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About our consultancy * Team * Vision * Mission
NKF introduction * The company * The Client * Vision and Mission * Services provided
Proposal’s Goal and Objectives
Funding Mix * Direct Cash Support * In-kind Support * Social Enterprise * Volunteer Hours
Donor Segmentation * Corporate Philanthropy * Online Micro-Philanthropist * Government Grant

About Our Consultancy
Marketing Eye.
Marketing Eye is THE community of professional consultants who define excellence and advance ethics for the marketing consulting profession.
Marketing Eye provides marketing manager, skilled in all facets of the marketing mix while our marketing consultants for small business will help you reach your sales and marketing goals which includes a process of developing a marketing strategy for your company and then implementing it over a 12-month period.

NKF introduction

The Company
NKF is a charitable organization in Singapore that provides dialysis treatment and rehabilitative care to kidney failure patients at affordable, subsidised rates. Apart from that, health-screening and public education is also provided by NKF to raise community’s awareness on the importance of renal disease prevention.
The organization was established by Dr.KhooOonTeik and a cohort of friends in 1969 at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). The idea of NKF was thought by Dr.Khoo when he witnessed the agonising plight of kidney failure sufferers from close quarters including his brother and from then, Dr.Khoo was determined to save others. NKF was officially inaugurated on April 7, World Health Day by the first President of Singapore and patron of NKF, the late EncikYusof Bin Ishak. In the same year, the first NKF dialysis unit in Singapore was established through a film premier to raise fund, organised by Dr Khoo and a group of volunteers.
The Client

The core functions of NKF is to help needy kidney patients by delivering affordable, cost effective and professional medical services to them and by doing so, NKF tries their best to stretch their donations to benefit as many needy patients as possible by providing subsidies based on their affordability. At the same time, NKF also provides more holistic care with social and community support.

Vision and Mission
NKF’s vision is to provide an affordable subsidised rehabilitation for patients to achieve a better quality of life to prevent kidney disease in the community.
Whereas, their missions are to organise cost-effective and comprehensive education and health-screening programmes against kidney-related disease for the community with the help of donor’s support, provide a high-quality and yet affordable subsidized care and rehabilitation that includes both haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysisfor their kidney patient. NKF also ensures their clients that they will continually enhance their expertise through continuing professional education, improving the work environment and also make sure that they are transparent and accountable to their donors even when maximising utilisation of public donations for patience.
Services Provided
NKF provides different types of services and they are: - * Prevention-Health Screening * Peritoneal Dialysis Community Support Programme * Kidney Love Donor Support Programme * Circle of Hearts Volunteer Programme * Learning Journey * Venerable Yen Pei-NKF Research Fund * NKF Nursing Scholarship

Proposal’s Goal and Objectives
The purpose of our proposal report is to help NKF to raise the public’s awareness on the importance of renal disease prevention, to increase the number of both volunteers and donors and lastly to change the community’s perception to its organization after one of its major scandal involving its former chief.

Funding Mix
To survive and grow, NFP organization must get funding to continue providing services or support to their constituents. The NFP could funding through several ways such as cash grants, in-kind good or services, social enterprise and volunteer hours. (Grunert 2012) From here NFP organization are able to develop plans and activities to reach out each of the donor’s type.

In-kind Good/ Service
Funding Mix
Cash Grants

Volunteer Hours
Social Enterprise

* Direct Cash Support
Direct cash support is one of the most useful and effective way to generate funds that public donate their money willingly to NFP organization. However, it may cause greater budget constraint as the recipient might spend the cash with no restriction.

* In-kind Support
In-kind support is a way for NFP to collect resources other than money. In-kind resources consist of good and service support. Goods support is a vital non-cash resource, for instance, the equipments or supplies which can be used and merchandise. (Wolff n.d.)

* Social Enterprise
The social enterprise is that NFP creating a social, environmental or cultural value while generating income by selling a product or service in the marketplace. The profits are returned to a social purpose rather than maximizing profits of the shareholders. For instance, implement fee-based programs to support charitable activities. (What is Social Enterprise n.d.)

