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With the theme "Philippines: A Science Nation Innovating for Global Competitiveness,” the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) opens its five-day National Science and Technology Week (NSTW) celebration at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on July 26 to 31, 2015. The event aims to highlight various technological innovations that have produced substantial benefit to Filipinos and improved our competitiveness in the region. Also it aims to feature world-class innovation technologies of the Science and Technology sectors aligned to the ASEAN Economic Integration. “The objectives of the activity are to enhance the science experience of the students, inform the community of the different DOST-related programs and projects that they can avail, and create possible linkages between the community and other DOST-affiliated institutions,” DOST said in a statement. The week-long event also feature different exhibits, product displays, talks and for on science and technology, competitions, product launchings, local inventions, and outstanding Filipino scientists that really fascinate the souls of the young future scientists and inventors. The eight Science and Technology Based Outcomes for agriculture, enterprise development, industry competitiveness, IT-Business Process Management (IT-BPM), e-Government, quality healthcare, education and disaster preparedness is being highlighted this year. This is to push the country towards national development and competitive advantage towards the global economic scenario. One of the sector under the DOST is the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD) which basically focus on how science and technology is infused in agri-aqua-natural resources commodities to improve productivity, product quality and profitability and thus raise the living standards of farmers, fishermen and others under the agri-sector. It has a theme “Strategic Industry Program for Agricultural Growth (SIPAG) ni Juan.” Under this is the exhibit “Coconut – More gains form Nuts.” This really amazes me for it does show how a single coconut propagates into hundreds of pieces. Traditionally, only one seedling can be produced from one seednut. Coconut tissue culture through somatic embryogenesis is an alternative technique to mass propagate coconut. A seed was collected from a coconut with a good quality and growth traits. This will really help the coconut farmers for its national coconut planting/replanting program because it is fast and efficient in producing a good quality of plating material. Also some of the exhibits demonstrate how a farmer can harvest a healthy and nutritious fruits with a good quality inside and outside like with the mangos and bananas. Abaca development and promotion is also being highlighted in the said exhibits. Improving the abaca weaving will give more opportunities not only into farmers’ lives but also nail the Philippines as the top exporting country. DOST’s Outcome 2: Enterprise Development with the theme, Agham na Ramdam: Kaunlaran ang Ilalaan has been divided into 6 categories which is the High Impact Technology Solutions (HITS), Smarter MSMes, Community Empowerment, Laboratory Services, Technology Consultations and Packaging and Labeling. Under the HITS are the different improved foods processing machines. The traditional equipment have been developed and upgraded into a compact and easier design since all components were enclosed in the casing and a new appearance of cleanliness has been suggested that is required in working with food. This will certainly benefit the workers for it is easily accessible for them. And under the Technology Consultations is the Ceramic Filter used to clean the water. And also the new equipment used to measure the humidity, ampere, voltage and light intensity. The 3Doodler 2.0 under the Smarter MSMes was just really amazing. It is my first time to see a 3D printing object for real. I know I see them on the net but this just got even better. The idea of it as a desktop 3D printer was truly remarkable. This project will truly help students with their projects. Lastly was the Hybrid Electric Road Train. I had to say that I was proud to this since it was energy efficient, designed specifically for Philippine conditions and locally made by our engineers and scientists. It was a nice idea knowing that it has been used by the other country and the result was fine. For the Philippines, traffic is one of the main road problems. DOST together with the engineers and scientists invent this to provide an alternative response to the worsening mass transit problem and heavy traffic in congested cities across the Metro Manila. It is a 40 meter hybrid road train that can accommodate a maximum of 240 passengers. It has a five interlinked air-condition cabins, with four coaches that could load up to 40 passengers each. The train is powered by a hybrid engine running on electric batteries or diesel fuels at a maximum speed of 50 kilometers per hour. The train has as elevated engine that could operate even with floods. The action will be depending on the business group that maybe interested in operating units. There’s no harm in trying. Let’s just hope that this hybrid road train will be the answer to our entire mass transit problem. Apart from the exhibits, other activities lined-up are technology fora, technology demonstrations, interactive activities, robotics and interactive science exhibit and other special events. Students, teachers and other professionals from different school and campuses really show their interest to the different interactive science inventions and development. A week of learning, fun and amazement were truly worthwhile to invest with. The National Science and Technology Week of DOST really prove that Philippines is truly one of the innovative nations which will continue to rise with its young and future scientists.

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