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No Phone Zone

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Texting while driving is a national and global organizational issue because it many states, it is against the law, but lives are being taken as a result of distractive driving. The issue in the film is very important because it’s a matter of life of death – people’s lives are on the line by endangering not only themselves by participating in distractive driving, but others lives’ also. As it was mentioned in the short film, 812,000 people use their cell phones while driving (Liberty Mutual, 2010). Out of those 812,000 people, it was stated that 5,870 people were killed in 2008 from being distracted while driving with their cell phone and 515,000 were injured (Liberty Mutual, 2010). It is astounding to read these statistics. But, it’s more than that. A group of people decided to take a stand on April 30th, 2010 to raise even more awareness of these statistics and trying to influence the world that it should stop. Only good things and prevention can come from this – it is beneficial and advantageous to all. Based on their “convention” on April 30th, the external social pressure is everyone in the world. Fans of this cause who are in favor of increasing awareness of what is at stake have a huge effect. The “No Phone Zone” awareness day benefits everyone, not a particular demographic or race, it can happen to anyone. With that said, I think this a positive message the supporters are trying to...

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