* Volunteer Hours
Volunteering is generally considered analtruistic activity that intended to improve humanquality of life by using their skill development. Volunteer hours can be computed based on the average amount a volunteer would pay for comparable services in the NFP organization times the number of hours the volunteer can guarantee will be allocated to the programs. (Smith and Judy n.d.)

Donor Segmentation
Donor segmentation is the key for fund developing strategies to create donor loyalty. Different strategies will appeal to different donor type.

* Corporate Philanthropy
Corporate philanthropy is the act of corporations donating some of their profits or resources to not for profit organizations. Many MNCs have corporate social responsibility program, cause-related marketing initiatives will drawn donors’ interest. For instance, IBM gives millions of dollars each year to NFP through its corporate philanthropy program. (Fritz 2012)In addition, with 2.5 times tax rebate, companies are more open to giving. Donation can comes in form of cash, good, property or services in-kind like daily essential and food items are practical needs for the shelters.

* Online Micro-Philanthropist
Online micro-philanthropy is a form of philanthropy that uses the power of “micro” donations to enable anyone to give any amount within his means directly to the needy. (Micro Philanthropy 2009) Traditional mailer and flyers will mostly ended up in the bins, hence, the trend of NFP organization blogs and social network portal will be an area to target to raise online micro-philanthropist through social media.

* Government Grant
A financial award that given by the federal, state or local government to an eligible grantee. Government grants are not expected to be repaid by the recipient. Besides, grants do not include technical assistance or other forms of financial assistance such as loan guarantee or interest rate subs. (Government Grant n.d.) Singapore government provide strong funding support for Social Enterprise setup like the Comcare Enterprise Fund and New Initiative Grant. Instead of finding job for the resident, they turn them as a part of the workforce.

Fund Raising Program
Fund raising is the collection of resources from donors and redistribution for charitable purposes. (The Financial War on Terrorism 2004,61)
Fund raising programs evolve over time. Many naturally begin with a focus on the annual fund, direct mail and special events and then evolve to include a focus on major and planned gifts as well. Integrated fund raising programs have proven to be the most effective way to build relationships with prospective donors. (Mallabone and Balmer 2010,15) Non- profit organisations will be successful only in fund raising only when they learn that successful solicitation does not end upon the receipt of the gift from the donor but instead continues on as the non-profit organisation reports to the corporate donor on the use of the funds it received. (Ciconte and Jacob 2009,196)
The markets targeted here is Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). So it would be a good start for them to take part or give their share for community services and help the ones in need.
Top 10 SMEs identified that could be approached:
Unilever Asia Private Limited

Mediatek Singapore Pte. Ltd

Pacc Offshore Services Holdings Pte.Ltd

Modec Offshore Production Systems

Gulf Marine Far East Pte Ltd

Hoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd

Sapphire Corporation Limited

Aaa Oils & Fats Pte. Ltd

Alfasi Constructions (Singapore) Pte.Ltd.

Worley Parsons Pte. Limited
(Ufinity Media News And Press Release.2011)
It depends on the initiation of the donors to obtain a funding program. But the organisation of the company is responsible for getting in touch with the HR and CEO of the company to pitch in for donations. * Matching Gifts Program

Today more than 1000 corporate and 6500 subsidiaries offer matching gifts programs to their employees. To get banks and multinational companies to follow this program where for every dollar given to charity the company will match it to either dollar for dollar, two dollar to one dollar( Ciconte and Jacob 2009,196). Encouraging companies to do this or if anybody from the organization has a recognized position in multinational companies would be a great idea ( Ciconte and Jacob 2009, 196). There are councils for advancement such as the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) who have registered such companies who offer a listing of corporations offering matching gifts program. So contacting these centers would help a lot ( Ciconte and Jacob 2009,196). NVPC can be contacted at

