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➢ 2780 sandwiches = 93 sandwiches per day

30 days

➢ 93 sandwiches = 6 sandwiches per hour

16 hours

➢ Working Hours = 30/31 days

= 16 hours/day


|Material |Price (RM) |
|Bread |720 |
|Mince beef |360 |
|Chicken ham |270 |
|Tuna |368 |
|Onion |150 |
|Lettuce |495 |
|Tomato |160 |
|Mayonnaise |193 |
|Chilli sauce |137 |
|Tomato sauce |83 |
|Black pepper sauce |160 |
|Mustard |741 |
|Water |360 |
|Ice |450 |
|Syrup |7.50 |
|Sugar |441 |
|Basil |150 |
|Total |5,245.50 |

Total for 3 kiosk

= RM 5,245.50 x 3

= RM 15,736.50

Other Material ( 1 Kiosk )

|Material |Quantity |Price (RM) |Total (RM) |
|Paper bag |180 |3.40 |612 |
| | |( 100 pcs ) | |
|Plastic container |6 |0.83 |5 |
|Straw |7 |2.50 |17.50 |
| | |( 250 pcs ) | |
|Paper cup |180 |8 |1440 |
| | |( 100 pcs ) | |
|Glove |100 |0.6 |6 |
|Sauce container |5 |2 |10 |
|Paper wrapper |180 |3.80 |684 |
| | |( 100 pcs ) | |
|Water container |3 |250 |750 |
| | |Total |3,524.50 |

Total for 3 kiosk

= RM 3,524.50 x 3

=RM 10,573.50


|Machine |Quantity |Price (RM) |Total (RM) |
|Oven |3 |400 |1,200 |
|Freezer |1 |10,000 |10,000 |
| | |Total |11,200 |







Operation Overhead

|Item |Monthly expenses (RM) |Other expenses (RM) |
|Raw material |8770 |- |
|Wages |5040 |- |
|Utilities |300 |- |


|Position |Number of Staff |
| | |
|Operation Manager |1 |
|( Shafiqah Nadhira bt. Mohamad ) | |
| | |
|Operation Assistant Manager |1 |
|( Muhammad Jeffry Sahrin b. Ahmaddin ) | |


Operation Manager:

← Aware of all the business processes being present in the company and review their performance at regular intervals

← Manage inventory and logistics operations

← Resolve many different issues regarding quality of services, shipment delays, customer satisfaction and retaining, and other problems.

Other responsibilities:

← Oversee overall financial management, planning, systems and controls.

← Management of agency budget in coordination with the Financial Manager.

← Development of individual program budgets

← Invoicing to funding sources, including calculation of completed units of service.

← Payroll management, including tabulation of accrued employee benefits.

← Disbursement of checks for agency expenses.


| | | |EPF Contribution (11%) | | |
|Position |No. |Monthly Salary (RM) |(RM) |SOCSO |Amount |
| | | | |(2%) |(RM) |
| | | | |(RM) | |
| | | | | | |
|Operation Manager |1 |2500 |275 |50 |2825 |
| | | | | | |
|Assistant |1 |2200 |242 |44 |2486 |
|Operation | | | | | |
|Manager | | | | | |
|Part timer |6 |5040 |- |- |5040 |
| | | | |Total |10351 |


|Item |Fixed Assets |Monthly Expenses |Other Expenses |
|Equipment |11200 |- |- |
|Kiosk rental |- |900 |- |
|Overhead |- |14110 |- |

|Ingredients: |
|• 2 lb Lamb or chicken, cut into fairly large chunks |
|• 2 Cups plain yoghurt |
|• 2 Cups basmati rice |
|• 2-3 tbsp Chili powder |
|• 1 Large onion, finely chopped |
|• 2 Large onions, thinly sliced |
|• 1/2 Cup almonds, thinly sliced |
|• A few saffron threads |
|• 4 tbsp Golden raisins |
|• 2 tbsp Warm milk |
|• 2 Cups water |
|• 1 Cup ghee |
|• Salt to taste |
| |
|For Marinade: |
|• 2 Medium onions, sliced |
|• 2 tsp Poppy seeds |
|• 1 Sprig fresh mint leaves |
|• 4 Green cardamoms seeds |
|• 4 Cloves |
|• 6 Cloves garlic |
|• 1 Inch cinnamon stick, broken up |
|• 4 Inch ginger, sliced |

Heat the bread for a couple of minutes.

Ask a customer if want to add a cheese on the bread.

To prepare add water and ice together with the mixture in a cup.

Ask a customer if they want to put tuna, beef, or chicken.

Ask a customer if they want to put vegetables or not.

Ask a customer if they want to put chilli, tomato, barbecue, mayonnaise, black pepper or mustard.

Wrapped the sandwich and put into a paper bag.

Office hours (8.00 a.m – 12.00am)

Get information from costumer (ingredient and side dishes).


Prepared the sandwich and put the entire ingredient.


Payment (cash)

Packages are put into a wrapper and stick it with the company sticker

Hand over the customer the meals.

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