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The growth of online retail has been exponential in the last decade, consumers are shopping more and more online, and potential business owners are looking to the information highway which is the internet to launch their business into operation. The terms e-commerce and e-business get thrown around when we talk about online retail, however, the terms are quite different. Online retail for niche markets have grown as well, there is usually an online retailer that is taking advantage of every growing fad or new products that are introduced to our society. These niche online retailers sometimes have great success and sometimes they do not have success, but no matter what, we can always find multiple websites that appeal our specific hobbies or interest such as; comic books, fitness, golf, videogames, or really anything you can think of. The differences between e-commerce and e-business are subtle, but there are differences. According to, “Electronic commerce (also known as e-commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. E-commerce is one aspect of e-business.” The concept of e-commerce is simple, it is the buying and selling of goods online, it is the basis of e-business but e-business is a little more complex than that. Conducting sales online and participating in an e-commerce environment is simple and a lot of people do it. Running an e-business is a more complex task that takes all the financial, planning, marketing, and logistical consideration a brick and mortar business would take but applies it all to an e-business. According to, “E-business is broader than e-commerce; including the transaction based e-commerce businesses and those who run traditionally but cater to online activities as well. An e-business can run any portion of its internal processes online, including inventory management, risk...

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