In Singapore, there are 578 NPOs in NVPC listings and 407 VWOs in NCSS listings. All of them need funds to function, so they are competing in one way or the other. People are in need of quality treatment. Threat is when there is entry of new private players. Even thought the NKF is capable of providing subsidised treatments, people prefer to get the best treatments in today’s economy. And hence, it is understood that people would rather choose the higher cost new innovative and modern methods of treatment introduced by the private players.
* Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Singapore
In February 199, a non- profitable organisation was established named the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF). The needy members of the community are provided subsidised dialysis treatment by the KDF (KDF 2011). The social workers form the restructured hospitals refers the patients needing treatment from KDF.Their mission is to look after the patients by nurturing hope and confidence to make life more meaningful (KDF 2011).

Fund raising activities by businesses that involve the securities and future markets come under the supervision of the monetary authority of Singapore.
There are also industries - specific licensing requirements that need to be compiled with. For funding exceeding such limit, the fund-raisers have to seek prior approval from President’s Office c/o PC Secretariat at least one month before the event. Approval will be on a case-by-case basis.

Grants are funds given to NPOs for charitable purposes, by corporations, government, small business. There are various categories of grants you can avail of in Singapore and of the lot the suitable one here are (Janus Corporate Solution.2012): * Government Matching grants * The VWO(Voluntary Welfare Organisation ) the Charities Capabilities Fund (CVF) (Janus Corporate Solution.2012)


Fund Raising Events EVENT | DESCRIPTION | Run for health | * Get the youth to run for a cause. | Push kart | * Organize the volunteers to promote the awareness of health through displaying the related things in major Malls. | Stage show screening | * Stage a drama/play and charge a minimum entrance fee of $5. * Snacks and drinks to be sold | Seminar / workshops | * Organising seminars and workshops in schools and public places. | Basketball TournamentBake for causeGift shop sales | * Organise a 5 on 5 basketball tournament with a registration of $15 * Celebrating Mother’s day by baking foods and selling it to the local people at the locality community centre. Then using the money to donate to organization. * Sale of variety of health related books, greeting cards and other soft toys and gifts at subsidised rates. |

* Methodology
There are a few approaches that can be done by NKF for future improvements. These few approaches involve research, solicitation and cultivation.
Research is an important task as through research, NKF is able to find out the key ingredient in making marketing decisions. They are also able to consider information which is critical in gaining advantage over competitors. By doing so, it helps to ascertain and understand competitor information such as their identity, marketing network, customer focus and scale operations. Research also helps NKF to gain even more insight into customers and the current market that it is targeting at.
As a non-profit organization, it is hard to find ways to solicit donations. Sometimes, people seem so unapproachable and it can be very intimidating. But money is the blood of a non-profit, just as volunteers are the muscle and brain. So to avoid this, NKF should set up a database of their frequent donors so they are able to know who are the ones that are willing to donate to the organization instead of going through the hassle to find available donors all over again. Solicitation can be done through a few ways and one of them is personal private invitation through direct mailer or either personal visit to philanthropists to show them that they are important and well respected by NKF. Another way can be done is by using events to raise funds such as charity dinners, area yard sale, carnivals or anything that benefits the organization and also at the same time it can also be a great time to set up booths to raise awareness and recruit volunteers. And since NKF is a huge non-profit organization in Singapore, it can also involve itself with the social media to increase the organization’s exposure which also means attention from the community for its charity.
The last approach would be cultivation. Cultivation is the process of building relationships, which requires a series of meetings or interactions over time. As a non-profit organization, they depend on funds from donors to survive in the long-term. In order for the relationship to last and also have potential loyal donors, the organization must regularly keep in touch with them as well to provide program updates. By having frequent communication, it helps to cultivate relationships and together, cultivation and communications nurture relationships, producing loyalty. NKF should also ask open ended questions to learn more about it’s prospects so they would know how they feel about the relationship in between them and its programs. Donors also need constant motivation and assurance of what they had donated are actually worth their money. So in order to keep donors motivated, NKF can keep in touch with donors by sending emails of the organization’s success stories benefitted from the funds collected and what major changes and improvements have been done because of the donor’s help. Apart from that, NKF should also cultivate relationship with its volunteers. Volunteers play a major role as they work voluntarily for the organization without being paid. Therefore if there isn’t a strong relationship in between the organization and its volunteers, volunteers will leave to work with competitors and there will be shortage of helps when needed.

