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How one lives their life relies a great deal on perspective. Perspective is either the key to happiness, or the route to misery. The novels Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen both display how ones perspective determines their path and ultimate outcome in life. Although the novels deal with two completely different styles of families they do share many common themes concerning the aspect of perspective. Both the Vakeel and the Berglund families struggle with the trials and tribulations of everyday life, however they approach it differently due to their past experiences, as well as their personal values and morals. This allows for an overall completely different experience for the characters. Firstly, the characters perceive the issue of family relationships differently, as one family is close knit, whereas the other is torn and distant. Secondly, each novel displays the character’s struggles with finding personal freedoms and breaking away from the traditional views of society. Lastly, the characters in the novel deal with finding their true self and the person they are meant to be.
Therefore both authors incorporate the themes of family relationships, personal freedoms and self discovery into their thrilling novels to empathize the power that perspective has on one’s life. In Family Matters, the relationships within the Vakeel family are strong due to an abundance of communication, respect, and equality. As a result the members of this close knit

family value each other and the relationships they share. This is believed to be due to the situation the Vakeel family is in, and the experiences they have endured. The novel takes place in Bombay India and this is a major contribution to the family’s close relationship. They are exposed to a different culture and way of life that contains different values and morals...

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