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Nr 360 Complete Course Nr360 Complete Course

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NR 360 Complete Course NR360 Complete Course
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NR 360 Week 1 Discussion Introductions
Please introduce yourself to the class. Tell us about your career background, what you like so far about your learning, and something that you’re comfortable sharing about yourself, your family, or your hobbies.
NR 360 Week 1 Discussion What Is Nursing Informatics?
Discuss ways that nursing informatics could be applied to all areas of professional nursing practice, including clinical practice, administration, education, and research. Provide examples of each. What do you see as the biggest significance of nursing informatics, and why?
NR 360 Week 1 Discussion Technology Literacy and Electronic Health Records (EHR)
What are your experiences with using an electronic information system (EHR)? Describe the components of an EHR, and using the assigned readings, any past experiences or observations, and your imagination, share your thoughts on the following question: Can you give one pro and one con of an EHR with regard to enhancing patient care and safety? Include rationale for each. How do you see the EHR enhancing patient health literacy?
NR 360 Week 2 Discussion Database Search
Choose a topic related to health that has meaning to your personal health, interests, and well-being. This may be a disease, such as diabetes, or a healthy fitness activity.
Conduct a database search comparing one of the following database directories with Google Scholar.
CINAHL and Google Scholar
PubMed and Google Scholar
Explain how you were able to narrow down the number of article hits you had initially, and present within your post a summary of the credible article you chose as your resource. How do you know...

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