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No Turning Back and Freshman Year

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No Turning Back & Freshman Year Bryan Anderson knew his situation very well. He knew things were going to suck, and patience would be needed to get himself to move and function efficiently once again. He knew in order to succeed, he could not be coddled, and he learned to appreciate how hard his mother and his therapists were on him because he knew this would help him in the long run. I’ve come to my own realization of something rather similar here in college. Teachers no longer baby us, rather they expect us, as adults to be able to work without constant pressure or surveillance, which we were constantly under in high school. This means more newfound responsibilities for me as well as the other freshmen, and it also serve s as a means of increased freedom. I appreciate that professors are not coddling me, because this is teaching me responsibility and self-reliance, which will definitely be crucial in my future success. It of course is a huge adjustment, and was initially pretty difficult to keep up with all the new requirements and the various assignments I had been assigned. Yes, I did miss a few assignments, such as this essay, and an online math quiz, but both of those miscues have opened my eyes and are forcing me to play closer attention. This very much correlates with Bryan constantly falling, and getting up, and his attitude to learn from his mess ups that helped him push forward. With the increased responsibility, more freedom also comes about. In comparison to high school, I am currently in class for much less time, which gives me more time for extracurricular and campus involvement. Bryan did not allow his dilemma to prevent him from doing things, instead he started doing even more things with his so called dilemma. This relates to me, because yes I have more work and things to remain...

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