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Novel Study on 'the Droughtlanders

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Sarah Driedger
The Droughtlanders
Part A
1. Carrie Mac is an award winning author who wrote the Droughtlanders series. Carrie is a writer, storyteller and an artist. She’s written countless books, many that are award winning her very first book ‘The Beckoners’ won the Arthur Ellis YA Award, is a CLA Honour book, and is being adapted for film. Carrie is able to hold the interest of many teenagers with her griping novels.
2) The novel ‘The Droughtlanders’ is set in a futuristic world where disease and death are kept outside city walls and is spread by the Droughtlanders- people who try to survive on the parched land between the keys. The characters in the novel want to destroy the keys so that all the Droughtlanders may have a chance at living without the fear of death. The main issues the characters face in this story are the erupt changes of lifestyle that they must undergo in order to survive. Also they seek approval from their family this proves to be an issue when nothing they do makes them happy so they push themselves to their limit and at the same time uncovering new traits about themselves. 3. Character | Physical Description | Psychological Description | Motivation | Static or Dynamic + Proof | Eli | He is the smaller twin of Seth but becomes more physically fit as he works in the circus with the Droughtlanders. Tan skin, darker hair then Seth. | He is very timid and shy. Very wimpy. But after escaping to the Droughtland, Eli becomes a tougher man and learns to stand up for himself. | Eli travels in the Droughtland to seek answers for his mother’s connection to the Droughtlander people and closure for his mother’s death. | Dynamic- He was the weak one while he was living in the keys and dependent on his mother. After he left he became strong, physically and emotionally. | Seth | He was more physically fit then...

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