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1. The general public in the United States will be able to purchase all of the Windows 7 editions in retail stores except _____a______, ______b______, and ______c______?
a. Windows 7 Starter – OEM only
b. Windows 7 Home Basic – Emerging markets only
c. Windows 7 Enterprise – Volume only

2. The core module that provides all of the Windows 7 capability that isn’t language- or edition specific is called ______a______.
a. MinWin

3. When you copy a file to a library, Windows Explorer writes the file to the folder designated as the _____a_____.
a. save location

4. To use federate search, you must download or create XML files for specific sites called _____a_____.
a. Search connectors

5. The only operating system edition that you can upgrade in-place to Windows 7 Professional is ______a_______.
a. Windows Vista Business

6. Upgrading a computer running Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Ultimate using Windows Anytime Upgrade requires _______a_______ megabytes of additional hard disk space.
a. 0

7. To migrate a computer running Windows XP to Windows 7, you can use a utility called ___a___.
a. User State Migration Tool

8. The new Windows 7 feature that renders all of the windows on the desktop transparent when you mouse over the right end of the taskbar is called _____a_____.
a. Aero Peak

9. The Windows 7 _______a_______ edition is only available in 32-bit version.
a. Windows 7 Starter

10. The maximum amount of system memory supported by Windows 7 Enterprise is _____a_____.
a. Maximum RAM (32-bit) – 4 GB
b. Maximum RAM (64-bit) – 192GB…...