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I do believe that physicians have the right to restrict prescriptions to those who are diagnosable. The reason I say that is because the patient hasn’t been seen and diagnosed from a doctor or a psychologist. In this case the doctor is only going on from what the parents are saying not what he has witnessed or tested the child on. In my opinion I do believe it matters if it affects cognition reason being is that the doctor really doesn’t know what’s going on with the child. What if the child has a brain disease that is already slowing up his cognition? Then you medicate him with meds that are doing the same that means you are responsible for father damage to that child. I feel it shouldn’t matter if the patient is a child or an adult the doctor still should use his best judgment and that would be don’t give the patient any meds at all or diagnose the patient. So I feel the doctor did the right thing in this scenario.
The word I chose was Non-maleficence I chose this word because the doctor reframed from using ineffective treatment or malice.

Example: I took my son into the hospital when he was three months old. I told them he was constantly throwing up, scratching himself, and having trouble breathing. Instead of the doctors doing x-rays, blood test and etc., they gave my son a prescription for Benadryl, infant Tylenol and told me to keep him hydrated. I took my son home that night I woke up about 12 to feed him and my son was flushed and not breathing. I rushed my son to they told me if I hadn’t did CPR on him he would of died. My son was diagnosed with chronic asthma, Gerd, and he had an allergic children’s reaction to the Benadryl. Point being they took what I said his symptoms were and ran with it.

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