Volunteer Management
Why Need Volunteers
Non-Profit organizations such as charity organization are usually depending on the volunteers. The dependable of the volunteer is created because of the force from the limited budget of non-profit organization. In order to solve some problems in the non-profit organization, volunteer could be the crucial factor that could help to overcome the problem. In fact, attracting volunteer is the hard job because there is no salary or bonus given to them. Therefore, it is very hard to get the volunteer and the contribution from the volunteer is precious and it could be compared with the donation money.
The permanent employees in the organization should help and use their spare time to do volunteer management. Nowadays, instead of asking permanent employee to do the volunteer management, it is better for the organization to ask the current or senior volunteer to help doing this task. The senior volunteer are expected to help in training and do the volunteer management. However, while the organization is struggling to get the sufficient number of volunteer, but the organization is expecting not just the volunteer but the skilled and disciplines volunteer. Therefore, helping hand from the permanent employee and the senior volunteer should help in train and attract new volunteers.
National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is a big non-profit organization in Singapore. Based on Rodney and Rathi (2011), the non-profit organization usually faces the common problem, which is employee turnover. The volunteer should overcome the employee turnover. As the NKF have big expenses for the medical utilities and drugs, the fund is very limited to hire the permanent employees. Therefore, they short of employees especially in volunteer management. The senior volunteers are expected to help in covering the volunteer management area. Therefore, they are expected to attract more volunteer and help the organization.
The numbers of people offering themselves to be volunteers are always available. However, the number of volunteers that are capable of doing the professional job is very limited because the medical task is not easy to handle. Volunteers are often offering themselves to participate in the fundraising program such as NKF car washing program.
There are several benefits that the organizations achieved while they engage the volunteers. The benefits are: * Helping the charity to overcome the employees turnover * Enjoy cost savings * Improving the community relationship * Helping in raising fund program * Offering services that the organization could not provide
Number of Volunteers Required List of Programs | Number of volunteers needed | Orientation | 5 | Tutor and Mentoring | 20 | Fundraising activities and public relation | 45 |

Engagement of Volunteers
a) Involvement of volunteers
Further analysis into NKF’s activities reveals that volunteers are needed for the following fundraising and shelter activities: i. Fundraising Carwash ii. Launch of Children's Choir iii. Family events iv. Monthly Life-skill Training v. Providence of Monthly Food Ration vi. Carnival vii. Walkathon a) Current vs. new source of volunteers
The biggest challenges of putting the volunteers in the actual charities programs are recruiting the volunteers in the workdays. Therefore, it is recommended that people who are volunteer their self in the volunteer program are the people that have more flexible time in their actual job. Usually the volunteer that has flexible working time is the home entrepreneur. However, sometimes many people are willing to give their time for charities program in their days off. This type of volunteer can be assigned in several volunteer tasks that only active in Saturday and Sunday.

The Need for a Volunteer Management System
The volunteer management system is created to recruit, sustain and satisfy the volunteer to make them still in the organization and make them feel that they are happy in volunteering their self in the organization.
According to Rodney and Rathi (2011), volunteer will not satisfied and give up when the organization do not have the volunteer management because they think that the volunteer programs are not effective and they cannot distribute their intention of volunteering to the charity.

Benefits of Volunteer Management | Challenges | Better management of volunteers skills | Need to train the volunteers | Better management of volunteers time | Sorting potential capable volunteers | Clearer definition of volunteer tasks | Need more staff to train the volunteers |

Some of the organization tries to do volunteer management, but the effort and attempt sometimes is just not enough to do the volunteer management. the minimum effort is affected by the limited financial resource and the limited staff within the organization.

