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North and South Immigrant Letter

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To my dearest Mother and Papa,

I pray this money indeed helps to ease some of the pain and suffering that I know you and my little brothers are having to endure. I pray to our God daily that he won’t let the blight on the potatoes take all of you from me. Your struggles weigh heavy on my mind and I have come to accept that this is part of my daily existence. I am working tirelessly to earn the money needed for your passage to America. As I know both of you are very giving, I ask you, that you please keep this money for your own sustenance, and to keep a roof over your head. I would be sick to think of all of you being sent to the streets for lack of money to pay our landlords. Please remain strong and know I am doing everything I can to get you out of Ireland as hastily as the Lord will allow.

My dear family there is something that I hasten to share, but I feel as though I must make you aware that there is much truth to the stories we have all listened to about the voyage across the seas. The ships are very crowded and there are not enough provisions onboard for everybody. The conditions onboard made living precarious, and many passengers became very ill and others succumbed to death (526). I was one of the fortunate ones, I was selected to work below decks and assist in the steam rooms. My keen knowledge of machinery is fortunate, and when a steam valve ruptured I was able to fix it. The Captain, himself, sought me out to relay his gratitude for saving the voyage. When we arrived in port, he introduced me to a man of business, and I now have a respectable job here in the city of Manhattan. I am aiding in the cultivating of ideas to make ships travel faster. Since being here, my ideas have increased the ships speed by 12 knots. The owner of the business has provided me a place to live on his own property and we work together for many hours developing new designs and testing them. I made aware to him of my desire to bring you to this new land, and he is doing everything he can to assist me.

It is with a saddened heart that I say I am one of the few fortunate ones that have been given a chance like I have. Many of our fellow countryman are working hard labor, like digging canals, for just a few pence a day (313). Their living conditions are not like that of mine. There is no running water in the crowded confines of their shelters, and the cleanliness is lacking, therefore, there are many that are wrangling with illnesses. The frustration with their conditions has led a many of these men to the bottle, and when they consume to much they become unruly and end up in the confines of a cell (310). The church is trying to aid these unfortunate ones, by allowing children to go to school for free at the Catholic school, and they have built their own church to help the sick and injured people at little or no cost (314). I believe God is doing his best to look out for us all.

I will have more money by weeks’ end, and I will promptly put it in the mail to you. If all goes as planned, I will have enough money saved up for your passage in two months’ time. I miss all of you so, and I pray for your health. I know God wants us to be together again, and I have faith that we will survive this ordeal. Stay strong and keep my little brothers safe.

Your Loving Son,


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