on a single string and particle accelerators are plucking that 'musical' string to get different 'notes' at higher and higher energy levels.
But if everything really is connected, and scientist have already exploited the connection between energy and matter ( E=mc², nuclear energy, atomic weapons etc. ) Then everything else must be connected by some invisible thread as well. Hence the effort to mathematically unify the four fundamental forces of nature, the strong (nuclear) force, the weak force, gravity and electromagnetism. There seems to be no insurmountable barriers to discovering this all unifying formula fittingly referred to as the Grand Unified Theory, and forming a typically asinine acronym - GUT. A deeper question might be, what if we do find it? When the entire universe can be described with one mathematical formula, what do we do then?
So we could interview a mathematician or a witch-doctor and we'd find both are equally convinced of the powers of their symbols. And here we see the historical conflict between two opposing world views, a battle not yet over. One is faith-based and superstitious based upon unverifiable connections of perception and the other is a critical mentality based upon verifiable connections. But only one set of symbols has predictable and descriptive powers - not because it is trying to create reality but because it is attempting to objectively reflect it.

Scientific Evaluation
If something doesn't work throw it out; but how does one know if it works? If a policy achieves it's desired outcome with the most efficient use of resources, that may be a solid definition. But this brings us to the more crucial question how does one know if the proper outcome is being generated? And here we end up in evaluation land, full of tedium and numerical datum.
It is an unstated effort to seek situations where as few decisions as possible are being made. If objective analysis and quantified studies yield consistent and viable results then the path to take should be clear. To make a simple example, if path A turns out to be expensive and inefficient while path B is cheap and effective then research has already made the decision, hasn't it? All neat and simple, the objectification of decision making creates a very nihilistic, even robotic society. This is the destruction of faith and myth through science.
Could it be that total thinking and no thinking yield the same result - nihilism? Nihilism is where the mind of God and the amoebae meet. This is in the sense that neither is making any decisions, but the difference is that one has control over their environment, the other none. It's ignorance be it intentional or not coupled with a lack of quantitative information that breeds errors, fantasies and illusions.
It's not quite that simple though because value-laden decisions and qualitative values remain. But increasingly objective analysis defeats the former bastions of subjective gray-areas. For example spiritual sensations and mystical feelings can be traced to specific region in the brain, supernatural encounters are chemical signals obeying the laws of chemistry and physics. People like God because it makes them feel good. And religion holds a society together (or can blow it apart) so that pleasure response evolved for a perfectly sensible reason.
But society didn't jump into an empirical way of doing things with open arms, heretics were burned, and wars were fought. But science prevailed because it was a superior algorithm, it could always defeat religious ways of acting and predicting. Similarly capitalism in it's most generic form has spread because it is profitable to the people that can use it. And within a money based society quantifiable methodologies have been rapidly adopted because money is a limited resource and it has to be used as efficiently as possible. And how do we know if it's being wasted or used efficiently? Research and analysis. But that is just one step, the next is accepting the results and acting upon them.
Ultimately it's mostly random until a reference is interjected into the equation. This is why Steven Weinberg can say "The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless," and be absolutely correct. It is, the universe is completely pointless, it has no aim and everything within it has no purpose except self-perpetuation. God, and his earthly representatives held a monopoly on this for centuries. Today the holy reference point is money and people want more and more even when it's harmful. But things are shifting away from both. Plastic surgery is indicative of the obsession with self, drug and medical research is also indicative of the quest for immortality through the perpetuation of the selfish human body.
But this is such a shallow perception, it will only end up on the same deathbed as money and God. God, money and the ego, all are hyper-simplistic, but in order to understand what isn't overly simplistic we need to better understand what the ME really is. Scientific evidence has yet to yield any definitive answers yet but we are getting closer. In order to find and understand the crucial, ultimate reference point we have to understand the human mind, body, genetics and memetics and who knows what else, how it all interacts into and interfaces to create consciousness and secondly even more importantly how one ME interacts with thousands and millions of other ME's. There is only one way to get there.

