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Excel Lab Exercise A
1. Open the workbook Dunedin_Statistics.
2. Rename the Worksheet Dunedin Climate to Climate.
3. Insert a row at the top of the sheet and insert the heading, ‘Dunedin Climate Statistics'. Format the heading appropriately. (bold, font size and type, fill colour, merge and centre)
4. Adjust the column widths so all information can be viewed.
5. Use functions to show the average, maximum, and minimum for each column.
6. Format all numbers to show one decimal place.
7. Format the sheet appropriately.
8. Select the worksheet called Countries of Overseas Birth.
9. Select the heading and format it appropriately as a heading.
10. Use functions to show the average, maximum, minimum and count for column B.
11. Format the sheet appropriately, for instance add borders and format all answers to zero decimal places.
12. Delete the worksheet called Overseas Birth Place.
13. Save and show your work for to your teacher for checking.

Excel Lab Exercise B
Open the workbook Statistics
Monthly Sales
1. Sort the data by Month in ascending order
2. Below the data find the average, maximum and minimum sales
3. Use the Fill button to replace the month numbers with month names, starting with January.
4. Insert an appropriate heading.
5. Format the sheet appropriately

Tommy’s Cars
1. Use the SUM function to put in the totals
2. Format the sheet appropriately

1. Sort the data so that is in order of year
2. Put in a formula to calculate the P/E ratio. This is the Price earnings ratio, and is the price divided by the earnings per share. Fill down to copy the formula.
3. Use functions to count the years in the table, to find the maximum and minimum stock price, and the average PE Ratio.
4. Format the sheet appropriately

1. Sort the data by Production Company and then by Category in ascending...

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