Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment 1- Service Provider Types

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Unit 2 Assignment 1- Service Provider Types

RBOCS stands for Regional Bell Operating Companies. These seven companies were established after an antitrust suit against AT&T. It split the company into seven regional companies that handle local exchange service. They are also known as “Baby Bells.” These companies handled almost all of the telephone services across the country.
ILEC stands for Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier. This is a local telephone company that existed when AT&T was broken up into the RBOCS. It was an independent telephone company that provided telephone services in a specific geographical area. ILECs compete with CLECs.
CLEC is an acronym for competitive local exchange carriers. They compete with ILECs by providing private line and special access services. They are not affiliated with the RBOCs. Some states especially encourage these companies because they are competitive and the opposite of the monopolies.
MSOs are multiple system operators. These are defined as an operator of multiple cable television systems.This usually refers to large cable companies that provide service for multiple communities, such as Time Warner Cable, ComCast or Cox Cable and similar companies. These MSOs provide television service, broadband internet services, and telephone services.
ISP stands for internet service provider. This is any company that provides customers direct access to the internet. They use copper cable, wireless, or fiber optic cable to give access to the internet for their customers. There are many different ISPs to choose from. Often times your cable company or telephone company will be your ISP.…...