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Nr501, Importance of Nursing Theory Paper

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Importance of Nursing Theory
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Theoretical Basis Adv Nursing

July 20, 2015 Importance of Nursing Theory
Theory is an arrangement of thoughts meant to describe something. These thoughts and ideas usually have basic principles that validate the purpose of the proposed theory. Nursing theory is a well thought out scholarly structure of concepts. These concepts are created to help guide nursing practice. They explain the fundamentals of nursing care. Multiple clinical decisions are based upon nursing theories. There are many different types of nursing theories developed primarily by nurses. Nursing theorist’s main goal is to examine nursing practice and explain the working or non-working parts of nursing. Theorists frequently use their academic and clinical experiences when producing theories. A very popular and influential nursing theorist in the twentieth century was Virginia Henderson. The development of her Nursing Need Theory has greatly impacted nursing practice today (Waller-Wise, 2012). This paper will include four sections. Section one will examine how theories have an impact and importance to the nursing profession. Section two will review the relationships among the concepts of Henderson’s Nursing Need Theory. Section three will examine two real-life examples illustrating the views of Henderson’s Theory. Section four will contain a summary and conclusion along with the knowledge gained from writing this paper.

Section One Nursing theory goals include the desire to describe, predict and explain the phenomenon of nursing. It delivers the foundations of nursing practice, assist in increasing knowledge and further gives direction in which path nursing development should proceed to. Theory is important because it helps us to decipher what changes need to be made with the disciplines already in place. These…...

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