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According to the popular science theory of cholesterol, foods that are rich in animal fat and cholesterol can cause the artery walls to thicken, thus impairing blood flow. This condition is called atherosclerosis. But the question is, is it the high cholesterol that causes the artery walls to thicken, thus creating the potential for a heart attack? LDL is a lipoprotein that enables transport of lipids through the bloodstream. LDL has been regarded as a predictor of heart disease. LDL is regarded as the kind of cholesterol that is deposited into the artery and causing the formation of a thick substance that blocks the bloodstream. It is a popular theory, that the cholesterol we get from eating food, is affecting the cholesterol in the blood, so that the arteries are blocked. However, studies have shown that your LDL level is not necessarily the cause of heart disease, but merely a symptom. The article points to Christopher Gardner, a researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine, who says that high LDL, is an "overblown risk factor" for heart disease. The article goes on to say that science has been unable to find a link between consuming saturated fat and heart disease.
The article suggests that an increasing number of studies have started to raise doubts about the presumption that elevated levels of cholesterol leads to heart disease. This is accurate, even if these studies aren’t pointed out in the article, they can be found elsewhere. Some of these studies include a new national study showing that nearly 75 percent of patients hospitalized for a heart attack had cholesterol levels that would indicate they were not at high risk for a cardiovascular event, based on current national cholesterol guidelines (UCLA Newsroom). The global study INTERHEART has shown that cholesterol is not a serious risk factor...

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