Knowing the Nihilism
An awareness of nihilism as a word to match an idea is more than superficial convenience, it forms the basis of self-identity. Furthermore an awareness of this historically established concept grants meaning through the formation of a collective identity. Nihilism doubtless will ever be a popular movement, it's caustic nature is feared and reviled, but it's a stage in personal evolution that unequivocally typifies a free-thinker, the exact archetype that is needed to direct and mold the remainder because they're open to all ideas, intelligent and willing to experiment with new solutions; a new era needs new answers.
Nihilism is the antidote to the present moral-authority edifice. Nihilists deconstruct false values, highlight social absurdities, criticize fractional logic and challenge faith. They can speak like the Greek sophists and act like the Russian nihilists to put the word 'nihilism' on the tip of every tongue. Nihilists negate lies and false reasoning and therefore the people behind them. And those people are the enemy, the anti-nihilists, the teleologists; they're obvious by their attachment to faith and false idols despite reason and evidence to the contrary. They form values and build models of reality based upon opinion and myth. But when confronted with anti-nihilist acrimony don't respond in kind, understand the psychological mechanics involved because they can't damage the underpinning logic so they attack the messenger. Indeed any emotional response to a rational argument is a sign of this. Their eventual introspection leads to difficult questions and the concomitant anger at being confronted with a new and uncomfortable situation. This forces the anti-nihilists to inflate their false-justifications or else drop all pretext entirely. Practice, keep your mind sharp and your arguments cogent, challenge enough times and nihilism wins - that's how the game is played. That way its not possible for you to loose any argument on this earth.
All you have to do is critically examine the rules and resist control especially mind control, don't let the 'experts' tell you what to do. Discredit through reason, rhetoric and evidence. What makes this wrong and that right? Why is this issue like that and why is it wrong to ask that question? Question the fear, challenge the righteousness. Force them to substantiate opinion with fact and if they can't, analyze the implications. The remainder of turned off and burned-out people that hate everyone and the world are important even if they don't know it because the best place to begin a holistic evaluation is after losing faith in everything. And I'm saying there's a reason for this, why you hate everything and everyone. Certain people are directly responsible for your disenfranchisement, for giving you a world that doesn't give a damn about you, and are the source of your hate. Nihilism isn't about killing yourself because you've been burned. If that's all you want go pretend to be a satanist or smash windows and call yourself an anarchist. Instead it should be about getting revenge against disingenuous leaders, pastors and politicians who've turned the world into hell from their lies. Incoherent hate only leads to violence and futile self-destruction. Coherent anger leads to positive change and vanquished enemies. Without coherence you only destroy yourself.

Becoming a Nihilist
To be a confident and effective nihilist and logical thinker one needs to especially gain an awareness of 1) world events and 2) personal culture and history. One must be sure of what is myth and what has validity, what is vapor and what is tangible because the only ones that can last in chaos are the ones that can see past it able to comprehend time beyond the present and before the past. Most critically one must know the myths in order to understand them and rise above them. Once you understand these things you will realize where you come from and where you need to go, life will start to make sense and have purpose.
You don't need to be rich, you don't even need the most friends and you certainly don't need popularity to be whole. Being a nihilist is not about futility, self-destruction and giving up, although those feelings are inevitable they are absolutely not the final product, merely a critical stage. Remember that as long as your alive you're changing the world if by no other means than your sheer existence. That's the baseline, but everyone can do better, change things in the proper direction rather than random futility. Look at what is evil and figure out why it's evil, look at good and figure out why it's good. 'Devil's advocate' others, challenge their beliefs and see if anything they espouse has factual support and evidence supporting it or merely opinion.
Next write about what your read, what you feel and what you think because you'll remember it and you'll understand it better. This is what really builds intelligence in the sense of what the state education system wants but never achieves. Move on to new material and new ideas.
It's usually better to listen first and speak later if at all. Listen to what average people say about themselves and the world, they're rarely hesitant. I mean how many people do you know that want to believe they re wrong when they re asked something. They're ideas are defined by their environment, what they hear and see is what they believe. Thus what they espouse is a reflection of what the present order wants you to be also. Analyze it and mentally disentangle it. When you get a viewpoint absorb it then attempt to find the opposite viewpoint and absorb that too, often the truth lies between the poles. New and extreme ideas are great because they stretch the limits of the complacency and possibility and even if they're irrational and inaccurate they still get me thinking, wondering why they're in error and analyzing what validity they do have.

