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“Dizzy Response” Jazz has played a major role in the history of society as well as the blue’s which both allowed individuals to succeed in the prejudice discriminative years of the 1900’s. As I was reading in the article “Dizzy Atmosphere”: The challenge of Bepop by Eric Porter, I realized that the history of music and where it has evolved to is somewhat surprising. Artist such as Charlie Parker, Scott DeVeaux, Duke Ellington and John Birks Gillespie aka “Dizzy” all talented African Americans that participated in having a strong persuasive impact on society from the sound and tempo played from their instruments. As I understand, slavery was abolished in the year 1830, and I’m also aware of prejudice movements and racism was lively up to 1960’s or 70’s. To think at the time these young African American men were making moves such as being played on the radio and performing to massive crowds is very impressive. Bebop was the musical language that had a majority of everyone satisfied from what bebop had to offer which included fast tempos, discordant sounds and other different chord transactions that listeners were new to. Most importantly soloing on the frontline instruments became big and allowed artists and musicians to express themselves in a musical manor. “Dizzy” was known for his solos and skills of playing chords on top of chords with the trumpet making up his own sound and tempo. Creating new music came with audiences adapting to the renegade style and enjoying the bebop music that changed a lot in society which allowed others to be loose and enjoy what they do. The article talks a lot about how the sound of music or bebop makes a big change with the issues happening outside of music and reflects against society especially for African Americans. I see that bebop was more of a questionable piece to the...

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