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Status Report #1 | Quarter 1 | Company Name | Python | Student Names (Numbers) | Cathal Grennan- 14399856Feodora Gnilenco -14704361Aoibheann Duffy - 14496742Brian Glennon - 14499958Sara Twomey- 14335191 | Dates and Length of Team Meetings | Meeting No.1: 10th Feb 2015 Time:16:00-17:30 |

Please provide: (1) details of the work concluded during the period and the contribution by each team member; (2) a description of the group process including how work is divided and coordinated, and (3) a summary of the key insights that you gained from the readings and how these insights were applied to the simulation. {Take as much space as you need}-Before we had the first meeting, it was discussed in the Facebook group chat that we must each come up with a suggestion for the company name. This has helped us save time during the actual meeting, therefore having more time for the remaining decisions.-All team members participated in the organization of the team, the activities involved were as following: naming the company, assigning responsibilities to each team member, Establishing personal goals, team norms, and decision-making process and deciding on the market research size and cost.-The responsibilities were carefully studied and discussed, each responsibility was assigned the team member most experienced in the field. Eg: Brian Glennon had previous experience of accounting therefore he was assigned the responsibility of VP-Accounting and Finance.-From the readings and information provided to us in the tutorial we have realized the importance of pricing and how it can have an immense impact on how successful our company becomes. Even though this decision was not due until quarter two, we knew in advance to what aspects we should pay attention most. |

Declaration of Authorship and Attendance at Team Meetings
We declare that all…...

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