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Fun in the Sun
Being a mother is hard especially when you are planning a trip to Florida. You have to know where to stay to make your baby happy, what to do to make your baby happy, and how to keep your baby happy while in Florida, but at the same time you need to make sure you have fun yourself. As a mother, I have succeeded a successful trip to Florida with a baby and you can too if you listen closely to what I have to say.
First, you must choose the correct hotel to fit you and your baby’s needs. Pre-booking is a great suggestion especially if you are going during spring break. When going to Florida with a baby you must book a hotel with a kitchen included. You have to have somewhere to clean bottles, cups, and also somewhere to cook if needed. You should also choose a hotel with a swimming pool. It’s fun to take your baby in the ocean, but salt could get in his or her eyes. When I put my daughter in the ocean she rubbed her eyes therefore she got salt in them and cried for a while. She was also scared of the waves coming in. The last thing to consider is having a room with an ocean view. It’s nice to sit on the porch and look at the ocean at night.
Next, you must choose to go to Gulf World. This activity is fun for all ages including adults and babies. My daughter loves animals of all kinds so this was great for her. The first exciting event we attended was the sea lion show. She kept her eyes on the sea lion the whole time and so did we. There was an instructor that had the sea lion do various things. One of them included him sticking out his tongue at us. He also jumped in the water and played with a ball as well as waving at us. This sea lion was very intelligent. At the end of the show, we took a picture with the sea lion and he stuck his tongue out.
Another exciting event we attended while at Gulf World was the dolphin show. There...

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