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Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
西 交 利 物 浦 大 学
Year 4 | | Homework Submission (First Draft) | | | | | | Homework Submission (Second Draft) | | | | X | | Course Work Submission | Put an X in the box to show whether this is homework or a credit-bearing coursework assignment Name | Gao | (Surname) | Xiang | (Other Names) | ID Number | 10113515 | Programme | Financial Mathematics | Module Title | Final Year Project (Phase 1) | Module Code | MTH301 | Assignment Title | An investigation and analysis of the factors that lead to Nokia’s declining market share. Lessons learned from Nokia’s decline. | Submission Deadline | week 13, Thursday, 05th of December, afternoon | Tutor Responsible | Ewout van der Schaft |
I certify that: * I have read and understood the University’s definitions of COLLUSION and PLAGIARISM (available in the Academic Student Handbook (2008-9) of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University).
With reference to these definitions, I certify that: * I have not colluded with any other student in the preparation and production of this work; * this document has been written solely by me and in my own words except where I have clearly indicated and acknowledged that I have quoted or used figures from published or unpublished sources (including the web); * where appropriate, I have provided an honest statement of the contributions made to my work by other people including technical and other support staff.
I understand that unauthorised collusion and the incorporation of material from other works without acknowledgement (plagiarism) are serious disciplinary offences.

By uploading my assignment onto ICE, I formally declare that all the above statements are true. For Academic Office use: | Date Received | Days Late | Penalty | | | | |
An investigation and analysis of the factors that lead to...

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