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Nr451 Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Capstone

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Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Reduce With Strict Use of Foam Dressing
Chamberlain School of Nursing
Penni-Lynn Rolen
NR 451 Capstone Course
Sacrum Pressure Ulcer Reduce With Strict Use of Foam Dressing
Despite advancement of technology, pressure ulcer continues to be a primordial in the health care system. Prevention of pressure ulcer remains an important issue in the health care facility. The critically ill ICU patient is the main target of this disease. Prevention remains the key for this problem. Some facility have standard policy for the eradication of pressure ulcer However the question is will the sacrum pressure ulcer formation be reduced in adult critically ill clients in the ICU by implementation of strict use of foam dressing? Reviews of evidenced base article, and foam dressing trail will turn on the light.
Contribution to the Future of Healthcare
According to recent literature and research, pressure ulcer remains one of the problems confronted by hospitals and other health care facilities around the countries. Intensive care patients are the largest group of patients who end up with pressure ulcer during their stay in hospitals. Taking care of patients with pressure ulcer consume a large part of hospitals budget. Prevention of pressure ulcer is not only the job of bedside nurses, but also the responsibilities of nurse educators as well as administrators. Prevention of pressure ulcer will contribute to the future of healthcare by allow hospitals management to save money on pressure ulcer and therefore leaving more money
Change Model Overview
Change in nursing practice is necessary to increase the likelihood of success. For this project, I will be using Havelock theory as a guide. This theory is based on planning and monitoring. The steps in this theory involve diagnosis, gathering,...

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