Cynicism & Misanthropy
Nihilists are often viewed as complete cynics but cynicism is only useful when not simply a shield from critical analysis. A common error of nihilists is to simply eject most everything at once and remain at the bottom but this is ultimately just as bad as believing in the original fantasies, it's just switching one blindness for another. Substantiate your negations and continually analyze without pretext because you may just find a certainty; so it's imperative to understand the reason otherwise its purely unguided irrational emotion.
Misanthropy, the universal hatred for humanity is a similar pitfall. Unfocused, baseless hate benefits no one and remains a serious disservice to nihilism often blocking earnest acceptance. Reasonable analysis and sound judgment rather than the laziness of universal cynicism and uncritical rejections will change the proponent from repellent to magnetic.
Only through the enduring experience of patience will the gift of wisdom be granted. Patience is the opposite of the behaviour inculcated into the public, and wisdom is what our pop-cultural authorities fear most within the people. So you don't need to do anything illegal, immoral or unethical to be a nihilist, especially not for it's own sake since that's pretty senseless. We only get one life, one shot because there's no heaven or afterlife. There are no miracles but only fools who believe in them. Accordingly it's wiser to accede to activism than acquiesce to passivism. Seek focus, answer the unknown using the known and avoid extraneous entanglements in all your efforts.
Oppose the ambient culture of impulse and foolishness that defines what's popular and demands conformity just to herd the sheeple. It's banking on maintaining your ignorance, gullibility and mental mediocrity to prevent scaring the faithful or making waves with destabilizing notions.
Regardless of who you are or what background you come from as soon as your confronted by any belief or idea-set that opposes debate, refuses questioning and criticism - that's a faith a religion and it should set off every warning alarm and red flashing klaxon in your head. Because religion isn't just repetitive rituals and praying to some spirit in the sky, religions are fundamentally defined as any idea-set that disallows a public challenge to it's validity and that definition extends to include even secular ideologies.
To varying degrees of dogmatic fervor other religions enjoy privileged status and are presently shielded from criticism. And despite a contemporary era that prides itself on a sense of enlightened rejection of taboos and jaded pragmatism the number of false idols and sacred values necessitating a closed mind and emotional attack-responses is equal to any dark age. Democracy, free trade, the six million Jewish holocaust (never mind the Armenian holocaust or the millions of Chinese and Ukrainians starved to death by despots or...), the need for the EU super-state and if you think about it I'm sure you can come up with even more. The enemies of free minds and free thought don't stop at the Church's door anymore. Any authority that mandates a belief and punishes public challenge of that belief is the enemy. And as a nihilist and a free-thinking human being any authority demanding allegiance to a faith or mandated ideology is enough to get me not just a trifle indignant.

Nihilism, Hedonism & 'Using the System'
Before attacking the messenger, blame your genetic makeup and millennia of evolution! And this is the flaw in hedonism as well as some social nihilists. Think of the fact that 60% of adult Australians are obese. These people wouldn't even consider themselves hedonists but they act in much the same way, impulsive, no self-discipline, most every action is for immediate gratification. But where does it take them? Do you get richer by spending on credit or careful savings and investment? Do you get stronger by slurping down KFC and over salted high fat snack treats or moderated intake and exercise? Which would you rather be weak, sick, poor and reactionary or healthy, rich and resolute? A common hedonist or a nihilist? I'm not saying don't use the system and it's resources to your advantage, but I am saying don't be disingenuous about it and there's a huge difference in practice. Be consistent and organized, because those profiteer types aren't nihilists, they're not anything except hypocrites, hopelessly chasing the winds of fashion. Lenin said it best, "The only thing that penetrates the opportunist's mind is what he sees around him."
The arena of metaphysics and especially politics is a pitiless battlefield, one of unparalleled tenacity and aggression. Nihilism's is not for the faint of heart, but for those that understand it and know how to use it they possess an unsurpassed advantage. Nihilism is unique in that it's progressed beyond the hurdles of not just theology but ideology as well. Instead of faith and dogma defining action and range of imagination, chaining mind and body to the bottom in the process, nihilists are in a new frontier. No other group outside of research science actually promotes skepticism to such a profound extent it actually questions its own validity! And your damn right people fear it, Christians and Communists hate it and anarchists distrust it so you know it's on to something big; hostile reactions are typical because nihilism is a hydrogen bomb hovering over the heads of all the faithful.
So I hope it’s crystal clear what this is about. It's not to be a contrarian or a rebel although that has its moments; it's because faith and mandated ideologies are an imminent danger to freedom and free-minds everywhere. The inherently disingenuous fear opposing evidence and open public debate, those who know they're wrong and will do everything in their power to stop the questioning 'heretic' and prevent the nullification of their myths. The only reason to fear free expression of alternate opinion is to protect an edifice of lies anyway.