The Rational of Volunteer Management
Nowadays, there are many people offering their self to volunteer in the organization. The higher level of education and the early retirements that makes the amount of volunteers significantly increasing. The school also put the volunteer program in the curriculum to help the organization. Therefore, organization should know about the volunteer management system to satisfy the volunteer and make them works effectively. The increasing numbers of volunteer also create a problem to the organization. The limited financial resources to recruit staff should be overcome because the volunteers are waiting to be trained by the organization’s staff. Therefore, organization should adapt and overcome the problem by creating new strategy to solve the short number of staff.

NKF’s S.W.O.T Analysis Strengths: * Largest charity in Singapore. * Strong supports from popular corporations and committees. * Huge amount of supports from the public and especially Chinese community. | Weaknesses * History on bad press release which results in the community’s lack of trust and good impression on NKF. * Bizarre human resource practices. | Opportunities: * Increase knowledge of community about kidney-related disease. * Improvements and increased usage in NKF’s technology * Increased partnership. | Threats: * Inflation and increasing cost of equipment and medical expenses to help the high consumptions of the needy. * Donor fatigue. * Sudden economic downturns reduce might result in private contributions decline as individual, corporate, and foundation donors are less inclined to give. * Changing perception of the society regarding non-profit organization. |

2.1 Strengths
NKF Singapore is the largest and most popular kidney dialysis centre in Singapore with more than 24 centres. It is also the biggest charity organization in Singapore which accumulated the biggest reserves for a charity with over $240million (Ramirez 2003). Without a doubt, NKF was an extremely successful organization caring for thousands of kidney patients. It was managed professionally and had fantastic fund-raising programs providing financial reserves that will last more than a decade. Because of how NKF operates and their great programmes, they received strong supports from popular corporations, committees and the public especially from the Chinese Community such as Loyang TuaPek Kong, Singapore Buddhist Lodge and so on (Lwin, Williams and Lan 2002).
2.2 Weaknesses
Few years ago, there was a bad press released about Former NKF’s chief TT Durai who had been found guilty for using a false invoice to deceive the NKF into paying S$20,000 to his interior designer friend, David Tan(Ng n.d.). Bad press such as this will result in the community’s lack of trust and good impression on NKF in the coming future (Tan n.d.). This could also be explained as a bizarre human practice that collides with NKF’s rules and policies (Seng 2005).
2.3 Threats
As years go by, the cost of installing and upgrading new equipment in a huge reserve such as NKF can be quite costly therefore it will be hard to accommodate to a huge amount of patients if there is a sudden economic downturn whereas at the same time it might result in reduction of private contributions from donors (Ramirez 2003). And because NKF is a non-profit organization, there will be changing perception from the society where they will be in doubt whether it’ll be able to survive and continue thriving in for a long-term.
2.4 Opportunities
There are many people who aren’t aware of kidney deceases and therefore, NKF has a lot of opportunities and ways to increase the community’s knowledge about these diseases. As more patients are coming into NKF, NKF can improve and increase its technologies to cater to patience’s needs efficiently. At the same time, NKF could also ask for sponsor from big companies since those companies need to do CSR or create a good public image.

