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Nothing That I Know Anything About

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...SAYING NOTHING IN 250 WORDS Tomi Newman English 121 Miranda Saake April 26, 2015 The purpose of this paper that was written was how to topic write about nothing in 500 words, and the topic was college football, which the writer has no knowledge about. He clearly is writing to just fill in the required 500 words. And do I ever feel his pain. This is a hard topic, I to know nothing about college football. Now if it was on basket ball, I at least relay some input. But I too have nothing on football. I believe he is using the literary element, Point of view The essay seems to be objective and unbiased in thought. Even though he doesn’t know anything about college football. He is making a great effort to complete this assignment, when he has no knowledge of football. The writer uses the point of view element well, as I read the essay. It’s clear that he is not comfortable writing this about this topic. I too would not be comfortable about football. But it’s clear he is trying to complete his assignment. You’ve got to give him credit for trying. He is just using an objective thoughts. Trying to fill......

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...In the Proslogion, St. Anselm puts forth the ontological argument that God cannot exist in the mind alone. According to Anselm, everybody has in his conscious an idea of God as a being of infinite perfection that nothing else matches. As the “Greatest Conceivable Being”, God would necessarily have to exist in reality if He is capable of existing in the mind, as existing only in the mind would render Him less than perfect. Therefore, the being imagined to only exist in the mind would not be God, as a greater being could still be conceived—one that actually exists. This leads Anselm to conclude that God existing only in the mind is a logical contradiction, and must mean that God exists in reality as well. Anselm also responds to a critic of his argument, Gaunilon, who is speaking on behalf of a hypothetical atheist (“the Fool”). Gaunilon reasons that by the same logic that Anselm uses, one could conceive of an island that possesses “…an inestimable wealth of all manner of riches and delicacies in greater abundance than is told of the Islands of the Blest; and that having no owner of inhabitant, it is more excellent than all other countries, which are inhabited by mankind, in the abundance with which it is stored.” (387). If this perfect island can be conceived, it exists in the understanding. By Anselm’s logic, according to Gaunilon, the island would have to exist in reality as well; if it only existed in the understanding, one could still imagine an even more perfect......

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