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The Disney tale of the Little Mermaid ends happily ever after. Unfortunately, the actual story—the story girls have come to know and love—end in tragedy. The Little Mermaid falls deeply in love with this young, beautiful, black eyed prince, who seems delighted of her beauty and heart but, doesn’t get to see that she is the girl he could only love. She stands a life full pain in other to pursue and gain the love of her beautiful prince but she doesn’t get him. The Prince marries another woman. And Ariel sacrifices her life for her unrequited love and turns into foam in the sea. Just as Ariel ended in bubbles, my first love ended in the same way: instantly and unexpectedly. I tried to pursue that Disney fairytale, and when I finally thought I had it; I had no choice but dealt with this awful reality of heartbreak. It all happens in a pool party that my beautiful best friend Unabella was throwing off for the summer. It was really those events you really plan to just have a good time with your friends since summer vacations are long and boring.I went to have a pleasant time with my friends since I really dint k now how to swim As for my surprise, I saw my friend Derrick, who I thought wasn’t going to come ,but took me as a surprise. See derrick is very special; his is those kinds of guys you absolutely feel attached to because they are gentle and caring, and make up for amazing friend. However, he was not the only one there his “friends” arrived to. I decided to just ignore that and jump to the 3ft high colled water pool I felt a chilling sensation while I hit the bottom of the pool and out of the sudden I started to feel fresh, a little confused but more alive than ever. The pool just awoke this feeling of being reborn, though I was still myself. When I decided to get out up me chilling water was washing out my visage, and that’s when I caught eye of him, It was like being in a drought and suddenly felling the raindrops. He definitely looked differently, I wasn’t sure of what but it made smirk. We both made eyed contact , he for sure saw me the same way, he couldn’t stop smiling but what was I doying, really derrick he was just a friend, no, he definitely dint feel like a friend anymore there was something more to this. It felt exciting and I wanted to know more about this moving emotion. I decided to get out of the water and seek help, to the only girl I know is an expert on this kinds o f situations, Unabella. When I got to her, was kind in a hurry but I told her to help me, she agreed wit h the condition that I’d gave my beautiful coral sandals in order to talk to her boyfriend. I told her about how, it never had occurred to me before but that I started to feel something and it was driving me insane but dint know what to do. She only responded “Who doesn’t risk it doesn’t win”. I was that kind of girl that loves this kinds of stories but never happened to actually be true. I felt and a cold wave passing through my body making it way to my heart. I wasn’t sure for the first time to take the risk. Finally Unabella words became louder in my head ‘Who doesn’t risk it doesn’t win”. Motivated and determined I decided to cross the pooln order to get to him, I was walking like I’d new what I was really doing when I suddenly feel a hot sensation in my right foot which explained to me why I was wet all over again . IF only I had shoes. In a couple of seconds later derricks arms were around me saving me from drowning He was my beautiful hero. He took me away and asked me if I was ok and since I couldn’t speak he practiced CPR on me. What I living a dream. When his rough lips brushed mine I out the nowhere brushes mine to his. He diliquiatly bit my inferior lip . It took both of us for surprise because we really dint know what we were doing but just as second passed the kiss began to be reciprocated. I forgot there was a world around me it seemed like for an ethereal moment everything became hazy and the only this I could be concentrated with was this amazing kiss. The way he approached me, the way he bit me, the way we connected made me realize how important he was already in my life. Unfurtunely , his friends caught sight of this and started screaming, main us come back to reality. His eyes like mine were full of joy and excitement. We really dint know what we were feeling but it was something I wanted to learn more. He kissed my forehead and said ill see you soon when he disappeared in the dark night. Therefore, i went back to my friends even though I wasn’t fully back. The rest of the night seem impatient I couldn’t wait till morning arrived. I still couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had never had any kind of experience similar to this before. The next day seem eternal, I was waiting for his call. I kept my phone next to me waiting for him to call. The sun begetting setting and I still dint receive and answer. The night approached, as tears were running through my face. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. They say its just a broken heart but truth is it hurt my whole body, In a way I can call it betrayal, but into a certain point I really can’t… I would just be fooling myself because I knew exactly what was going on. I let the beauty of a dark night and the roughness of some red lips obtained the best of Me.; I felt so lucky that I’ve found it, yet so scared that it would all go away all at the same time.

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