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Nt1330 Unit 8 Exercise 1

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Administrative Control versus Trust
Unit 8 Exercise 1
ITT Technical Institute
Floyd Washington Jr.
May 21, 2015

As an administrator you must set up guidelines over a network to prevent the malicious intent of bad users. This is why the administrator must implement Administrative Control. Administrative Controls are the policies, guidelines, procedures and standards that protect the overall integrity of the company’s computer network. This is when the company’s IT Professionals take every precaution possible to ensure that their computer network is secure and free of viruses that can cause the network to crash. Administrative control is one thing, but too much control can hurt a business in many ways. Too much control over a company’s network can restrict user from attaining much needed information. Therefore, an administrator must allow some users in the company full use of the company’s network without any restrictions. As a network administrator you must choose the people carefully that you allow full access to your company’s network. They must have solid instructions for the sites they are to visit. Administrative controls can have a great influence on the decision making of the entire company workforce. Without Administrative controls there can and probably will be serious liabilities formed against the company you work for. Most computer networks today will require that users use an authentication process, which means that the network is password and PIN protected. This allows the network administrator to keep track of when the users log on and log off the network. The network administrator can also have the network setup for device authentication, which means that when a device is attached to a network, it can report its identity in a secure way that definitely identifies the device from any other device on the network. In summary Administrative...

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