Budget Allocation Revenue | Description | Budgeted Revenue | | | (S$’000) | Run 4 Health | Registration Fee($25x3000) | 75 | Screening | Registration Fee($5x5000) | 25 | Push Cart | Sale of items | 50 | Seminars | Registration Fee($10x1000)10 | 10 | Tournament | Registration Fee($5x5000) | 25 | Bake Sale | Sale of food | 20 | Gift Shop | Sale of items | 40 | Vendor's Fee | | 10 | Food/Drinks Sale | | 50 | Donations | | 24,000 | Grants/Sponsorships | | 5,659 | Total Budgeted Revenue: | | 29,964 | Expenses | Description | Budgeted Expenses | | | (S$'000) | Facility Rental | Run, Screening, Seminars | 80 | Equipment Rental | Tables, Chairs,Etc | 50 | Presenter Fee | Entertainment | 5 | Audio/Visual Equipment | Entertainment | 20 | Advertising/Promotion | Publicity | 50 | Printing | Ads,brochures,etc | 50 | Postage | | 10 | Refreshments | | 20 | Decorations | Ambience | 50 | Transportation | | 10 | Prizes (Plaques) | Plaques | 5 | Site Staff | Staffing | 10 | Goodie Bag | Seminar,Run,Tournament | 10 | Gifts | | 15 | Total Budgeted Expense: | | 385 | | | | Totals: | | | Total B. Revenue | | 29,964 | Total B. Expense | | 385 | Total B. Profit/Loss: | | 29,579 |
Implementation is the process that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals (Pankake. 1998. 233) The Strategies that need to be implemented require a roadmap and a time dimension that defines milestones in an interval of 3 months, starting from the first month of the New Year, 2012.

The primary objective for NKF is to raise money in order to fund and implement their organizational strategies. There are numerous ways through which a NFP organization can raise money, such as; fundraising events and programs, in-kind goods or services, social enterprise and also through grants.

Each activity carried out by the company has to be properly executed at the most appropriate time for most effectiveness. This relates to looking at each strategy from the perspective of its implementation, as each one would be assigned a particular time frame and plan of action, such as; who, where, when and how the strategies will be implemented.


Timeline: Year One

Time Frame | Activity | Implementation | Months 1-3 | Introduction | The first three months should be spent developing program ideas and researching existing organizations to identify potential for overlap, collaboration, competition, etc. Specific Activities Include: * Determine if needs can be fulfilled by improving existing fundraising strategies or new strategies need to be developed. * Formalize organizational structure including formation of the board of directors and organization policies. * Research and then set clear mission statements, including the organization’s goals, objectives, and appropriate scope of activity. * Develop a strategic plan * Establish program processes * Identify potential revenue sources (i.e., program-related products and services). * Identify potential external funding sources, particularly start-up gifts and grants. | Months 3-6 | Training | * As the total volunteers needed for the fundraising activities exceed 45, members need to be trained and skilled in various departments. * Train board members and staff to develop and implement program, its projects and activities. |

