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Lionel Glover
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June 23, 2011
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Are You Living the “Good Life”?

Many have an idea in their head of their ideal life. For me, it would be on a beach with my favorite lager or beer, full stomach, and my Marley music. That’s what I would consider the “Good Life”. But, what is the “Good Life”? Is it not having any problems or anything to worry about? Is it a house with a picket fence and a family? Is it getting that dream car completely for free with no strings attached? Horror films have proven to have several way of answering this question while simultaneously showing the viewer how it could lead to and from a bad experience. Between the two films, “The Ruins” and “28 Days later”, they show exactly how these weird scenarios would occur. In the film, “The Ruins”, two couples go on a vacation to experience what they would call the “Good Life”. They take a break from their everyday lives to experience this, but end up losing their own lives. One they feel they have reached their ultimate destination of lost ruins; they realize they are in a death trap. Horror is what they get by watching their loved ones and friends die before their eyes. Horror proved that the “Good Life” could be your worst nightmare. Perception made all the difference in this instance, which is exactly what occurs in the film, “28 Days Later”. “28 Days Later”, is a film that shows the contrary to the last situation. It starts out as a complete and utter nightmare. The characters find themselves isolated and in an area where it is plagued by a horrifying virus. The virus only leads to death. There is slim ray of light in this bad situation; they hear word (through a radio broadcast) that they could be on their way to the new “Good Life”. Once they reach their destination they realize the “Good Life” wasn’t where they ended up. They were deceived and tricked which made them understand they may have left the “Good Life”, which was when they were on their own. They simply just wanted to chase and receive a better living style from what they already had to live. Taking a look at both films is obviously shows that the “Good Life” is all about one’s perception and for every single individual; the “Good Life” is different from everyone else’s in your society.

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