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Marketing Plan for

NIRDOSH’s idea came to Mr. Natvarlal Bhavsar owner of Maans products – India Company a family possessed business holding headquartered at Ahmadabad which originally runs a biri manufacturing unit and a marketing enterprise from 2 decades. NIRDOSH is a unique non tobacco smoking stick which is used as substitute for normal cigarette but having no harmful characteristics of smoking rather providing additional health benefits. The production was carried out with 30-40 labour workforces manually by hands. NIRDOSH got health certification from medical bodies claiming numerous health benefits. The brand tag line was to curb the habit of smoking by simply smoking a different cigarette. NIRDOSH was sold in one main outlet in Ahmadabad and through VPP. Free samples of product were distributed and door to door selling was done to make awareness about NIRDOSH. The annual average sales were 1.4 lakhs per annum. A packet consisting 10 sticks was Rs2.5 subsequently increased to Rs5 per packet. The major constraints were the financial sources for the company which were tried to generate by contacting friends, government and local leaders. The attempts were made to get orders from outside countries to boost the sales of NIRDOSH.
The business scenario for NIRDOSH can be analyzed by using the SWOT analysis tool in this case.
Strength – It is an innovative product with proven health benefits, so at present there is no competitor in the market. Having medical benefits and generating awareness about anti smoking. The educational part associated with NIRDOSH will cover free publicities in media through newspaper, magazines and radio etc. The 20 yrs experience in manufacturing of biri production will prove helpful to generate the product. Since the production is likely to increase and there is no batch production…...