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This is a non-dialogue play. It will be mostly used in thought. It’s going to be about people dealing with everyday life situations. These women will have to come together and help one another get through all the pain.
Setting: In the morning, at the train station, on the train.
Conflict: Somebody takes the wrong “baggage” of another person and has to deal with what they have/has been through.
Resolution: The women meet back up at the train to exchange back and the women realized that you shouldn’t judge people before they actually get to know them.
Conclusion: The two women get professional help and encourage others to try to get out and get help
Jessica: This women is 25 years of age and is what some call, promiscuous, Jessica was this way because she had no father figure in her life when she was growing up. Jessica’s mom wasn’t trying to hear what she had to say and she didn’t stop her life and see what was going on with her daughter. Jessica met this guy that she thought loved her, and the script got flipped. Her guy started physically and verbally abusing her. Jessica doesn’t know what to do; she has no way to get out. Jessica doesn’t want anyone knowing because she thinks they will just turn their backs on her like her mom did.
Korean: Korean is 23 and has 2 children, a 7 year old and 5 year old. Korean has never succeeded in life like she had planned too. Korean dropped out of high school because she wanted to be like everybody else. Korean has no type of understanding of school and is embarrassed because she can’t help her kids the way she wants too. How can she help them if she can’t help herself?
Tiki: Tiki is a religious woman and her beliefs are very strong. Tiki is 18 years old and is dealing with things that girls her age shouldn’t be going through. Her own father had been molesting her since she was 12 years old; this is what made her closer to God. Nobody would believe her because her father is the pastor of the church. Tiki needs someone to tell her not to give up.
Sherry: Sherry is 35 years old; she is a counselor. Sherry has been through most of what these women have went through. Sherry can encourage these women to move away and move on. Sherry will teach them how to live there life without any down falls or any regrets

Scene 1:
*Jessica is sitting on bench waiting on a train*
“Why does it seem like everybody is staring at me? Everywhere I go it seems that everyone is judging me. They don’t know what I have been through or they don’t know what I am going through now. They don’t see the all of the bruises, which the man who loves me put on me. *Flashback of Jessica coming in the house and her and her guy get into a fight* If he really loved me why would he do this to me? I want help but he said he would kill me if I leave.
*The train pull up and Jessica boards the train, in deep thought*

Scene 2:
*Korean is walking to the train station*
“I wish I could have waited to have kids. Trying to raise my two boys with little income and no education sucks. I feel like I have nothing to offer them besides love. When they come to ask me to help them with their homework, I can’t. *Flashback of the boys coming home from school asking their mom to help them with reading and math* I know my children love me but I wish that I can give them what they deserve; a mother that can help them.
*Korean is so deep in thought, that she didn’t hear or see the train coming. She has to run towards it so she won’t miss it*
Scene 3:
*Tiki is sitting in her car, waiting for the train*
“How can the man that is supposed to love and protect you end up hurting you? My father was my all, our relationship was beyond great. I just want to know why he would do this to me. I wonder how many people will follow after him if they knew what he did and still does. *Flashback of her father coming into her room when, her mom and his wife is at work* *She Screams for her life* I don’t know what to do. All I can do is pray and forgive and know that it will be alright.
Scene 4:
Four months later Korean and Jessica reversed rolls. Korean is now getting beat by her of kids father *Flashback of Korean coming in with her kids behind her and the guy slaps her* and Jessica is now pregnant by another guy and has a bad reputation *Flashback of Jessica walking the streets pregnant*
Scene 5:
Jessica and Korean seek help from a lady name Sherry. The two girls tell sherry about what they have been through and how it will and is affecting their children lives.
Sherry: Ladies I am going to try my best to help you guys out of these situations
They both nod their head and continue to listen
Sherry: You guys need to get out. Only you guys should know, don’t tell mom, dad, don’t even tell your children. Just leave as fast as you can

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