Months 6-9 | Segmentation | * Corporate Philanthropy 1. Prospect Identification: Develop alliance with corporate philanthropists who have already previously donated to the foundation. 2. Shared Interests: Important to look for matches between the needs of the Foundation and the areas of interest of the prospect. 3. Example: Corporate sponsorships could be applied to events and other activities. * Online Micro-Philanthropist 1. Develop NFP organizational blogs and social network portals. 2. This will allow anyone to donate any amount directly to the foundation. * Government Grant 1. A grant is the giving of funds for a specific purpose; a monetary aid awarded after meeting a specific set of qualifications, which aid does not have to be repaid. 2. Therefore, for charity purposes and for NFP’s, government grants need to have met certain standards for the grant to be applicable. 3. Under the Public charity grants, funds are given to charitable organizations: those having 501(c)3 status with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). (Pakroo. 2011. 28) 4. Non-profit grants assist 501(c)3 organizations with their specific missions. 5. Contact Corporation or agency offices to promote project, seek contracts, and facilitate grant applications. 4. Finalize and submit an application/request for funding, if 501c3 status is secured. (Pakroo. 2011. 28) | Months 9-12 | Fundraising | * Conduct Fundraising Events: * Fundraising is an event held to generate financial support for a charity, institution or other such enterprises. * Some Fundraising events include: 1. Run for Health- Children and adults run for a cause. 2. Push Cart- Set up displays in malls, highlighting the importance of one’s health. 3. Stage Show screening- Staging of a drama/play with a minimum charge. 4. Seminars/Workshops- Organize seminars and workshops in schools and public places. 5. Basketball Tournament- 5 on 5 basketball matches. 6. Bake for a Cause- Baking food and selling it at local community centers. 7. Gift shop sales- Sale of variety of health related books, greeting cards and other toys at subsidized rates. * Receive funding and begin actual service delivery. * Devise measurement/evaluation criteria to evaluate the success of the program and collectfeedback from the community. | | | |
The following is an evaluation on the feasibility on a range of suggested strategies for NKF to implement. Additionally it outlines various suggestions that NKF should highly consider in moving forward.
The proposed timeline gives an adequate amount of time in order to implement, learn and maintain the new strategies. It is segmented to display the changes in a linear order than can be followed through following each stage along the timeline. This is the most effective method in reaching the target or goal as it provides a clear set of instructions and a path to the end objective.
If NKF can stick to the timeline then there should be no problem of the implementation of any of the suggested strategies including the budget. Problems can potentially arise if the timeline is not completely followed and NKF stray off from this as the rest of the proposed dates will have to be altered or they will not be met.
The budget that has been devised is completely feasible and it is highly suggested that NKF stick to and maintain the proposed budget. This is because it has been designed in order to maximise financial efficiency from NKF.
Following this budget will allow adequate allocation of resources to a variety of different departments and functions within the organisation.
There are 3 approaches that are suggested to NKF in order to continue improving. These include Research, solicitation and cultivation. By following even one of these approaches NKF can ensure that they remain on track and continue to serve the needs of the community.
Areas of research such as locating marketing methods and competitor strategies are suggested and by following these NKF can obtain the upper hand within the market. In terms of solicitation it is suggested that NKF establish a database of frequent donors so they can know which ones are willing to donate and donate regularly. This idea works similar to a relationship marketing practice. Finally in terms of cultivation it is suggested that NKF builds relationships through frequent communication with its donators. This will help build trust and allow for more donators to return to NKF.
Funding Mix
The suggested funding mix includes 4 key areas that are cash grants, social enterprise, in-kind good/service and volunteer hours. These four areas are suggested to enhance NKF’s current financial situation by developing plans and activities to reach out to the various donor types.
It is highly recommended that NKF follow this plan to ensure adequate financial resources to its various donation segments. The donation segments are they for fund developing strategies for NKF in order to create loyalty to the following 3 types of donor. These include the corporate philanthropist, online micro-philanthropist and finally government grants.
If NKF is able to follow the guidelines and strategies presented throughout the report it is possible to see a significant increase in donator loyalty and a much better level of fund distribution throughout the organisation to various donation segments.
Volunteer Engagement
Volunteer engagement strategies are critical to the success of NKF. This is why NKF is informed of the high level of importance of their volunteers by outlining what they do, how they can attract more and also how to engage new and existing volunteers.
It Is highly suggested for NKF that they find various ways of involving volunteers into their day to day business life that include fundraising car wash’s, carnivals, family events etc. This will allow volunteers to feel more connected to the organisation.
NKF is a charitable orginisation that will do everything possible in order to fufill its expectations to its clients, volunteer staff and management.
Through the drastic improvements that NKF has made over the past few years it has demonstrated this and through the suggested improvements and strategies listed in this report it will likely continue down this path.
The options for future improvements that involve research, solicitation and cultivation are all suggested based on NKF's current corporate and financial situations. These aim to address the key pressing issues that NKF continues to have and through successful implementation and following of the strategies NKF can see continued success.
Additionally in areas of donor segmentation which is key for fund developing to create donor loyalty. The 3 suggested strategies are all methods that NKF can use to increase funding to the organisation. By following these NKF will further increase their efforts throughout the region and find that attracting new donors and retaining existing donors will become a much more important issues for them.
NKF also needs to realise the importance that volunteers play in the success of the organisation. As cash is the blood of the firm the brain and muscles are the volunteers and management. The benefits of having dedicated and organised volunteers will provide a larger amount of opportunities. NKF must focus on the strategies suggested for involvement of volunteers and also understand the challenges that exist when training and recruiting.
If NKF can follow the suggested strategies and outlines provided they will continue see a high level of success in the coming years and further implement themselves into the community as a respected, trusted and successful charity.

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