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Chapter I
The Problem and Its Setting
Co-curricular activities are big part of our educational system. They play a great role for the students to develop or discover their talents, meet new friends and build self-esteem. Even they are done outside the classroom; most of the co-curricular activities are academic-based.
Many had been researching for the effects of co-curricular activities in the academic performance of the students. Some say that students who are involved tend to have higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, lower drop out rates and fewer discipline problems.
Although, most researchers have found positive effects of different activity programs among the students, there are some of its negative effects. Students tend to forget their works in classroom and focus their attention toward co-curricular activities.
Most studies have shown that co-curricular activities have positive effects on students not only academically, but mentally, socially and physically. Students learn important morals and values and develop new skills. They gain a sense of self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline. Co-curricular activities also help in physical development, especially students who are involved in the field of sports.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed at finding out the effects of co-curricular activities in the academic performance of Crème Sections of Wesleyan University-Philippines High School Department.
Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions:

1. What is the profile of the students of crème sections as regard to

1.1 Sex
1.2 Age
1.3 Year Level
1.4 Clubs Joined?

2. What are the effects of Co-curricular activities to the academic performance of the students?

3. What are the difficulties encountered by the students who join Co-curricular activities?

4. What…...