To live or to die, does it really matter because we have no purpose in life? I may pray that we do, but at most, it is simply to suffer. But humanity does have a purpose. It is written into our genes and we have adapted to it from the beginning of humans as a race, and are even extended into the animal kingdom, and into absolutely every living thing. To reproduce extensively and randomly. It is a proven scientific fact that the feeling of 'love' is in all actuality, simply an action of male and female Pheromones, and we perceive the Pheromones form the opposite sex, and pick up the reaction of 'love' or 'lust'. Also, this theory of random reproduction agrees with many of the facts of human reproduction. The pleasure derived from sex, and society's obsession. We as a human race have been programmed for tens of thousands of years to regard it as this, and our genes have been programmed to use all of these attributes to its furthest advantage, and to keep up its systematic reproduction of genes. Man is programmed to spread our species as far as possible, to conquer nature and conquer others. Because of this, we have been programmed to be selfish, greedy, unempathetic, and hateful to those not like them. We do have a meaning, but it is far dimmer than most would like it to be.
No one needs faith in the objective principle or the word-symbol 'gravity' to know that if you jump off a cliff you will fall to the bottom, or that if you punch a wall it will hurt your fist. This concept segues into the idea of pain and sensations which although they can be distorted, they are still consistent and these neurological signals are the same throughout the animal kingdom. A needless fixation on the basic chemical and electrical properties (or beyond) does not invalidate the fundamental purpose they serve for the biological organism.
Nihilism is an understanding of what morality is. Where good and evil come from and the power of those forces. Morality defines everyone's actions, it defines the legal structure that punishes, the limitations on our thoughts and ideas, the range of response to any given situation. Think of why they have too many cattle in India and the concomitant range of disease and starvation. Indeed the culpability of all religion lies not in the fact it requires people to believe things but that it requires people to believe the WRONG things; self-destructive things that may perpetuate the theology but denigrate the individual and the world at large.
Determining fact from fiction is a much more challenging process than merely accepting or rejecting idle statements; the most effective decisions are based upon experience. Our human mind allows us the illusion of existing within two distinct worlds, that of everyday reality or that of fantasy and philosophy. The first is pragmatic and the second is idealized. The fictionalized, idealized philosophy world may be of use at times to better understand the nature of things, perhaps by creating a simplified model of practical reality but ultimately by virtue of the fact we all exist within a physical human body we're constrained in significant yet universal ways that forces us all back to that world of practical reality whether we like it or not.
From as far back as any evidence can be discerned the fundamental algorithm for everything around us is the ability to be copied and extenuated. Anything that can fulfill this role will spread and 'succeed' to varying degrees based on multiple factors such as copying fidelity or cleverness in avoiding hazards or outwitting opponents etc. One can reject this paradigm but only at the cost of 'success'. No thing and no entity has ever managed to avoid it nor can it be avoided because it's an integral law of the universe
People are the same today as they were 5000 years ago however technology and the spread of new ides certainly has changed. Religiosity has been selected into the gene pool and religion or its false answers won't be going away anytime soon, merely replaced. The reason people are attracted to mystical solutions is the built in need dating from the dim archaic primate primeval, the overpowering urge to genuflect to dominant powerful males out of fear. Meet God.
What else is there to tear apart and uphold as illusion or delusion. The most meaningful question someone can ask is what or who am I? And the accurate and proper reductionist answer is that all conscious and sentience is merely a temporal illusion of accumulated sensations. Indeed meditation is bunk because as soon as one ceases to feel or interpret reality they cease to exist in any metaphysical or conscious sense of the word for they become a worthless vegetable. Existence is to feel, to learn and accumulate information and interpret it thereby creating a sense of what is. So in a way life is the continual generation of illusions, but usually and ideally in a practical, useful sense.

