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Nt13305 Unit 5

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Unit 10 disc 1
I reviewed the randomized, controlled trial to evaluate topical anesthetic for 15 minutes before venipuncture in pediatrics patients. The pending question is, is a topical anesthetic effective in decreasing pain in pediatric patients when applied 15 minutes before a venipuncture in an ED? I will use the following PICOS format to evaluate the outcome.
P: The population in this study focuses on pediatric patients who are in need of a venipuncture between the ages of 5 – 18 years old.
I: The use of topical atheistic for a venipuncture is evaluated after 15 minutes of use
C: A 6-point validated FACES pain scale is used to evaluate pain levels along with a 100-mm visual analogue scale. Heart rate is monitored to evaluate indirect

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