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| Day at the Carnival | | | | ITT Tech Rancho Cordova |


Once arriving to the carnival with mu buddy, we applied a blindfold to him so he could experience the carnival from a different sense. We walked up to the ticket both to purchase our admission where I explained to him how many people were standing in line. He could hear there were quite a few people around him and understood we would be waiting there for a few minutes. Once we made it in, I told him about all the bright lights and loud rides that were all around. I explained to him about some of these new, bigger rides that we haven’t ever been on before. I also explained to him some of the new games that they had there and the awesome prizes we could win. I also secretly wanted to see him play some of the games blindfolded for my own personal amusement, so that’s where I was going to take him. But he didn’t care to hear about the rides and games because he was too busy smelling all the delicious food they had cooking around him. The smells of the deep fried Twinkies and the world famous corndogs and the amazing barbecue tri-tip, is what he really wanted to go discover. At that point, it was hard for me to fight that logic because I to, was being mesmerized by all the wonderful smells. So I decided to put aside my desire to see my buddy blow some games and instead, we went and had a stuffed our faces with all the great, but horrible, carnival food we all love.

My factors in writing this paragraph would be to relate to what I felt were things that the audience all know about when going to a carnival. We all know that we will have some sort of line to stand in when we get there, but it’s also the part that people don’t look forward to, so I didn’t spend much time describing that experience. The next part was about the games and rides. That’s obviously a big major part of going to a carnival, so I tried to put a little more attention on that and start connecting with audience a little more, then I did with the standing in line portion. But for me personally, my favorite part is eating all the crappy food. So I took my story there and tried to emphasize and make that the glamorous part and fully connect with the audience at that time. Those were prime factors for the way my story came out. I tried to relate to my own experience and then connect with the audience as best as I could.

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