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Guidelines and Grading Rubric– Week 3
The student will read research literature to determine the research purpose, design, classification, peer-review status, and presence of author bias or conflict of interest.
Course Outcomes
This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:
CO 2: Apply research principles to the interpretation of the content of published research studies. (PO 4, 8)
CO 4: Evaluate published nursing research for credibility and lab significance related to evidence-based practice. (PO 4, 8)
Due Date: Submit to the Reading Research Literature #1 basket in the Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 3.
1. Download the research articles from the Chamberlain library. See “Searching Databases: Tips for Finding Assigned Articles.pdf” from the Doc Sharing tab for assistance.
Retrieve the following research articles:
Sanford, J., Townsend-Rocchicciolli, J., Horigan, A., & Hall, P. (2011). A process of decision making by caregivers of family members with heart failure. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice, 25(1), 55-70.
Schwarz, K. A., Mion, L. C., Hudock, D., & Litman, G. (2008). Telemonitoring of heart failure patients and their caregivers: A pilot randomized controlled trial. Progress in Cardiovascular Nursing, 23, 18-26. 2. Download “NR449_RRL1_form” and type answers to the questions directly onto the form. Your paper does NOT need to follow APA formatting; however, you are expected to use correct grammar, spelling, and syntax and write in complete sentences. 3. Save the file by clicking “Save as” and adding your last name, e.g., “NR449_RRL1_Smith.docx” 4. Submit to the Reading Research Literature #1 basket in the Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday at the end of Week 3. Please post questions about this paper in the Week 3 Q...

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