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July 13, 2014

Nursing Competencies: Associate Degree Vs. Bachelor of Science Degree Numerous educational paths are available to a person wishing to become a Registered Nurse; these include a diploma in nursing, an Associates degree in nursing and a Bachelors degree in nursing. Although the diploma in nursing is almost nonexistent, it was once popular because it only required a two-year course of study and was hospital-based. While the ADN degree also takes two years to complete, it is based mostly in community colleges and prepares an individual for a defined technical scope of practice. The ADN program focuses more on clinical and technical skills rather than nursing theory. The benefits of earning an ADN degree include: earning a nursing degree at a faster rate, the potential to earn money more quickly and affordable college tuition. The ADN degree has drawbacks including: the degree can take up to three years, the scope of practice is not what the original founder had originally envisioned and patient care may be affected due to complexities and comorbidities of our patient population (Creasia, 2010). The Bachelor’s degree is offered at colleges and universities and prepares graduates to participate in the full role of a professional nurse across all healthcare settings. The outcome of earning a BSN is a deeper understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and social issues that affect the patients and influence healthcare delivery. The BSN also prepares nurses for leadership, management and more independent nursing roles. All three paths prepare the graduate to care for the sick, but with a BSN degree, opportunities for advancement are greater and graduates are better prepared to handle the multifaceted nursing demands in today’s society. The BSN degree rewards graduates with career paths that are only opened to nurses with a BSN, including...

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