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Not so Small Things

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Not So Small Things

Have you ever dreamed of riding a Lamborghini or own a great home with a great family? We don’t see very many folks in our society that is able to achieve those goals. Plato once said, “A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men.” So the question is, why should we even try? In all honesty, it’s because we want to be that one out of a hundred thousand men, the accomplished one. That’s what all of American people strive for in the current age even though there are struggles along the way to find success even in the smallest ideas a man can think of.
Bill Gates was just a regular student from Harvard that was lucky enough to land on Microsoft in 1975. He was already interested in computer programming since the age of thirteen. His ideas in computers were much of the same as many of the students today with technology. He just approached it in a different way, with more motivation and willingness to put hard work and effort into it. As his Microsoft Company developed, it had become the top marketing company for computer programming. As Gates went on his career, he didn’t let his fears deteriorate his future goals and accomplishments. He was able to let emotions aside and let his motivation take control. Bill Gates is one of the most well known people in success.
Another top-notch successor is Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Corporation. He started with an idea of computers, just like Bill Gates. The fact is that Apple started in a garage. The amazing realization is that a small idea can become so big so quickly without even noticing what has been accomplished. Apple was on its way to a mystery in which they would find out soon. Apple is now known as the most valuable and the most powerful company in the world. How did a small idea that started in a garage have a title such like that? Basically this is telling each and everyone to never give up, even if it may be a small. So never give up on small opportunities, because in the end, no one knows what it can be worth.
Vincent Van Gough is another man society admires ‘til this day. He started with art, and past away with art. The idea of art was everything to him, but it’s sad to see no one showed any admiration during his time. Even though he went unnoticed, he didn’t allow that to stop him from painting. Van Gough only sold one painting in his lifetime. Imagine writing a novel that took a lifetime and only one person read it. But we all know today that he is an inspiration to many with his outstanding artworks that surpass many others in his time. Never stop trying because later on, even after your time is up, you can change the lives of many.
Jim Carrey is one of the most popular celebrities today, but it’s hard to believe that he was once homeless. Carrey and his family went from “lower middle class to poor” and he had to drop out of school to support his family while living in a van. How kindhearted he is, Carrey would go miles just to support his parents. He never gave up as a comedian though. Carrey is now starring in mega-blockbusters and being known as one of the best comedic actors of an era. He never let his past let him loose focus on his goals in life. He used it as an advantage to help him get up stronger as a successor. So even though people may not be fond of the past, it doesn’t mean to stop trying.
Oprah Winfrey is a woman that was strong even though her past may have said otherwise. As a mother at age fourteen, Winfrey was not the girl who had the best choices. But she didn’t let her tragic past bring her down when he baby boy died shortly after. She is known as the number one celebrity in the world at this very moment. This is only possible because she didn’t allow her fears or memories haunt her. She was able to control herself and everything around. Oprah Winfrey will be a woman never forgotten.
The smallest ideas can become the biggest ideas and the smallest people can become the most well known people. So never give up on trying your best even if the results may be small. You never know what future it holds.

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