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ANSWER : 1. The four broadways of affective responses produced by the affective system are mentioned below:
1)Marketing strategies
3)Affects and cognition

Marketing strategies: The activities which are performed by producer to attract a wider range of end users to its product falls under marketing strategies Eg: If a producer sells its product keeping the point for marketing strategy that the characteristics of his product are way far better than the competitor’s product than the customer gets inclined to this particular product.

2. Cognition is a term used to describe the mental process, conscious or unconscious, concrete or abstract, intuitive or conceptual, which is involved in gaining knowledge, this whole process deals the high level functions of the brain like thinking, remembering, memory and working memory, reasoning, evaluation, knowing, computation, problem solving, decision making, comprehension, and judging, and all these mental abilities that are related to knowledge and also encompasses imagination, perception, language and planning 3. Cognitive is to involve the cognition and in casae of affective, it can result from emotions. The cognitive component and it refers to the main beliefs of an object. Cognitive component is refered to the throughts and beliefs. 4. .. 5. .. 6. .. 7. Recently I have purchased a Xiomi smart phone. Influence factor and response # I saw advertisement online about the launching of the phone. # ophone grab an attention when there is a news flashes on my computer that the phone is sold by auction on flipkart and they have sell 60000 pieces in 10 seconds. #I compare the features online with the other phone # the value for mney is much higher then the other phone. # the only concern is that this is chienese product and what if it...

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