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Nike, Management New Product Launch

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1.0. Introduction
Nikes goal is ‘to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete around the world’. Therefore, has continuously been putting our efforts to inspire people all around the globe to get fit and become the best athlete they can be. This Report will represent a number of facts and statistics regarding Nike and the sports industry.

As the demand for technology and new innovations of products increases, it is Nikes duty to meet the needs and wants of their customers. Nikes mission with this report is to identify what their customers wants, what is missing in the market and how Nike can motivate and encourage everyone to become ‘the best athlete they can be’. This investigation will be carried out over the duration of one year before Nike releases a new product into the market.

2.0 Environmental Scan

2.1. Nikes Organisation
In order to fully understand what Nikes customers want, Nike must first consider their strengths and weakness of the company. It is important to minimize the weakness and maximise the strengths and advantages of NIKE. Another aspect that Nike needs to consider is the opportunity and the threat that Nike is facing. (Appendix A for full table)
(Nike Facts (SWOT) Strengths analysis, 2008, Randy Peterman, Reference 2) Nike main strength is its ‘Swoosh’ logo. This logo is recognisable in at least 160 countries worldwide. With the growing demand in technology Nike has the opportunity to expand their market and response to this demand. Although, Nike profits do depend largely on the market of footwear and is constantly under threat by new competitors entering the market.

2.2 Competitors Industry
With a growing demand for sportswear we must be aware of all our competitors. Nike is currently the leader of footwear with 31% share in the market. Nike’s main market competitors are Adidas and Reebok. Here at Nike we are...

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