Nishat Mills

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Management Project
Nishat Textile Mills


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Executive Summary:

Nishat has grown from a cotton export house into the premier business group of Pakistan concentrating on 4 core businesses; Textiles, Cement, Banking and Power Generation. Today, Nishat is considered to be at par with multinationals operating locally in terms of its quality products and management skills.
The company is free from the energy crisis because it has set up its own power generation units that are not even fulfilling the energy requirement of Nishat mills but they are also selling this to Government. The company is holding the position with the spinning, weaving and dying units with the extraordinary production capacity.
Different departments are working well to achieve the strategic aims of the company. They are adopting the latest Management information system to access data that results in producing timely results for different departments.
The PEST analysis shows that company has lived away from any kind of complications that may have affect the company’s goodwill by fulfilling the legal, environmental requirements and using international financial rules in the production of financial statements.
The SWOT analysis depicts that strengths are greater in number as compared to weaknesses and threats that shows the company does well know its…...