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I started attending Medgar Evers College Preparatory School when I was 11 years old. There were only 63 of us because we were the first 6th graders to ever attend the school. Since it was a small amount of us, we all knew each other which made it even easier for news to spread. So anyway, there was a mandatory gym class that everyone had to take. We all had to wear these burgundy shorts and grey t-shirts with the school logo on it. Our school didn't have a gym, so we all had to cram into the small weight room. It smelled like burnt rubber. Every thing was black and silver with mirrors lining the walls. After being assigned a gym partner, we retrieved black floor mats and proceeded to lay on top of them. Our assignment was to do sit ups while our partner held our feet. My gym partner happened to be a good friend of mine. Her name was Teresa, and she loved to make fun of people. As I lay down ready to do my sit ups, she blurts out, "Dang girl, why your legs so hairy!". I sat up quickly, embarrassment soon showing on my red cheeks because she was right. My legs really were hairy. Growing up I had never worried about shaving because I had nothing to shave. The only place I had hair were my arms and my head. I had never taken notice to the new forest that decided to grow on my legs. Trust that everyone in the 6th grade had heard about Alysias hairy legs by the end of that gym class. For the rest of the week, I was called all kind of names like Sasquatch, polar bear, the wooly mammoth etc. The names weren't even the worst part. Shaving for the first time was. I didn't know you had to use things like shaving cream or soap, so silly me just used water and a razor. Talk about a disaster. I had so many cuts on me by the end of my shower, you would have thought that I had gotten into a fight with the blade, and I was not the winner. I guess I wasn't a little girl anymore. Now I had to worry about unwanted hair growing in unwanted places.

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