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-Ism Notes

...Idealism * Has to do with the nature of reality * Origins: Greek philosopher: Plato * Physical world isn’t real—constantly changing * George Berkeley proposed belief that nothing exists outside of the mind * Metaphysical and Epistemological are two main branches * Metaphysical: Everything in the universe is dependent on the mind * Ideal way of thinking Old and Middle English * 3 periods of the English language * Old English * Brought poetic models * Old English syntax * Doesn’t follow modern English in the form of a subject, verb, then object * Middle English * Syntax made use of the perfect tense (have + past participle) * 425 until 1066 (Battle of Hastings—when English were conquered—1066) * Poetry didn’t rhyme—poems relied on rhythm * Literary techniques used * Caesura * Alliteration * Kenning The Renaissance * 14-1600’s * Humanism was the main objective of the renaissance * Many religious quarrels between Protestants and Catholics * Time of transition between the middle ages and dark ages Neo Classism * Divided into 3 different time periods * Restoration age * More renaissance influence * Augustan Age * Prime age for neo-classism * Age of Johnson * A movement of the arts inspired by Ancient Rome and Greek culture * Neo classists believe humans are evil and they need laws and......

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God Is Dead

...God Is Dead In "Good Country People" O’Connor explained the inner world of selfish, ugly and humble heart by the two protagonists Joy and Pointer’s descriptions, the task of character disgusting twisted side vividly demonstrated to the readers, merciless in exposing pure real life all the evils of human nature and its destruction. Joy is a negative with the nihilist, she doubts everything, hate everything, negating all the traditional values ​​that everywhere is full of evil, all is vanity, she is also a twist on the character, she strongly highlight and strengthen their own to emphasize its ugly appearance "inner beauty" to abnormal behavior against everything around to vent discontent of reality. She pretentious, despised everything, she was advertised herself “I’m one 0f those people who see through to nothing” revealing the arrogance of her heart. She attempts to change Pointer's beliefs, her own blind arrogance ultimately embarrassing, pitiful situation; in fact, he is a hidden under the ugly appearance of the inner ugly people. O’Connor described both her ugly surface and inner world, “she had thought and thought until she had hit upon the ugliest name in any language. Then she had gone and had the beautiful name, Joy, changed without telling her mother” (page. 145). The reason that Joy find a most deliberately nasty name, is not because of low self-esteem, on the contrary, she put the most terrible name as the highest symbol of the creative act, which shows her......

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Russian Nihilism

...Isabel Wilder October 18, 2014 IB English 11 Brammer 7     Russian Nihilism Interactive Oral Reflection My presentation with Cotton, Adrian and Albert was centered around Russian Nihilism in relation to Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Russian nihilism is the rejection of any sort of moral laws or beliefs. It is a philosophical approach that was initiated in Russia in the 1850s and 1860s. Nihilism rejects societal bonds and emotional concerns with the belief that there is no “mind” or “soul” outside of the physical world. Utilitarianism is similar to nihilism. Utilitarianism is the belief that moral decisions should be based the most amount of happiness for the largest number of people. The protagonist in Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov, justifies his murder of the pawnbroker Alyona on a utilitarian and nihilist rationale. He claims that a “louse” has been eradicated from society. In addition, Raskolnikov portrays many nihilist behaviors. He is entirely apathetic for the majority of the novel;  he doesn’t care about others’ emotions or society’s laws (such as the one against murder). We started the oral with a journal entry about going against the “status quo,” because Nihilism is very much related to going against the “norm”. Nihilism is about rejecting all societal expectations and going against the status quo. From there, we progressed to talk about Crime and Punishment and how Dostoevsky came to create this work. Dostoevsky was largely influenced by the...

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Moral Nihilism Research Paper

...Moral nihilism is the idea that our world has no moral features, morality is an almost non-existent set of rules that represent nothing real or abstract, thus moral claims cannot be true of anything. Moral nihilists do not believe in moral goodness, duty, or virtue, and therefore deny that anything is morally good (Shafer-Landau 308). The Constitution of the United States, along with a vast majority of laws that have been passed are generally based on protecting the rights of citizens and allowing the United States to prosper and be in the best possible stance in the respective situation through moral ideals. In many circumstances, protecting citizens while protecting the United States boils down to actions that are considered “right” or “wrong” by the general public, or in the case of laws, the majority view of Congress. For example, in Section 3 of Article 3, the Constitution outlines treason and the consequences of treason against the United States. Treason is the crime of betraying one’s own country through aid or comfort of said country’s...

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