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Literature under Spanish Colonialism (1893)

1565 * When Spain established their first permanent settlement in the Philippines. They place upon the on the Filipino people the Spanish Monarch and Roman Catholic Religion.
* (taga-bayan) Filipinos who settled where they were within easy reach of the power of the church and State.
* (taga- bukid or taga bundok) are the Filipinos who kept their distance from colonial administrators and their native agents, staying close to the sources of their livelihood in the mountains. * The distinction were beyond indicating mere geographic origin and took an overtones of cultural snobbery as the effect of colonization seeped deeper into the consciousness of lowland Filipinos.
* This name was reserved for Spaniards born in the Philippines, and everybody else who had only native ancestors was an “Indian”.
Parish Priest * It was practically the only Spaniard who had direct contact with the Filipinos. * Became the embodiment of Spanish power and culture among the colonized populace, though their contact with him and the beliefs and values he carried, religion exerted a pervasive influence on the minds of Christianized Filipinos.
Medieval Catholicism * These were presented by Friar began to be challenged by Filipinos who had by virtue of university education and come into the orbit of liberal minds in the 19th century Spain and Europe. * Also the literature of the entire period was in the encouragement and supervision of the missionaries/priests.

A Confluence of Two Cultures

19th Century * Monopoly of printing press by religious orders that explains content of early written literature.
* The year where the first printing press was established by the Dominicans.
Doctrina Christiana * The first book ever published in the...

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